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Angelo bio final

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Artist bio

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Angelo bio final

  1. 1. ANGELO THAL BIOGRAPHY Angelo Thal is a singer/songwriter that loves music and playing his guitar. His genres include pop, R&B, and Reggae. Background: Angelo Thal’s parents are originally from South Sudan. His mother was about six months pregnant when his family was awakened one night by gunfire. His mother and father ran for their lives while his older brother and sister stayed back to fight so his parents could get away from danger. Unfortunately, Angelo’s mother got shot as the family ran for safety. The gunshot and trauma caused her water to break and Angelo was born prematurely. It was a miracle that Angelo survived and it is a delight that he has been gifted with the talent of singing, writing and playing his guitar. Angelo and his family came to the United States as refugees. His mother and father recently returned to South Sudan to try to help their homeland. Currently: Angelo is an 18-year-old young man who was discovered at a homeless shelter in downtown Phoenix. He was singing there in the courtyard free styling on his guitar. Some of his musical inspiration comes from artists Ray Charles, Tyrese, and Lyfe
  2. 2. Jennings. Angelo has a very unique sound and a special spirit about him that make him stand out. Angelo is being managed by Richmond Entertainment and is currently working in-studio with world-renowned producer, Gardner Cole. He has begun working on his first musical release of his career with a major producer. His long-term goal is to work hard to become successful with his gift of music so he can give back to his community. He hopes to inspire other homeless teenagers. Angelo would also like to be able to support his family. Contact information: Richmond Entertainment, Conorie S. Richmond, 602-751-7018 email at conorie_richmond@yahoo.com Gardner Cole at 602-318-8428, email at Gcole@gardnercole.com