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2013 Economic Development Report

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Our special advertising supplement, as published in Columbus Business First, May 2013.

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2013 Economic Development Report

  1. 1. 2013 ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT reportthe columbus region’s growth strategyAdvertising supplement to Columbus Business First | APRIL 19, 2013
  2. 2. Vision20202020
  3. 3. 04.19.13 | Advertising Supplement to Columbus Business First (614) 225-6063 | ColumbusRegion.com 12013 ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT reportthe columbus region’s growth strategy2page5page6page7page9-15page16-17page18-19page22-27page30page28page20page21page32pageINSIDE2 55 66 7 99 15516 17 18 19 20 21222222222222--222222777777 33333330000000222222888888 3333333222222ABOUT.THE PLAN.GOALS.INDICATORSOF SUCCESSECONOMIC DEVELOPMENTEFFORTS CONTINUE TOBUILD MOMENTUMMEET THECOLUMBUS 2020 TEAMCOLUMBUS CHAMBER:ACCELERATE YOURBUSINESSBRANDINGCOLUMBUSTHE COLUMBUSPARTNERSHIP: IMPROVINGTHE ECONOMIC VITALITYOF THE COLUMBUS REGIONTECHCOLUMBUS:NURTURING SEEDSOF TECH-BASEDENTREPRENEURIALGROWTHCOLUMBUS REGIONSUCCESS STORY: THE IBMANALYTICS SOLUTIONS LABA DIVERSE AND GROWING ECONOMY:THE COLUMBUS REGION MAPDETAILING THE COMMUNITIESGROWING THE COLUMBUS REGIONJOBSOHIO: DRIVING OHIO’S JOBCREATION CAPITAL INVESTMENTAND ECONOMIC GROWTHTHANK YOU INVESTORSA DETAILED LISTING OF COLUMBUS 2020’S INVESTORSAs one of the city’s many successstories, Fahlgren Mortine isproud to help tell the Columbusstory. And, as one of the onlytruly full-service marketing andcommunications companies inthe country, we’d love to helpyou tell yours. Find out more atwww.fahlgrenmortine.comWhen it cametime fora free-thinkingcity to find afree-thinkingpartner,they chose
  4. 4. Advertising Supplement to Columbus Business First | 04.19.13(614) 225-6063 | ColumbusRegion.com2 2013 ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT reportthe columbus region’s growth strategyTHE PLANRetain and expand the companies and industriesthat call the Columbus Region home by:Attract major employers to establish operations in theColumbus Region by:Create more commercial enterprises by leveragingthe Region’s research assets and entrepreneurs by:Improve the civic infrastructure and political conditionsthat enhance the economic development environment by:GOALS TO REACH BY THE YEAR 2020ABOUTColumbus 2020 FuelsEconomic Growth inthe Columbus RegionCharged with moving the economicdevelopment needle in the 11-countyColumbus Region, Columbus 2020 is a bold,public-private partnership that leveragesthe area’s strengths – including a robust,talented workforce, world-class research andacademic institutions, and an entrepreneurialspirit – to build an atmosphere ideal forgrowing business.Columbus 2020 facilitates economic growthbyensuringexistingcompanieshavethetoolsnecessary for success and by showcasingthe region to companies seeking a viablerelocation option. With a team dedicatedto meeting one-on-one with existing andprospective companies, Columbus 2020 isproactive in its efforts to attract and retainthriving businesses.Columbus 2020 updates investors regularlyon progress against its aggressive, 10-yeargoals focused on overall employmentnumbers, per capita income, capitalinvestment and the Region’s standing andimage as a leader in economic development.Be informedStay-up-to-date on the ColumbusRegion by reading EconomicDevelopment Matters, a weeklye-publication by Kenny McDonald,Chief Economic Officer. EconomicDevelopment Matters is published eachMonday and is distributed to thoseinterested in economic development inthe Columbus Region. If you would liketo receive this weekly electronic update,email sb@columbusregion.com andasked to be added to the subscriber list.Follow us@CBUSRegionConnect Columbus 2020
  5. 5. SOLIDWA S T E A UTHORITYOFCE N T R A LOHIOThere are many reasons whyCentral Ohio is attractive for businesses.SWACO is one of them.www.swaco.orgTransforming Today for Tomorrow:Disposal, Diversion, and DevelopmentProviding:
  6. 6. www.battelle.orgEvery day, Battelle employees are called on to solve thetoughest challenges, from security and healthcare to energyand the environment. Our founding mission is the same as itwas 85 years ago – to bring those solutions to market andIt’s who we are.It’s what inspires us in all that we do.Solving What Matters MostIn Central Ohio. Around The World.
  7. 7. 04.19.13 | Advertising Supplement to Columbus Business First (614) 225-6063 | ColumbusRegion.com 52013 ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT reportthe columbus region’s growth strategyAccess America TransportAcuSport CorporationAdvanced Medical Supply, Inc.AGC Glass Company NorthAmerica, Inc.Aleris International, Inc.Allied Mineral Products, Inc.American School of TechnologyAriel CorporationArminak & Associates, LLC.Ascena Retail Group, Inc.ASK Chemicals LPAutotool, Inc.Banner Metals Group, Inc.Bare Escentuals Beauty, Inc.Big Lots Stores, Inc.Boehringer Ingelheim Roxane, Inc.BoeingCallCopy, Inc.Capital City MillworkCardington Yutaka Technologies, Inc.Citi Fund Services Ohio, Inc.Cleverly + AssociatesClosed Loop Refining & Recovery, Inc.ContactUS LLCDawson ResourcesDelaware Art.com, Inc.DSW Inc.ECR Internet Services, Inc.e-Cycle LLCExel Inc.FIMM USA Inc.Florida Production Engineering, Inc.Food Safety Net ServicesFT Precision Inc.Graphic Packaging HoldingCompanyHMBHFI, LLCHonda of America Mfg., Inc.Howard HannaHubbard Enterprises LLCHumanaIBMIMS Electronics Recycling, Inc.ITM Marketing, Inc.Jifiti Inc.JPMorgan Chase & Co.King Strategic CommunicationsLa Senza CorporationLancaster PollardLincare Inc.Magnanni, Inc.Manifold & Phalor, Inc.Marcy Industries Company, LLCMarengo Fabricated Steel, LTD.Marion Industrial CenterMenlo Worldwide LogisticsMetro CD Engineering, LLCMidland Facility ServicesMSC Industrial Direct Co., Inc.Nationwide Mutual InsuranceCompanyNestle USANiagara Bottling, LLCOrange Barrel MediaOxford Consulting Group, Inc.Pacer International, Inc.PACS Industries, Inc.Parker Hannifin CorporationProgressive Medical, Inc.Quantum Health, Inc.Rampart Hosting, LLCRELE Handels-GmbHResidential Finance CorporationResource Ventures, LTDRestoration Hardware, Inc.Robin Enterprises Co.Rolls-Royce Energy Systems Inc.RxScanSafety Today, Inc.Schafer Driveline LLCSecans B.V.Sedgwick Claims ManagementServices, Inc.Skylight Financial GroupSoysaponin, Inc.SPARCStanley Electric U.S. Co.Stella & DotSudden Impact MarketingSwitchbox, Inc.Tarigma CorporationTaylor Entrance SystemsTech InternationalTotal Quality LogisticsTransportation Research Center Inc.Triple T Transport, Inc.TS Trim Industries Inc.UPSUS Yachiyo, Inc.USA Vinyl, LLCV&S Columbus Galvanizing LLCVeeva SystemsVeriano Fine Foods & Spirits, Ltd.Vision Service PlanWasserstrom Restaurant SupplyWillbros Group, Inc.Worthington Industries, Inc.Zulily, Inc.INDICATORS OF SUCCESSSource: Columbus 2020, 2011–2012; Ohio Private Investment Survey 2012,Ohio Department of DevelopmentCAPITAL INVESTMENTANNOUNCEDGOAL $8 BILLION$3.15 BILLION39.5% of goal0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9NEW JOBSNEW JOBSGOAL 150,00045,78930.5% of goal40,00060,00080,000100,000120,000140,000160,00020,0000$37,688 $39,549$48,995$50,791$43,576$56,3292010 2011 GOAL 2012 JOBSCREATEDNEW2012 JOBSCREATEDEXISTING2012 JOBSRETAINEDAverage annual salary of all jobs created or retained in 2012 is $53,391 =41 percent higher than the 2010 baselinePER CAPITA INCOME$60,000$50,000$40,000$30,000$20,000$10,000$0Congratulations to the followingcompanies who started, locatedor expanded operations in theColumbus Region in 2012.
  8. 8. Advertising Supplement to Columbus Business First | 04.19.13(614) 225-6063 | ColumbusRegion.com6 2013 ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT reportthe columbus region’s growth strategyThe Columbus Region hasexperienced tremendoussuccess since Columbus2020’s inception in 2010,making significant progress towardsome aggressive goals:The Region has added nearly46,000 net new jobs, well on itsway to the goal of 150,000 by2020.Per capita income is up 41.7percent – well above the goal of30 percent.The Region has secured $3.15billion in new capital investment,representing nearly 40 percentof the 10-year, $8 billion goal.Perhaps the most powerful exampleof the Region’s continued successis its ability to attract and retainbusiness. In 2012, 111 companiesannounced new locations, expansionsor retentions in the Region. Over thepast year, the Columbus 2020 teamexecuted 56 business developmentmissions in more than 20 states andsix international markets.The Region is well on its way tobeing a national leader in economicdevelopment, with recognition frommultiple organizations including theInternational Economic DevelopmentCouncil.This success is due not only to a stableregional economy, but also to the timeand financial support provided byvisionary public and private investorscommitted to growing the Region.Economic development effortscontinue to build momentumOne Columbus | Suite 2300 | 10 West Broad Street | Columbus | 614.464.1211Indiana | Kentucky | Ohio | Tennessee | West Virginia. THIS IS AN ADVERTISEMENT. Copyright ©2013 Frost Brown Todd All rights reserved.Check out whatFrost Brown Todd is doing tohelp businesses succeed atfbtconnections.comFrost Brown Todd & Columbus 2020...working together to advance economicdevelopment in our region.columbusregion.comcolumbusregion.com @cbusregion 614-225-6063
  9. 9. 04.19.13 | Advertising Supplement to Columbus Business First (614) 225-6063 | ColumbusRegion.com 72013 ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT reportthe columbus region’s growth strategyCHALLENGEOver time, the top technologyofficials from the ColumbusRegion’s powerhousecompanies recognized theyhad similar needs and wants – especiallyin the evolving landscape of big dataanalytics. The CIOs – from the likes ofCardinal Health, Nationwide and manymore – decided to create a taskforcesurrounding these technology needs.They realized big data analytics was apriority, and its importance was onlygoing to grow. Their companies neededto be prepared, and wanted to developthe necessary skills to succeed in the newterritory.SOLUTIONTo prepare for this wave of big dataanalytics, officials at Nationwide, CardinalHealth, Huntington Bank and LimitedBrands reached out to top technologycompanies to explore bringing ananalytical center to the ColumbusRegion. Having access to data analyticsresources in their own backyard was apriority.A key economic contributor for more than95 years, IBM saw this as an opportunityto continue supporting the ColumbusRegion, and also a chance to expand itsanalytics capabilities and extend supportbeyond the Region.IBM’s decision to bring its firstdedicated advanced analytics centerto the Columbus Region was strategic.Companies like Nationwide and CardinalHealth receive assistance with theiranalytics challenges, while IBM is ableto tap into a robust network of thrivingcustomer companies.RESULTSThe IBM Client Center: Analytics SolutionsLab is the result of IBM’s partnership withColumbus 2020 and some of the largestcompanies in the Columbus Region.This unique collaboration also initiated apartnership between IBM and The OhioState University to deliver a pipeline oftalent for the growing field of analytics.IBM’s Analytics Solutions Lab could bringhundreds of jobs to the Columbus Regionand will help position the area as centerfor innovation and advanced technology.Columbus Region Success Story:The IBM Analytics Solutions Lab
  10. 10. more than 17,000 passengers84,000 tons of cargothousands of businessesnearly 2 million peopleProud to make Columbusthe destination:Arrivingdaily.Smarter connections.Better business.Stronger communities.ColumbusAirports.com
  11. 11. 04.19.13 | Advertising Supplement to Columbus Business First (614) 225-6063 | ColumbusRegion.com 92013 ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT reportthe columbus region’s growth strategyWith no single industry representing more than 17percent of overall employment, the ColumbusRegion offers a diverse economy attractive tocompanies seeking a stable environment forgrowth. Key sectors include manufacturing, logistics, science andtechnology, headquarters and business services, agbioscience, andinternational business – adding up to a plethora of employmentopportunities for the Region’s talented workforce.The Region is within a 10-hour drive of nearly 50 percent ofthe U.S. population, manufacturing capacity and headquartersoperations, making it a strategic logistics hub – as evidencedby MSC Industrial’s $55 million investment last year, and manysimilar projects. Manufacturing also is strong, anchored byautomotive giant Honda and its various regional suppliers. TheRegion’s largest employer, JPMorgan Chase, is just one of themany business services companies that call the Columbus Regionhome.A hotbed of science and technology companies, Columbus hasearned Forbes magazine’s nod as the country’s third best cityfor tech jobs. The Region also is leading the way in agbioscience,experiencing dramatic growth in agricultural and food sciencetechnicians and scientists at companies like Battelle and AbbottNutrition. The Columbus Region also is home to nearly 600international firms, providing even further reaching opportunitiesfor employment and business partnership.A Diverse and Growing Economyeconomic SECTORSWhen you’re faced with a critical question, you need experienced professionals to guide you to the right answers.For 57 years, companies have relied on our wide range of business consulting services to help them with their most complexfinancial issues. To learn what our accessible, hands-on approach can do for your company, visit www.schneiderdowns.com.To the questions you have today.And tomorrow.ASSURANCE AND TAXBUSINESS ADVISORSCORPORATE FINANCETECHNOLOGYWEALTH MANAGEMENT
  12. 12. Advertising Supplement to Columbus Business First | 04.19.13(614) 225-6063 | ColumbusRegion.com10 2013 ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT reportthe columbus region’s growth strategycolumbusregion.com/manufacturingMANUFACTURINGeconomic SECTORSIndustry Week coined the Personal Care & Beauty Campus“The Silicon Valley of Manufacturing”Accel offers the following:Automated and Hand AssemblyMark Out of Stock ApparelWarehouse and DistributionPackage Design and EngineeringReverse LogisticsCustomized PackManager Inventoryand Warehouse Tracking SystemRe-WorksLot/Batch Coding and TrackingThermoformingSteam and Hot Air Shrink Wrap/BandFin Sealing/Flow WrappingTo inquire about these and our other solutions, visit http://www.accel-inc.com.We invite you to take a virtual tour to discover why Accel is the best in ContractPackaging and Hand Assembly for over 17 years.Assembly Solutions for the World’s Best BrandsScientistsaroundtheworldrelyonCAStoprovidethemostcompletecollectionofinformationaboutchemistryandrelatedsciences.CASenablesscientificachievementworldwideandproudlysupportsColumbus2020!asithelpsadvanceeconomicdevelopmentinitiativesforCentralOhio.InterestedinjoiningCAS?Pleasevisitwww.cas.org/Careerstolearnmoreaboutcareeropportunities.Researchers aroundthe world know CAS.Do you?www.cas.orgNOTABLE EMPLOYERSCompany Operations EmploymentHonda of America Automobiles, engines, research and development 10,540Mfg., IncWhirlpool Corporation Home appliances 3,066Abbott Nutrition Nutritional/pharmaceutical products 2,200TS TECH Co., Ltd. Automotive interior parts 2,078Emerson Network Power Power and environmental control systems 1,800Worthington Industries, Inc. Steel processing, pressure cylinder products, 1,390metal framing and steel palletsThe Anchor Hocking Glass tabletop and bakeware 1,200CompanyBoehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals 1,250Roxane, Inc. / RoxaneLaboratories, Inc.Rolls-Royce plc Power systems for use on land, sea and air 1,132Owens Corning Science & Industrial and automotive insulation 1,024Technology CenterFAST FACTS(output per worker) from 2001 to 2012WORKFORCE & EDUCATION11 countiesthan the national averageLancaster and six vocational/technical schoolsBUSINESS ADVANTAGES- Edison Welding Institute (EWI)- Four intermodal logistics operations to receive and distribute manufactured goods
  13. 13. 04.19.13 | Advertising Supplement to Columbus Business First (614) 225-6063 | ColumbusRegion.com 1 12013 ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT reportthe columbus region’s growth strategyLOGISTICScolumbusregion.com/logisticseconomic SECTORSVista Packaging & Logistics, a certified woman–ownedbusiness, has provided clients with customized logisticssolutions that consistently lower labor cost, reduce storagecosts and increase operational efficiencies for the last 28years. With locations in Columbus and Cincinnati, we offercontract packaging, warehousing, and distribution servicesthat help speed up the supply chain for manufacturers,retailers, and distributors. With our tireless work-ethic andpassion to create bottom line results, we’ve developed areputation as an industry leader in providing completeturnkey packaging solutions.In short, we’re in the difference-making business.Let us make a difference for you.4700 Fisher Road | Columbus, OH 43228P: 614.851.8888 | VistaPL.comYOUR PARTNERIN PACKAGING& LOGISTICSNOTABLE EMPLOYERSCompany Operations EmploymentDefense Supply Center Defense logistics, weapons system supply 3,000Exel Inc. Contract logistics provider 1,900United Parcel Service, Inc. Package delivery, global specialized 1,623transportation and logistics servicesWal-Mart Stores, Inc. Retail distribution 920Midwest Express Group Third-party logistics services 760FedEx Corporation Package delivery, global specialized 700transportation and logistics servicesKimball Midwest, Inc. Products and services for maintenance 700and repair operationsTarget Brands, Inc. Retail distribution 600Access Drywall Supply Full-service drywall warehouse and distribution 450Pacer International, Inc. Transportation and logistics services 397FAST FACTSby Three Scale Research (2011)WORKFORCE & EDUCATION11-county area(high-school to Ph.D.)BUSINESS ADVANTAGESmanufacturing capacity and headquarters operationsassociations dedicated to the ongoing competitiveness of the logistics industry
  14. 14. Advertising Supplement to Columbus Business First | 04.19.13(614) 225-6063 | ColumbusRegion.com12 2013 ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT reportthe columbus region’s growth strategySCIENCE & TECHNOLOGYeconomic SECTORSbeen there?a higher return on experience.Contact: Robert Shenton Columbus office managing partner 614.222.9064plantemoran.comTrying to hit upside numbers whileminimizing downside risk? Our practicedeye, steady hand, and smooth approachhelp clients stay in the fast lane. That’swhat we callEach day, we work together with private equity funds, subordinated debt funds anda variety of companies to open new doors and move business forward. Throughthe tailored management of sophisticated mergers and acquisitions and corporatefinance transactions, our performance enhances the value of your deals. For moreinformation about our M&A and Corporate Finance practice areas, please contactRob Ouellette at (614) 462-2242 or visit us at www.icemiller.com.Achieving business success is your objective | Building relationships is oursWe would like to congratulate our clients on the following transactions:Stonehenge Opportunity Fund III, LPIn its subordinated debt and equity investment in Griswold International, LLCCORPORATE FINANCEStonehenge Opportunity Fund III, LPIn its recapitalization of ARPAC, LPcolumbusregion.com/science-technologyNOTABLE EMPLOYERSCompany Operations EmploymentAlliance Data Marketing, credit and transaction solutions 2,374Systems CorporationBattelle Independent non-profit research and 2,201developmentAbbott Nutrition Nutritional/pharmaceutical products 2,200Chemical Abstracts Chemical information databases 1,400ServiceAshland Inc. Specialty chemical products and services 900OCLC Non-profit computer library service and 722research organizationIBM Applications and integrations solutions 671Information Control IT services provider 436CorporationTransportation Independent automotive research, 400Research Center Inc. development and testing solutionsNestle USA Food and beverage product technology 243FAST FACTSForbes magazine (2011)WORKFORCE & EDUCATIONStatistics 2011)BUSINESS ADVANTAGES
  15. 15. 04.19.13 | Advertising Supplement to Columbus Business First (614) 225-6063 | ColumbusRegion.com 1 32013 ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT reportthe columbus region’s growth strategyHEADQUARTERS & BUSINESS SERVICESeconomic SECTORSMichael and Brian Haughn6050 TINSURANCE | BONDS | EMPLOYEE BENEFITS | LIFEWe take your insurance personally.Experience+Service+Value=STABILITYA lot has changed since 1986 but wehaven’t. We still provide expert serviceand consultation in all facets of arapidly changing insurance industry.We also are proud to partner andsupport 2020 in its efforts to attract,retain and create more businesses andenhanced business opportunities forCentral Ohio.Family-owned, customerdriven consultation for over27 years.Barron’s Top Advisors 2013—OhioWe are proud that so many of our Financial Advisors have been included in Barron’s Top 1,000. Itis a testament to the fact that doing right by our clients has fostered success both for those weserve and for our firm. We congratulate these outstanding Financial Advisors and thank them forthe work they do every day to help their valued clients.Source: Barron’s “Top 1,000 Advisors,” February 18, 2013, as identified by Barron’s magazine, using quantitative and qualitative criteria and selected from apool of over 4,000 nominations. Advisors in the Top 1,000 Financial Advisors have a minimum of seven years of financial services experience. Qualitativefactors include, but are not limited to, compliance record, interviews with senior management, and philanthropic work. Investment performance is not acriterion. The rating may not be representative of any one client’s experience and is not indicative of the Financial Advisor’s future performance. NeitherMorgan Stanley Smith Barney LLC nor its Financial Advisors or Private Wealth Advisors pays a fee to Barron’s in exchange for the rating. Barron’s is aregistered trademark of Dow Jones & Company, L.P. All rights reserved.© 2013 Morgan Stanley Smith Barney LLC. Member SIPC.Graystone Consulting is a business of Morgan Stanley Smith Barney LLC. BAR022 CRC623839 CS 7480498 03/13Phil C. Shaffer, #4Graystone ConsultingManaging DirectorInstitutional Consulting Director4449 Easton Way, Ste 300Columbus, OH 43219614-228-0600Joel J. Guth, #13Executive DirectorFinancial Advisor41 S. High Street, Ste 2700Columbus, OH 43215614-473-2086Michael Birgeneau, #24Graystone ConsultingInstitutional Consulting DirectorFinancial Advisor4449 Easton Way, Ste 300Columbus, OH 43219614-228-0600Jeffrey L. Stewart, #17Executive DirectorFinancial Advisor545 Metro Place South, Ste 300Dublin, OH 43017614-798-3100Congratulations to ourBarron’s Top Advisorscolumbusregion.com/headquartersNOTABLE EMPLOYERSCompany Operations EmploymentJPMorgan Chase & Co. Financial services 17,438Nationwide Mutual Insurance and financial services 11,085Insurance CompanyLimited Brands, Inc. Women’s apparel, personal care products 6,000Huntington Financial services 4,813Bancshares, Inc.Cardinal Health, Inc. Medical products and services 4,384American Electric Investor-owned electric utility 3,338Power Co.Abercrombie & Fitch Co. Specialty retailer 2,650Express Scripts Pharmacy benefits management 2,441Holding CompanyAlliance Data Marketing, credit and transaction solutions 2,374Systems CorporationState Farm Mutual Insurance and financial services 1,854Automobile InsuranceCompanyFAST FACTSeconomic outputAbercrombie & Fitch and DSWWORKFORCE & EDUCATIONor higherBUSINESS ADVANTAGES
  16. 16. Advertising Supplement to Columbus Business First | 04.19.13(614) 225-6063 | ColumbusRegion.com14 2013 ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT reportthe columbus region’s growth strategyeconomic SECTORSAGBIOSCIENCEProudto be a part ofColumbus’past,present and futureSTATEAUTO.COMcolumbusregion.com/agbioscienceNOTABLE EMPLOYERSCompany Operations EmploymentBattelle Independent non-profit research and 2,201developmentAbbott Nutrition Nutritional products, medical products, 2,200pharmaceuticalsBoehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals 1,250Roxane, Inc. / RoxaneLaboratories, Inc.The Scotts Miracle-Gro Consumer lawn and garden products, 1,165Company professional horticulture productsAshland Inc. Specialty chemical products, services and solutions 900Anheuser-Busch Beer manufacturing, packing and shipping 580Companies, Inc.DuPont Films used in photovoltaics 560ConAgra Foods, Inc. Microwave popcorn production 294Nestle USA Research and development for nutrition, 243health and wellness productsSelect Sires, Inc. Livestock genetics 186FAST FACTSeconomyWORKFORCE & EDUCATIONtechnicians and scientistshome to researchers of every department touching on agriculture, with focus areas ofadvanced bioenergy and biobased products, environmental quality and sustainability,and food security, production and human healthBUSINESS ADVANTAGESindustry, with services in agrochemical product development, animal health productdevelopment, and food quality and safety
  17. 17. 04.19.13 | Advertising Supplement to Columbus Business First (614) 225-6063 | ColumbusRegion.com 1 52013 ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT reportthe columbus region’s growth strategyINTERNATIONAL BUSINESSeconomic SECTORSOPOC.us - Improving Lives.A productive, educated, andengaged workforce is the enginefor all economic development...Bricker & Eckler isproud to partner withColumbus2020to strategically positionthe Columbus region inaccomplishing its economicdevelopment objectives.columbusregion.com/internationalNOTABLE EMPLOYERSCompany Operations EmploymentHonda of America Automobiles, engines, research 10,540Mfg., Inc. and developmentTS TECH Co., Ltd. Automotive interior parts 2,078Exel Inc. Contract logistics provider 1,900Teleperformance Outsourcing call center 1,682Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals 1,250Roxane, Inc. / RoxaneLaboratories, Inc.Rolls-Royce plc Power systems for use on land, sea and air 1,132Safelite Group, Inc. Vehicle glass repair and replacement, 1,021insurance third party administratorMettler-Toledo Manufacturer and supplier of precision instruments 800International Inc.Cardington Yutaka Automotive parts, exhaust systems, torque and 750Technologies, Inc. catalytic convertersStanley Electric U.S. Co. Automotive lighting design, construction, 605maintenance, production and assemblyFAST FACTSWORKFORCE & EDUCATIONBUSINESS ADVANTAGESinternational companiesoperations
  18. 18. 46836179161161MarionMountGileadMountVernonNewarkDelawareCirclevilleMarysvilleLondonLancasterBellfontaine13KnoxCountyLickingCountyFranklinCountyFairfieldCountyPickawayCountyMadisonCountyDelawareCountyMorrowCountyMarionCountyLoganCounty UnionCountyPort Columbus International Airport (CMH)Rickenbacker International Airport (LCK)Intermodal TerminalDual Rail Industrial ParkNational Gateway CorridorHeartland Rail CorridorNational Freight Rail LineMajor US/State HighwayInterstate HighwayCollaboration EqualsJobs for ColumbusLogan County AreaChamber of Commercewww.logancountyohio.comMarion CAN DO!www.marioncando.comUnion Countywww.unioncounty.orgMorrow CountyDevelopment Officewww.morrowcountydevelopment.comCity of Canal Winchesterwww.canalwinchesterohio.govCity of Pickeringtonwww.pickeringtondevelopment.comFairfield 33Development Alliancewww.fairfield33.comViolet Townshipwww.violet.oh.usPickaway ProgressPartnershipwww.pickawayprogress.comArea DevelopmentFoundation of Knox Countywww.knoxadf.comCity of Delawarewww.delawareohio.netCity of Powellwww.cityofpowell.usDelaware Countywww.co.delaware.oh.usCity of Pataskalawww.ci.pataskala.oh.usLicking CountyChamber of Commercewww.lickingcountychamber.comCommunity partnershipsbrings new jobs andincreased investments tothe 11-county ColumbusRegion. Communitiesincluding the City ofColumbus and FranklinCounty are investingthrough the Mid-OhioDevelopment Exchange(MODE).City of Bexleywww.bexley.orgCity of Columbuswww.columbus.govCity of Dublinwww.dublin.oh.usCity of Gahannawww.gahanna.govCity of Grandview Heightswww.grandviewheights.orgCity of Grove Citywww.grovecityohio.govCity of Groveportwww.groveport.orgCity of Hilliardwww.hilliardohio.govCity of New Albanywww.newalbanyohio.orgCity of Reynoldsburgwww.ci.reynoldsburg.oh.usCity of Upper Arlingtonwww.uaoh.netCity of Westervillewww.westerville.orgCity of Whitehallwww.whitehall-oh.usCity of Worthingtonwww.worthington.orgColumbus RegionalAirport Authoritywww.columbusairports.comColumbus-Franklin CountyFinance Authoritywww.columbusfinance.orgFranklin Countywww.franklincountyohio.govMid-Ohio Regional PlanningCommissionwww.morpc.orgVillage of Obetzwww.obetz.oh.usCity of Londonwww.ci.london.oh.usMadison County CICwww.madisoncountychamber.orgPort Columbus International Airport (CMH)Rickenbacker International Airport (LCK)Intermodal TerminalDual Rail Industrial ParkNational Gateway CorridorHeartland Rail CorridorNational Freight Rail LineMajor US/State HighwayInterstate HighwayIndustrial Parks04.19.13 | Advertising Supplement to Columbus Business First (614) 225-6063 | ColumbusRegion.com16 172012 progress report: the columbus region’s growth strategy
  19. 19. Advertising Supplement to Columbus Business First | 04.19.13(614) 225-6063 | ColumbusRegion.com18 2013 ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT reportthe columbus region’s growth strategyJobsOhio is a private, non-profitcorporation established tolead Ohio’s job-creation effortsthrough the retention, expansionand attraction of new businesses. Usinga private-sector approach, JobsOhio isfocused on nine targeted industries thatdrive the state’s economy. JobsOhio is a customer-centric economicdevelopment model unlike that of anyother state and operates using a “One Firm,One State” approach – a cultural changefrom the way economic development wasconducted in the past. Today, JobsOhioand its regional and local partners work asone organization to be a leading providerof business solutions.JobsOhio and Columbus 2020:True collaborationColumbus 2020 is one of six JobsOhionetwork partners, each of which arecommitted to accelerating job growth andeconomic expansion in Ohio. JobsOhiooversees efforts at the state level,ensuring each region is equipped withthe right tools, including demographicdata, site selection details, and supplychain analysis.As JobsOhio’s Central Ohio networkpartner, Columbus 2020 serves as theprimary point of entry for businessattraction, retention and expansionprojects that are focused on the 11-countyColumbus Region. Columbus 2020 alsoworks in collaboration with JobsOhio tomarket and promote the State of Ohioand the Columbus Region globally.Together, JobsOhio and Columbus2020 work hand-in-hand to pursueopportunities that generate jobs andcapital investment in the ColumbusRegion, broadening regional economicdevelopment capabilities.JobsOhio: Driving Ohio’s Job Creation,Capital Investment and Economic GrowthOhio and Monster have teamed up to help bigand small businesses match up with the besttalent across the state. Ohio Means Jobs usesadvanced tools and filters to narrow down youremployee search to a manageable number ofresumes, saving you time and effort. If you’relooking to hire in Ohio, look no further.Why searchacross 50states whenyou’re trying tohire in one?Faster Filters.Better Results.jobs-ohio.comConnecting visionwith opportunityIt’s more than our practice–it’s our culture.THE NATION’S 3RD LARGEST UNIVERSITY ININDUSTRY-SPONSORED RESEARCHWe partner with leading companies on bold ideas that create impact and solvesome of the biggest problems facing our communities—locally, nationally, and globally.go.osu.edu/bizcomGeoffrey S. ChatasSenior Vice President andChief Financial Officer
  20. 20. 04.19.13 | Advertising Supplement to Columbus Business First (614) 225-6063 | ColumbusRegion.com 1 92013 ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT reportthe columbus region’s growth strategy!!!!!RossStarkPikeWoodDarkeKnoxSciotoLickingAdamsGalliaWayneClarkPerryHuronAllenButlerLorainSenecaBrownLoganAthensUnionTrumbullMeigsAshtabulaHardinHenryFranklinNoblePrebleMercerPortageMiamiFultonErieBelmontVintonHancockFairfieldPutnamHighlandLucasCarrollShelbyMonroeRichlandClintonGreeneMuskingumMarionMedinaWarrenFayetteHolmesGuernseyPickawayMadisonMorganWashingtonCoshoctonGeaugaSummitJacksonHockingAshlandMorrowLakeClermontTuscarawasDelawareWilliamsHarrisonPauldingLawrenceVan WertAuglaizeCuyahogaWyandotHamiltonColumbianaJeffersonCrawfordSanduskyMahoningChampaignOttawaMontgomeryDefianceColumbusToledoDaytonNelsonvilleClevelandCincinnatiJobsOhio Network RegionsCentral RegionNortheast RegionNorthwest RegionSoutheast RegionSouthwest RegionWestern Region41 S. High St.,Suite 2210Columbus, OH 43215jobs-ohio.com614-224-6446Central150 S. Front St., Suite 200Columbus, OH 43215columbusregion.com614-225-6063Northeast737 Bolivar Rd., Suite 2000Cleveland, OH 44115clevelandplusbusiness.com216-363-5400740-753-5359937-222-4422Northwest300 Madison Avenue, Suite 270Toledo, OH 43604rgp.org419-252-2700513-579-3100Southeast36 Public Square, P.O. Box 456Nelsonville, OH 45764appalachianohio.orgSouthwest441 Vine St., Suite 300Cincinnati, OH 45202cincinnatiusa.org/econ.aspxWestern900 KetteringTowerDayton, Ohio 45423daytonregion.comAppalachian Partnershipfor Economic GrowthTHE JOBSOHIO NETWORK
  21. 21. Advertising Supplement to Columbus Business First | 04.19.13(614) 225-6063 | ColumbusRegion.com20 2013 ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT reportthe columbus region’s growth strategynewalbanycompany.com 614.939.8000New AlbanyBusiness Park Master planned by innovators for innovators,the New Albany Business Park is one of thelargest and fastest growing parks in the region.Whether it’s technology ready sites or dualfeed electric, public private partnershipstogether with a high degree of businessconnectivity enable us to offer the latest andmost comprehensive resources available todrive innovation and promote commerce.Visit our website today to learn more.Created to inspire innovation.Designed to protect investment.The Columbus Partnership is anon-profit, membership-basedCEO organization of 52 CEOsfrom Columbus’ leading businessesand institutions. The ColumbusPartnership’s primary goal is toimprove the economic vitality of theColumbus Region.Focus on EconomicDevelopmentEconomic development, through thework of Columbus 2020, is the mainfocus of the Partnership and providesthe underpinning for all aspects of theorganization.Provide Thought LeadershipThe Partnership actively benchmarksColumbus against peer communities,convenes community leaders from allsectors to discuss the vision of Columbusand engages in the action required tobenefit our community.Be Catalysts for CivicImprovementThe Partnership engages in all majorprojects that need strong civicleadership and intend to enhance thequality of our schools, arts and culturalorganizations, or the development ofdowntown Columbus. The Partnershipprovides strategic approaches toturn vision into action to achieve thedesired results without taking credit foraccomplishments.Develop Future LeadersIdentifying and empowering youngleaders is important to every vital city.Champion Regional Solutionsto Regional ProblemsWhether it is economic development,workforce initiatives or other importantpriorities facing Columbus, thePartnership supports metropolitanapproaches that improve service deliveryand cost effectiveness.Partner with the Public SectorThe Partnership supports and partnerswith the efforts of elected officials atthe state, county and city levels to worktogether for a common agenda.Support Collaboration in theNon-Profit SectorThe Partnership supports collaborationbetween non-profit organizations,particularly where the collaborativeefforts bring about cost savings andimproved program effectiveness.The Columbus Partnership: Improving theEconomic Vitality of the Columbus Regioncolumbuspartnership.com
  22. 22. 04.19.13 | Advertising Supplement to Columbus Business First (614) 225-6063 | ColumbusRegion.com 2 12013 ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT reportthe columbus region’s growth strategyCOLUMBUSCHAMBER:No one knows the Columbus Re-gion business community like theColumbus Chamber, an organiza-tion dedicated to helping compa-nies grow through connections, resourcesand solutions. In its nearly 130-year history,the Chamber has evolved to become theRegion’s largest business services organi-zation and primary advocate for businesseslarge and small.With nearly 2,000 member businesses—90percent of which are small businesses with500 or fewer full-time employees—the Co-lumbus Chamber nurtures business growth.It serves as an extension of its members’teams, working to save them time andmoney and propel their businesses forward.Key services and solutions:Customized connections to the rightpeople, resources and information. Lastyear the Chamber staff conducted 1,000meetings and facilitated thousands of con-nections.Business advocacy at the local, state andfederal levels of government. The Chambercarries the business message on issues likecomprehensive tax reform, including mu-nicipal tax uniformity, regulation reform,education reform, workforce developmentand economic development.Individually-tailored market research. Aresearch team provides regional economicanalysis, as well as local demographic andsocioeconomic analysis.Workforce solutions to find and retaintalent. The Chamber connects talent tobusinesses through consultative servicesand tools like columbusinternships.comand semi-annual logistics job fairs.M/WBE support for businesses fromstart-up to growth. Diversity Bridge pro-vides a one-stop web portal for businessresources and a common M/WBE certifica-tion application.ACCELERATEYOUR BUSINESSColumbus.org 614.221.1321Columbus RegionLogistics Council:A catalyst forlogistics growthStrategically located between Chi-cago and the East Coast andwithin a 10-hour drive to 50 percentof the U.S. population, manufactur-ing capacity and headquarters op-erations, the Columbus Region hasbecome an attractive logistics hubfor companies looking to efficientlydistribute products nationwide.Made up of representation from vari-ous logistics and distribution com-panies in the Region, the ColumbusRegion Logistics Council (CRLC)helps lead implementation of a stra-tegic roadmap, focused on growingthe Region’s logistics sector throughinitiatives like the LogisticsART pro-gram, logistics job fairs, and relevantnetworking and professional devel-opment events.According to a report issued by theCRLC in late 2012, the Region’s morethan 80,000 employees in transpor-tation, warehousing and wholesaleindustries represent a concentrationof logistics employment 41 percentgreater than the national average.Columbus.org/logistics
  23. 23. Advertising Supplement to Columbus Business First | 04.19.13(614) 225-6063 | ColumbusRegion.com22 2013 ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT reportthe columbus region’s growth strategyPRIVATE SECTOR2Checkout.com Inc.3 Pillar Homes LLC889 Global SolutionsAccel Inc.Advanced Civil DesignAetna Building Maintenance Inc.Alterra Real Estate AdvisorsAmerican Electric PowerAmerican Structurepoint Inc.AmerisourceBergen Corp.Anderson Concrete Corp.Anheuser BuschArsdale Management andProductionAssurex GlobalAT&T OhioBakerHostelterBailey Cavalieri LLCBarnes & Thornburg LLPBattelleBeecherHillBenchmark BankBig LotsBluemile Inc.Bob Evans Farms Inc.The Boeing CorporationBricker & Eckler LLPBrooksourceBuckeye Power Inc.Buckeye Ready MixBuilding Industry Association ofCentral OhioByers, Minton & Associates LLCCalfee, Halter & Griswold LLPCameron Mitchell RestaurantsCardinal HealthCardinal TransportationCarlile Patchen & Murphy LLPCassidy TurleyCD 102.5 RadioCentric ConsultingChemical Abstracts ServiceClark Schaefer HackettColdwell Banker King ThompsonColliers InternationalColumbia Gas of Ohio Inc.Columbus Board of RealtorsColumbus Business FirstColumbus Coal & Lime Co.Columbus CrewThe Columbus FoundationCommerce National BankCompass HomesComResource Inc.Continental Office EnvironmentsCorna KokosingCOSICrane Group Co.Crawford HoyingCredoCrowe HorwathCSCCTL Engineering Inc.Daimler Group Inc.Danis Building Construction Co.DASCO Home Medical EquipmentDedicated Technologies Inc.DeloitteDesignGroupDickinson Wright PLLCThe Dispatch Printing Co.DLZDuke RealtyDupler OfficedynamItEclipseCorpe-Cycle LLCE.E. Ward Moving & Storage Co.Elford Inc.Emerson Network Power/LiebertEMH&T Inc.Ernst & Young LLPExxcelFacilitySource Inc.Fahlgren MortineFathom Online MarketingFifth Third BankFindley DaviesFirst EnergyFranchise Insurance Agency Inc.FrazierHeibyFrost Brown Todd LLCG&J Pepsi-Cola Bottlers Inc.The Gammill Group Inc.Gavroshe USAGBQ Partners LLCGeorge J. Igel & Co. Inc.GilbaneGlimcher Realty TrustGrand DesignGroup Inc.Grange InsuranceGreat Northern Consulting ServicesInc.Greif Inc.Hamilton Capital ManagementHamilton Parker Co.Haughn & Associates Inc.Heartland BankHeidelberg Distributing Co.Hilton Columbus at EastonHoffmann and AssociatesInsurance Services Inc.Hollywood Casino ColumbusHomestead AmericaHonda of America ManufacturingInc.Honda of MarysvilleThe Huntington National Bank Inc.Hy-Tek Material Handling Inc.IBM Corp.Ice Miller LLPIGS EnergyInAlign Partners LLCInformation Control Corp.InnoSourceInsight BankInvergarry Partners LLCJeni’s Splendid Ice CreamsJohn Gerlach & Co. LLPJones DayJones Lang LaSalleJPMorgan Chase & CoKabil Associates Inc.Karpinski EngineeringKaufman DevelopmentKegler Brown Hill & Ritter Co. LPAThe Kenney Co.Kenwel Printers Inc.KeyBankKing Business Interiors Inc.Kirk Williams Co.KMH Systems Inc.KPMGThe Kroger Co.The Lachey Co.Lancaster Colony Corp.Leading EDJELifestyle CommunitiesLimited BrandsLIVE! TechnologiesLoth Inc.M/I HomesManifest Solutions Corp.Manor HomesMatt Kallner Law OfficeMcDonald Hopkins LLCMcGladreyMedFlightMedical Mutual of OhioThe Memorial Tournamentpresented by NationwideInsuranceMetropolitan HoldingsMichael J. Platt, UBSMicrosoftMid-Ohio DevelopmentCorporationMiles-McClellan Construction Co.Inc.Miller Pipeline Corp.Mills JamesMKSKMomentive Specialty ChemicalsInc.Montrose Group LLCThe Motorists Insurance GroupMount Carmel Health SystemMS Consultants Inc.MurphyEpson Advertising & PublicRelationsNationwide Children’s HospitalNationwide InsuranceNavigator Management PartnersLLCNBBJ LLCNetJetsThe New Albany Co.Norfolk SouthernOCLCODW Logistics Inc.THANK YOU INVESTORSWhat Columbus 2020 investors are saying...It was an easy decision for ContinentalOffice Environments to become anearly investor in Columbus 2020. Itotally buy in to the strategy thatKenny McDonald and his teamhave put in place, and believe they aredoing outstanding work. They have beenextremely successful in landing newcompanies for our Columbus Region andhave many more prospects underway.Continental Office thrives on economicdevelopment and we depend on newcompanies entering the Central Ohiomarket to help fuel our own growth. Ourinvestment means that we are helping tofund business attraction, which benefitsnot only our company but also our clientsand business partners. It also keeps usclose to the action in terms of Columbus2020 monthly progress updates andinvestor meetings that we attend.IRA SHARFIN, CEOIT WAS ANDECISION.EASYNEIL MORTINEPresident and CEOOur livelihood is dependentupon stable, thrivingcompanies in need of marketingand communications expertise, aswell as the right staff to servethose businesses. In the ColumbusRegion, we’ve found both. Weare proud to support a growthstrategy that works actively notonly to attract new companies tothe Region, but also to nurturethe longstanding businesses thatcall the Region home. And havingaccess to a progressive, creativetalent pool helps us serve clientsfrom coast to coast withoutleaving the Columbus Region.What Columbus 2020 investors are saying...
  24. 24. 04.19.13 | Advertising Supplement to Columbus Business First (614) 225-6063 | ColumbusRegion.com 2 32013 ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT reportthe columbus region’s growth strategyTHANK YOUINVESTORSBuilding a betterand community engagement.ColumbusColor RunKingArtsComplexBoardCommunityCareDayCapCityMarathonTheBuilder’sExchangeChildhoodLeagueof OhioColumbusSpeechandHearingSliceof ColumbusCentral OhioRebuildingTogetherGreat SciotoDuckRaceMid-OhioFoodBankNationwideChildren’sHospitalDevelopment BoardColumbus through constructionSERVINGOHIO FIRSTFrom farm to plate, from ourroots in Rio Grande to our newheadquarters in New Albany –more than $160 million investedin our great state 2010 to 2014.©2013 Bob Evans Farms, LLC.Ohio Farm Bureau Federation Inc.OhioHealthOld Trail PrintingOn Target Performance GroupOvermyer Hall AssociatesOxford Consulting Group Inc.Pillar Technology Group, LLCPizzutiPlante MoranPNC BankPorter Wright Morris & ArthurLLPPortfolio CreativePR BrigadePrater Engineering Associates Inc.Precise Resource Inc.PricewaterhouseCoopers LLPPrime EngineeringPRISM Marketing CommunicationsQuandel Group Inc.R.G. Barry Corp.Refectory Restaurant and BistroRegent HomesRelocation Consultants LTDRenaissance ColumbusDowntown HotelRiver ConsultingThe Robert Weiler Co.Robin Enterprises Co.Rockford HomesRomanelli & Hughes Building Co.Rudolph/Libbe CompaniesRuscilli Construction Co. Inc.Sauer Group Inc.Schneider DownsSchooley Caldwell AssociatesSchottenstein HomesScotts Miracle-Gro CompanySequent Inc.Shred-It ColumbusSimon Kenton Council, BoyScouts of AmericaSmith & Hale LLCSmoot ConstructionSolid Waste Authority of CentralOhioSophisticated SystemsSouthgate CorporationSquire Sanders & Dempsey LLPState Auto Insurance CompaniesSteptoe & Johnson PLLCSteven E. LeClair, UBSStewart Title Agency ofColumbusStonehenge Partners Inc.StrateSphereSuburban Steel Supply CompanySugardaddy’s SumptuousSweetiesSuperior Beverage GroupTaft Stettinius & Hollister LLPTeam FishelThompson Hine LLPTim Hortons Cafe & Bake ShopTime Warner CableTrane Commercial SystemsTriad Architects Inc.Turner Construction CompanyTween Brands-JusticeUNICON International Inc.Unifirst CorporationUnited Commercial TravelersUnitedHealthcare of OhioUS BankVaro Engineers Inc.Virginia HomesVorys, Sater, Seymour and PeaseLLPW. W. WilliamsWells Fargo Insurance ServicesUSA Inc.Westport Homes Inc.Williams Creek ConsultingWiproWoolpertWorly Plumbing Supply Inc.Worthington Industries Inc.Zimmer OhioZipline LogisticsG& J Pepsi Cola Bottlers hasinvested in Columbus 2020to create an abundance offuture growth opportunity forCentral Ohio businesses and individualhouseholds alike. We believe mightyand growing communities build ahealthy region where all businessesand individuals benefit. The city ofColumbus, our larger community andregion currently has a strong foundation,momentum and potential few regionspossess. Leadership, human capital,education, industry and entrepreneurialspirit rooted by an unrelenting workethic and committed work force arepillars of this foundation.What Columbus 2020 investors are saying...TIMELY &POWERFULTHOMAS G. PENDREYVice Presidentand General ManagerWhat Columbus 2020 investors are saying...
  25. 25. 04.19.13 | Advertising Supplement to Columbus Business First (614) 225-6063 | ColumbusRegion.com 2 52013 ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT reportthe columbus region’s growth strategyevolveAs Ohio’s largest independent accounting and consultingfirm, we understand progress and the challenges that comewith it. By merging traditional accounting with innovativeconsulting, SS&G has contributed to the success of clientsin Columbus for more than four decades. We’re proud to bepart of Central Ohio’s evolution and advancement.Discover what makes us different at SSandG.com/words.Assurance | Tax | ConsultingGrowth requires change.300 Spruce St., Suite 250, Columbus, OH 43215 | 614-488-3126public sectorArea Development Foundation of KnoxCountyCity of BexleyCity of Canal WinchesterCity of ColumbusCity of DelawareCity of DublinCity of GahannaCity of Grandview HeightsCity of Grove CityCity of GroveportCity of HilliardCity of LondonCity of New AlbanyCity of PataskalaCity of PickeringtonCity of PowellCity of ReynoldsburgCity of Upper ArlingtonCity of WestervilleCity of WhitehallCity of WorthingtonColumbus-Franklin County FinanceAuthorityColumbus Regional Airport AuthorityDelaware CountyFairfield 33 Development AllianceFranklin CountyHeath-Newark-Licking County PortAuthorityTHANK YOUINVESTORSWhat Columbus 2020 investors are saying...LIZA KESSLERPartner-in-ChargeAMEET PATELGeneral ManagerColumbus 2020 is a natural fit with Jones Dayand our global footprint. As we providelegal services to companies around Ohio,the nation, and the world, Columbus 2020 isreaching those same companies and markets,bringing Columbus to the world, and, ultimately,the world to Columbus. Building a vibranteconomy in the Columbus Region benefits allof us who call Columbus home. Jones Day fullysupports Columbus 2020’s vital mission.We are proud to be an investor in Columbus2020. The dynamic leadership behindColumbus 2020’s bold vision is continuouslyworking to take Columbus to the next level, andmake our city one of the most desirable placesto live, work and play. We have seen first-handat Hollywood Casino the results of Columbus2020’s efforts to attract and retain top talentin the Region. Unquestionably, Columbus is avibrant and growing community with a diverseand talented workforce.
  26. 26. Advertising Supplement to Columbus Business First | 04.19.13(614) 225-6063 | ColumbusRegion.com26 2013 ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT reportthe columbus region’s growth strategyACADEMICINVESTORSColumbus College of Art & DesignOhio Christian UniversityThe Ohio State UniversityThe Ohio State University WexnerMedical CenterTHANK YOUINVESTORSWhat Columbus 2020 investors are saying...JOELLE BROCKPRESIDENT AND CEOLeading EDJE chose to become an investorof Columbus 2020 because we firmly believethe partnership is run by exceptionally talentedindividuals, who with the right support, will helptake the Columbus Region to the next level. Ourinvestment means we are helping the communitythrive and bring new opportunities, particularly inthe technology field, to the Columbus community.As a technology firm focused on the Columbusmarket, local economic development is of theutmost importance as we discover and growtechnically talented individuals.Kegler Brown was an early supporter of Columbus2020 because we knew it was going to be a criticalgateway that would attract business investments to theCentral Ohio region from around the world.The team that Kenny McDonald has led has done anoutstanding job in not only reaching out to attract newcompanies to invest in the Columbus Region, but also incontinuing to assist existing businesses that call CentralOhio home.Kegler Brown recognizes the immense value ofColumbus 2020, what it means to the future of ourcommunity, and the benefits it brings not only to ourfirm, but especially to our clients.public sectorCONTINUEDLicking County Chamber ofCommerceLogan County Area Chamber ofCommerceMadison County CICMarion CAN DO!Mid-Ohio Regional PlanningCommissionMorrow County Development OfficeOhio Third FrontierPickaway Progress PartnershipUnion CountyVillage of ObetzViolet TownshipMICHAEL A. ZATEZALOMANAGING DIRECTOR
  27. 27. 04.19.13 | Advertising Supplement to Columbus Business First (614) 225-6063 | ColumbusRegion.com 2 72013 ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT reportthe columbus region’s growth strategyROBERT SHENTON, CPACOLUMBUS OFFICEMANAGING PARTNERMICHELLE ADAMSPRESIDENT AND FOUNDERRON MILLSEXECUTIVE DIRECTORColumbus is on the move and we wantto see the positive momentum continuelocally, nationally and globally. That’s whyPlante Moran considers it important tosupport the economic development efforts ofColumbus 2020. As an investor, we receivevaluable information that helps shape ourbusiness strategies and growth plans forGreater Columbus and the Region. We valuethe partnership between Columbus 2020 andPlante Moran, because we have built somegreat business relationships that have allowedus to continue to grow our practice and createmore career opportunities throughout theGreater Columbus Region. Keep up the greatwork!We are investors in Columbus 2020because we believe in their workand are proud to be part of their success.As a growing marketing firm, we havebenefited directly from their attraction andretention of great businesses. We have alsowitnessed a growing number of talentedpeople move to Columbus for our firmand many Central Ohio companies. TheColumbus Region is on fire!SWACO is a strong supporter of Columbus 2020and their focus on economic developmentthroughout Central Ohio. We have recentlyexperienced their commitment and effectiveness inthis role. Last year Kenny McDonald and his staffbrought to our attention a Florida-based company,Team Gemini, who was looking to develop asustainable energy green industrial park somewherein the Columbus metropolitan area. The result ofthis collaboration, facilitated by Columbus 2020, is aprivate-public partnership formally executed this pastJanuary (2013) in which Team Gemini is investingover $300 million to create a green industrial parkon SWACO property. The industrial park will notonly increase area recycling rates by using trash asfeedstock, but will also create hundreds of new jobsin the area. The value of Columbus 2020 speaksthrough their accomplishments in advancing theeconomy of the greater Columbus area for all of uswho live and work in the Region.What Columbus 2020 investors are saying...What Columbus 2020 investors are saying...What Columbus 2020 investors are saying...Ready for business. Ready for you. Make it Happen.City of Columbus Economic Development DivisionLearn more about our job incentives, loans and grantsBill WebsterDeputy DirectorJobs and Economic Development614-645-8605wpwebster@columbus.govShane W. Farnsworth, EDFPEconomic DevelopmentAdministrator614-645-6679swfarnsworth@columbus.gov
  28. 28. Advertising Supplement to Columbus Business First | 04.19.13(614) 225-6063 | ColumbusRegion.com28 2013 ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT reportthe columbus region’s growth strategyTechColumbus and partners acrossthe Columbus Region are creatingone of the most robust technologycommunities in the United States.Thanks in large part to these efforts, theColumbus Region is recognized as one of thepremier technology-enriched communitiesin the country and as a leader in buildinghigh-growth companies that create wealthand jobs.TechColumbus gives entrepreneurs accessto the tools, expertise, practical advice,and access to early stage capital that theyneed to launch and grow their companies.TechColumbus focuses on industries thatreflect Central Ohio’s strengths: informationtechnology, bioscience, and advancedmaterials. The organization’s knowledge-based and financial resources putentrepreneurs on a faster track, improvingentrepreneurial success.Access to CapitalTechColumbus provides access to acontinuum of funding critical to early stagecompany development. These investmentoptions include concept and seed funds,early and growth stage capital throughOhio TechAngels Funds (OTAF) andX-Squared Angels, and syndicated andsidecar investments through a network ofangels and other investors.Advisory ServicesTechColumbus’ venture acceleration teamstrengthens emerging technology leaderswith critical strategic and tactical advice.TechColumbus provides specific assistancein customer and market validation, businessand financial modeling, evaluating capitalinvestment requirements, building high-performance management teams and more.Our venture advisors and entrepreneurs-in-residence help entrepreneurs move fromconcept to business launch to execution.AcceleratorThe TechColumbus Accelerator existsto help technology companies achievesustainable growth as fast as possible. TheAccelerator combines highly skilled advisorsand an environment for accelerated growth,two critical components needed for earlyphase success. The high-energy energyenvironment is made up of flexible andaffordable lab, office, and conference space.Connections to Business,Public Sector and ResourcesCompanies that engage with TechColumbusreceive personalized attention as the ventureacceleration team customizes its approachfor each individual client company. Fromdeveloping a plan and value proposition toseeking customers and investment capital,TechColumbus services are tactical andpractical, helping to shorten the time fromconcept to growth. Whether a businesshas an idea scratched on a napkin oris in a full beta test with a product orservice, TechColumbus is eager to workwith passionate entrepreneurs who to putforth the time and energy required to createthe next big thing.TechColumbus: Nurturing Seeds ofTech-based Entrepreneurial Growthtechcolumbus.org
  29. 29. For more information on advertising contact Holly Caruso at 614.220.5432 or via email at hcaruso@bizjournals.comJoseph P. HendersonDevelopment Services DirectorCity of Pickerington614.833.2204jhenderson@pickerington.netwww.pickerington.netThe City of Pickerington provides access to everything your businessneeds for success. Our business friendly approach gives businesses theadvantages and tools they need to excel in today’s market. The Cityof Pickerington is strategically located just east of Columbus with equalaccess to US 33 and Interstate 70. We look forward to the opportunitytodiscusswhyPickeringtoncouldbetherightfitforyourbusiness. Ourgoal is to help your business be successful.E C O N O M I CDEVELOPMENTJoy Davis, CEcDEconomic DevelopmentSpecialistViolet Township614.382.5988ec.development@violet.oh.uswww.violet.oh.us“Violet Township is the unincorporated area surrounding the City ofPickerington. Situated in northwest Fairfield County and adjacent tothe City of Columbus, development opportunities abound along theUS 33 Corridor and in the northern portion of the township along SR204 and in close proximity to I-70. Contact Joy Davis 614.382.5988 todiscuss the power of purple; we get it done.”R. Michael PettitDirector, LancasterEconomic Development740.687.6670 Ext. 210rmpettit@ci.lancaster.oh.ushttp://www.ci.lancaster.oh.us/dept/econdev/Take advantage of Lancaster’s central location, attractive benefits andinviting community to grow your business. Rock Mill Industrial Parkis Austin-Ady Certified for manufacturing and food processing. ThePark has all utilities piped, immediate access to U.S. 33 and a pre 1994Community Reinvestment Area providing industrial clients fifteenyear / 100% real property tax abatement for improvements and weguarantee expedited processes. The opportunities are wide open.Bob ClarkDirector, Fairfield CountyEconomic Development740.652.7162rdclark@co.fairfield.oh.uswww.businesscounty.comwww.fairfield33.comIdeally situated on the U.S. 33 Corridor, Fairfield County offers adiversified portfolio of business incentives from expansive logisticinfrastructure to international trade resources. Our community isprepared to meet your unique business needs.If you are serious about your business, then join a community that isserious about getting you to your first day of profit faster. Contact theFairfield County Economic Development Office today!Patrik G. Bowman,A.I.C.P.Director of Administrationand Development614.481-6215pbowman@grandviewheights.orgwww.grandviewheights.orgGrandview Heights is the closest incorporated community todowntown Columbus. It’s practically adjacent to The Ohio StateUniversity, Battelle Memorial Institute, major medical facilities, andonly a short drive to Port Columbus International Airport. Our sheerproximitytothevibrantcenterofthestatecapitalprovidesasignificantadvantage for companies seeking a central Ohio location.David MeeksEconomic DevelopmentDirector614-604-4647dmeeks@hilliardohio.govThe City of Hilliard is friendly and vibrant with residents who feelgenuine and real about their neighbors and community. Hilliard ischoosing smart-growth initiatives to achieve its vision to become ahighly connected and unified community with charm, substance andactivities that serve a range of diverse appeal.Timothy M. BolandCity Administrator740-964-2416tboland@ci.pataskala.oh.uswww.ci.pataskala.oh.usPataskala is one of the most competitive economic developmentlocations. Ohio’s premier site, the Pataskala Corporate Park, contains520+ acres of prime manufacturing sites and a certified Job Ready Site.Projects can commence quickly in the short term, and be successful inthe long term.We invite you to look further at the possibilities and opportunities inPataskala, Ohio, U.S.A.
  30. 30. Advertising Supplement to Columbus Business First | 04.19.13(614) 225-6063 | ColumbusRegion.com30 2013 ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT reportthe columbus region’s growth strategyTEAmKenny McDonald, CEcDChief Economic Officer614-225-6060km@columbusregion.comJustin BickleSenior Project Manager614-225-6083jb@columbusregion.comVictor ThorneManaging Director, Strategic Development614-961-7805vt@columbusregion.comMatt McCollisterVice President, Economic Development614-225-6953mm@columbusregion.comBeth HarringtonVice President, Investor Relations614-225-6951bh@columbusregion.comKatie HamiltonProject Manager, Economic Development614-225-6945kmh@columbusregion.comDeborah SchererDirector, Global Markets614-225-6096ds@columbusregion.comStephanie I. BoscoEconomic Development Coordinator614-225-6935sb@columbusregion.comMatt McQuadeDirector, Business Development, North America614-225-6920mmq@columbusregion.comBecky BlattExecutive Assistant to the Chief Economic Officer614-225-6067bb@columbusregion.comKarin RedelbergerEconomic Development Coordinator614-225-6088kr@columbusregion.comThe Columbus 2020 team has decadesof economic development experienceand is ready to connect you withthe people, information, and locationresources your business needs.Jeff ZimmermanDirector, Columbus Region Logistics Council614-225-6900jeff_zimmerman@columbus.orgIrene AlvarezDirector, Marketing and Communications614-225-6941ia@columbusregion.comPatty Dalton HuddleVice President, Existing Business Solutions614-225-6065patty_huddle@columbus.orgJung KimDirector, Research614-225-6913jung_kim@columbus.orgChris StrayerClient Solutions Officer614-225-6905chris_strayer@columbus.orgJay KnoxResearch Analyst614-225-6937jay_knox@columbus.org
  31. 31. 04.19.13 | Advertising Supplement to Columbus Business First (614) 225-6063 | ColumbusRegion.com 3 12013 ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT reportthe columbus region’s growth strategyAlex Fischer, ChairmanPresident and CEOThe Columbus PartnershipJohn W. Partridge, TreasurerPresidentColumbia Gas of Ohio, Inc.Eric Phillips, SecretaryExecutive DirectorUnion County EconomicDevelopment PartnershipChief Executive OfficerUnion County Chamberof CommerceMarilyn BrownCounty CommissionerFranklin County Boardof CommissionersMichael ColemanMayorCity of ColumbusJohn C. FisherExecutive Vice PresidentOhio Farm BureauMichael KellerExecutive Vice Presidentand Chief Information OfficerNationwideMichael W. LougeExecutive Vice President and ChiefFinancial OfficerOhioHealthGregory R. OvermyerChief Executive OfficerOvermyer Hall AssociatesMark PattonGeneral ManagerJobsOhioDr. Mark SmithPresidentOhio Christian UniversityDavid Williams, Ph.D., Sc.D.Dean & Presidential ProfessorCollege of EngineeringThe Ohio State UniversityPablo A. VegasPresident and Chief Operating OfficerAEP Ohio, American Electric PowerEX-OFFICIOLaing AkersSenior AttorneySquire SandersKenny McDonald, PresidentChief Economic OfficerColumbus 2020Results? Definitely. Summerfield supports the growthof Columbus by helping our clients succeed.Hi there! Visit our website to meet the rest of the Summerfield team. | summerfieldadvertising.com/our-team.phpGrowth focused. Idea driven.At Summerfield, we’re not just colleagues, we’re family.And to our clients, we’re not just another vendor,we’re trusted partners.BOARD MEMBERS
  32. 32. Advertising Supplement to Columbus Business First | 04.19.13(614) 225-6063 | ColumbusRegion.com32 2013 ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT reportthe columbus region’s growth strategyBRANDINGCOLUMBUSMarketing the Columbus Regionwith a consistent message andcreative approach remains criti-cal to establishing the Regionas a thriving, desirable businessclimate. Numerous organizationsmarket Columbus to various au-diences—Columbus 2020 and the Columbus Cham-ber to businesses, Experience Columbus to visitors,corporations to executives, universities to educatorsand students, hospitals to physicians and even Co-lumbus residents to their friends.HISTORICALLY, our community has not marketeditself with a consistent foundation. Visual identitieswere unique to each organization, providing no rec-ognizable differences between Columbus, Ohio, andthe other “Columbus” locations nationwide. As theColumbus Region strove for unity in its branding ef-forts, these inconsistencies posed a problem.About two years ago, various organizations andstakeholders worked with local agency FahlgrenMortine to come up with a common theme consis-tent with the Region’s brand essence: a ColumbUSmarker and campaign signifying not only the Region’sunity, but also its position in the domestic and globalmarketplace.IN THE LAST TWO YEARS the cohesive brand hasbeen adopted by various organizations around theRegion, including more than 20 City of Columbus de-partments. The brand also is visible at Port ColumbusInternational Airport and shone brightly last year inNew York’s famed Times Square.Although collaboration has been effective, the brand-ing initiative is far from finished. One of the key piecesof this program is an online toolkit that provides allthe necessary visual and communications elementsto leverage the Columbus brand, encouraging evenmore organizations to get on board.brandcolumbus.com
  33. 33. Columbus’ workforce of tomorrowis preparing here today.Columbus State is the front door to highereducation—and a career—for more Central Ohioresidents than any other college or university.Most of our graduates remain in Central Ohio,starting businesses and filling key jobs inhigh-growth fields like health care, informationtechnology, logistics and hospitality. Our alumnigenerate more than $900 million for Central Ohioevery year in higher earnings and the increasedoutput of businesses. We see the workforce of2020 here today, and they have us excited aboutCentral Ohio’s future.AtColumbusState,we see2020.www.cscc.edu
  34. 34. It takes many partners to drive aIt takes many partners to drive aregional economy. At AEP, we’reregional economy. At AEP, we’reputting our knowledge to workputting our knowledge to workfor Columbus and central Ohiofor Columbus and central Ohioevery day. Our team providesevery day. Our team providescomprehensive location advisorycomprehensive location advisoryand mapping services, includingand mapping services, includingeverything from site and buildingeverything from site and buildingsearches to electric service planssearches to electric service plansfor your company. And, we’ll helpfor your company. And, we’ll helpyou connect to local and stateyou connect to local and statepartners, too. Let us put ourpartners, too. Let us put ourenergy to work for yourenergy to work for yourbusiness success.business success.AEPed.comAEPed.comAEPedAEPed@@AEP.comAEP.com800800--360360--SITE (SITE (74837483))@AEP_EconDev@AEP_EconDevAEP Economic& Business DevelopmentEnergizingBusiness Growth