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About Bish Bash Bosh & Co

Where we turn marketing hero's, into Super Hero's

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About Bish Bash Bosh & Co

  1. 1. Welcome to Bish Bash Bosh & Co. Bish Bash Bosh & Co
  2. 2. Bish Bash Bosh & Co Where we help you Win Friends & Influence People
  3. 3. by focusing on the power of now, At GPS Location -28.4567 26.98765 Bish Bash Bosh & Co
  4. 4. Bish Bash Bosh & Co Who is your customer ? Where are they right now ? What are they doing ? How do we influence them ?
  5. 5. Bish Bash Bosh & Co Let’s take Busi. She enjoys the theatre and she loves whiskey. Here is how we market to Busi
  6. 6. Bish Bash Bosh & Co Real Time. Location Based. Social Intelligence We track the ac*vity at the Teatro Theatre In Monte Casino
  7. 7. Access to Social Media Networks Insights by Location Automated Sentiment Audience Segmentation Real-time Social Media Streaming Trend AnalysisConversation Tracker Audience Engagement Insight Time Visualization Network Maps Relationship Maps Word / Tag Cloud or Clusters Location-based social media monitoring puts all of the valuable pieces of the puzzle together in a visual way so organizations can quickly but confidently make decisions that create value for all stakeholders Digging Deeper into Location Based Social Media Value
  8. 8. Bish Bash Bosh & Co We Build A Digital Experience We deliver rewards at at each stage of the customer journey though digital micro-task and reward platform Now we take these real time, location insights ….
  9. 9. When Busi tags into Monte Casino. Brand sees real time activity in a dashboard We direct her to the right bar to redeem that voucher. When she arrives she takes a picture of the stock to ensure they are getting the right brand We then offer Busi a voucher on Jamison or Glenlivet Redemption of Voucher The Whiskey Lovers Journey: We offer her the opportunity to become part of the whisky club. She answers several questions about whiskey when she joins Gamification Leaderboard gets updated based on performance Bish Bash Bosh & Co Rewarding Busi At Each Stage of The Whiskey Journey Picture is GPS tagged and Time stamped The higher Busi goes, the better the rewards
  10. 10. Bish Bash Bosh & Co Real Time Analyst Delivering Customized Insights at a GPS Level
  11. 11. Bish Bash Bosh & Co Delivery Framework and Cost Structures One Day Campaign One Week Campaign One Month Campaign Always On Yearly Subscription Loca&on tracking of open social media through polygon in real &me Yes Yes Yes Yes In loca&on insights Yes Yes Yes Yes 1 Qualified analyst delivering bespoke reports 1 day 1 week 1 Month Full Time Social media audit Yes Yes Yes Yes Content &melines and structures based on ac&vi&es Yes Yes Yes Yes Profile tracking Yes Yes Yes Yes Sen&ment analysis at loca&on, profile or keyword level Yes Yes Yes Yes Key Influencer tracking, analy&cs and Insights Yes Yes Yes Yes Keyword tracking, analy&cs and Insights Yes Yes Yes Yes Rela&onship and network mapping Yes Yes Yes Yes Trend Analysis Yes Yes Yes Yes Language conversion with Google Language tool (limited to Current Google Languages) Yes Yes Yes Yes
  12. 12. Contact: Michael Cowen 083 288 7355 michael@bishbashbosh.co.za Bish Bash Bosh & Co