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Five Data Types for Better Retrospectives

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This S.P.O.K.E. retrospective infographic makes it easy to remember what kinds of data your team needs to move beyond subjective reflection.

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Five Data Types for Better Retrospectives

  1. 1. Improving the Way Teams Improve Gather Insights / Reflect & Review / Collaboratively Improve www.scatterspoke.com Step down from your soapbox. It’s time to have a more productive retrospective. Shift your conversations to a better balance of feedback. Use S.P.O.K.E. (Stats, Past, Observations Kudos, & Events) to get every type of data you need to make concrete improvements to every part of how you work together. Actionable retrospectives start with gathering actionable data. Balance the data with every element of how you work together. FIND OUT MORE AT: Make targeted adjustments to continuously improve and evolve. PAST Follow up. Check in on actions from your last retrospective and beyond. EVENTS Create context. Recall occurrences that help highlight trends or trigger memories. STATS Review data. Discuss core metrics and reflect on changes since the last retro. KUDOS Say thanks. Show gratitude to your teammates for a job well done. OBSERVATION Share perspective. Tell us what you think and how you feel.