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Advanced SEO And Social Media Integration

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Presentation on advanced SEO and social media integration, by Roy Morejon and Brandon Uttley of Command Partners.

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Advanced SEO And Social Media Integration

  1. 1. Advanced SEOAnd Social IntegrationSocial Fresh Charlotte 2011
  2. 2. Presented ByRoy Morejon, President Brandon Uttley, CEO http://commandpartners.com
  3. 3. Quick Intro SEO is about reaching customers in organic searchOrganic search is one spoke in the hubOrganic search, like all the other hubs,requires outstanding relevant contentContent marketing is the foundation of all marketing channels today
  4. 4. Social media is about sociology and psychology rather than technology. —Brian Solis
  5. 5. Social Sharing Is Driving Growth We are in the midst of a massive shift online from a search and intent-based world to a social, people based worldSocial represents a huge opportunity for brands and websites to get increased exposure at a fraction of the cost of other methods
  6. 6. Social Proof Pages That Display Tweet Buttons See 7x More!Social!Mentions (BRIGHTEDGE) Sites that featured social sharing for productsexperienced 3.6% growth in site traffic, versus0.3% for those that have yet to adopt (L2 Think Tank) Google reports that the average consumer is discernibly influenced by 10.4 discrete piecesof information—up from 5.3 sources a year ago (Google Insights)
  7. 7. Diversity of Search Experience Think about the richness of the search experience today Compared to bland search results made up mostly of just web pages several years ago With Google in particular, Universal Search, Personalized Search, Social Search, Instant Search, Local/Mobile, Preview and even thecurrently suspended Real-Time Search all factortogether to!give users what they’re looking for
  8. 8. Competing With Strong Sites Source: SEOMOZ
  9. 9. Web Page Anatomy Source: SEOMOZ
  10. 10. SEO is an amplifier andcatalyst to Social Mediaand Content MarketingSmart marketers know howand when to apply SEObest practices to extendthe reach of their socialmedia effortsMake all your contentsearchable—but moreimportantly, shareable
  11. 11. Where to start?
  12. 12. Google Social Analytics
  13. 13. Google Social AnalyticsSocial Engagement Social Actions Social Pages Compare visitor behavior How many clicked on Which site pages sharing buttons within a received social-sharing Those who click on specified date range clicks in a given period sharing buttons vs. those who do not Compare for each social Determine your best/ source and social source- most shared content Do they convert higher? action combination
  14. 14. Google Social Analytics http://bit.ly/gasocial
  15. 15. Google Profile Integration
  16. 16. Google SocialContent & Connections www.google.com/s2/search/social
  17. 17. What’s Working?
  18. 18. Most ImportantSocial Media Factors Source: SEOMOZ
  19. 19. Trust Factors Everything you do online should be done to increase the trust that others have in you “Others” includes both human visitors and search engine spiders When you have the trust of those two audiences,you’re perfectly positioned for long-term success On the social web you have to participate and not just listen to others
  20. 20. Google
  21. 21. Social AuthorityAn author’s authority on social networking sites is influencing traditional SEO Social shows authority—not relevance !Social signals at best will show that something is “rank worthy”
  22. 22. What Are Social Signals?How Google and others are quantifying socialnetworking authority as a ranking factor within traditional search engine results pageTrusted endorsements—Just like in real life, the opinions of people in their "circles" influence the decisions they make
  23. 23. Google Social Signals
  24. 24. Google+An identity serviceAnnotations from your networksRatings, reviewsNew sharing features for sites
  25. 25. Google+A social network made by Googleimpacts search (Chris Brogan)Google has all the data necessaryto change search engine resultsbased on social media
  26. 26. Google+Social connections may improveclick-through rates on searchads and organic listingsTraffic is pre-qualified and mayincrease the engagement of theperson on a site!Search engines trust the“social web”
  27. 27. Google+ Business Pages
  28. 28. Google+ Business Pages
  29. 29. www.google.com/webmasters/+1button
  30. 30. FacebookEvidence that some Page content gets crawledGood news: everything (just about) ispotentially indexable via Open Graph
  31. 31. Facebook Open Graph Activities People Businesses Places Groups Products/EntertainmentOrganizations Websites http://graph.facebook.com
  32. 32. { "id": "36603131", "name": "Jason Keath", "first_name": "Jason", "last_name": "Keath", "username": "jasonkeath", "gender": "male", "locale": "en_US" }http://graph.facebook.com/jasonkeath
  33. 33. http://graph.facebook.com/socialfresh
  34. 34. Facebook Optimization Fill out all Page profile informationChoose your page title and URL carefully Use best practices for sharing (photos, videos, comments, likes)
  35. 35. TwitterTweeted links get discoveredand indexed more quicklyTweets from high-authority accountsthat get lots of RTs act as links(Google & Bing)
  36. 36. Slideshare Very good for long-tail keywordsMultiple opportunities for keyword placement Content/text transcription
  37. 37. http://www.slideshare.net/nickwestergaard/building-your-blog-brand
  38. 38. Well indexed for keywordsGood opportunities for keywords in URLsQuora annotations shown in search results
  39. 39. http://www.quora.com/Who-are-the-best-recruiters-and-headhunters-for-startups-in-San-Francisco
  40. 40. Goals of Online MarketingWho: The customer 2.0What: Conversions and brand loyaltyWhere: Online and on the streetWhen: Today and the days to comeWhy: To make sales and build brand awarenessHow: Content, conversation, positive (trans/inter)actions and actionable measurementHow Not: Explicit sales or advertising or onlinesocial behaviorsSource: TopRank Online
  41. 41. To Sum Up Social media is impacting search resultsYou need to build an active, engaged presence on social media sites Optimize your site(s) for social media sharing Encourage users to share your content Don’t give up on traditional SEO!
  42. 42. Any questions?
  43. 43. Thank You!http://commandpartners.com @RoyMorejon @BrandonUttley @CommandPartners facebook.com/commandpartners linkedin.com/company/command-partners