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11 Common Regrets Of New Home Owners

How satisfied are you with the property you’ve bought? There are both satisfied and unsatisfied home owners at large. Sometimes a purchase is made without proper planning and thought – the result is regret.
If we poll any given group of unhappy property buyers, a remarkably consistent list of complaints emerges. After eliminating repetitions, it appears that buyers often wish they had known that:

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11 Common Regrets Of New Home Owners

  1. 1. You may discover that even though your flat is adequate, it’s overpriced in comparison to other flats available in the neighbourhood. #1
  2. 2. On closer inspection you may find that the floor is warped, the rooms have uneven surfaces and figure that the construction is of poor quality. #2
  3. 3. After you have spent everything that you have into buying a flat, you see that the builder has a bad reputation. #3
  4. 4. Nobody told you that you will have to contribute to the maintenance of the swimming pool and clubhouse and may such hidden costs. #4
  5. 5. Even if you don’t believe in it, you will find out from friends and acquaintances that your home is not Vaastu complaint. #5
  6. 6. You may get to know that the project is in legal trouble and may be forced to vacate the property because the whole project is eventually declared illegal. #6
  7. 7. Initially it did not seem like you would have a problem with water, but now you find out that the area is short of water. #7
  8. 8. You find out that your home is isolated from public transport and nobody can visit your new home. #8
  9. 9. You discover that the apartment’s lift does not have a generator back up and is a death trap. #9
  10. 10. You discover that the house is situated on the banks of a garbage canal and there is a chronic fly- infestation in your new home. #10
  11. 11. Too late, you notice that there are no fire extinguishers to be seen anywhere on the property and your new home has an ongoing fire hazard. #11
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