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10.16 Project Managment Resume fancy

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10.16 Project Managment Resume fancy

  1. 1. WORKEXPERIENCE Texas Department of Transportation May 2015- San Antonio, TX, 78229 July 2016 Engineering TECH II Definedproject deliverablesand monitoredstatus of timelines. Maintainedpublic relations for maintaining effective working relationships withcontractors and individuals. implemented efficient planning, coordinating, andhandling ofmultiple projects within responsibilitiesto meet short andlong term deadlines. Preparedandmaintaining project records, files, andreports. Monitoredcontract budget, payments, and ensuredprocedures followed code specifications. Performedinspections of bridgesandproject specific structures. DailyEvaluating ofworkingconditions to ensure compliance withsafety, laws and regulations, contract specifications, anddepartmental procedures. Made judgments for replacement, rehabilitation, or structural maintenance for contracts. On average I wasin charge of three contracts at anytime which reallyallowedme to discover optimizationof time management Southwest Electric Contracting Services September 2012- Converse TX, 78266 March 2014O Project Manager in Training Was responsible for supporting the Senior Project Manager his duties onboth new commercial constructionandrenovations. Learnedproject estimation, planning, execution, contractorandemployee payments/Payrollandmaintained dailycoordinationwiththe various entities e.g. Project Engineers, contractors, employeesandSuperintendents. Compiled records, charts, and graphs for project reportingduringmonthlymeetings. Trouble shot plans during project hang-ups, minimizingthe need for a number of change orders. Assistedinpreparationof project-specific safetyplans and General Contractor coordination to augment project timelines. Maintainedsatisfactoryrelationships with owners, employees, subcontractors, andgeneral contractors andaddressedalltheir concerns while trying to meet alltheirrequests. 714 ENCHANTEDROCK, SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS 78260 CELL: (210)-354-5465 HOME: (210)-651-5465 COREYG.ENGINEERING@OUTLOOK.COM ACCOMPLISHMENTS  Presentation and Preservation Developed strong communicationskills through cultivating relations withindependent contractors and their individual employees.  Re-Engineered Programs Researched and developed excel programs which resultedin expedited, uniform, and superior precision results for project calculations.  Innovative Development Designedmultiple spreadsheets which kept records of employee hours, overtime calculations, and final employee payroll.  Evaluation and Optimization Evaluatedproject plans, looking for weak zones and implementedmore efficient streamlined protocols and organizedpractices. Results could be seenin the project cohesion, streamlinedsub- contractor collaboration, and anaccelerationin the completiontimeline. This was reflectedby a comprehensive reduction in project overhead and greater revenue, while remaining under budget. AQUIREDPROFESSIONAL TRAITS  Quick Learner  Extremelyorganized  Excellent analytical skills  Cooperative team member  Outstanding interpersonal skills  Issue resolution experience  Proficient in Microsoft Office . REFRENCES Will Provide Upon Request EDUCATION & CERTIFICATION(S) Bachelors of Science, Civil Engineering, Texas A&M University, College Station, TX, 77840.  Member of AmericanSocietyof Civil Engineers  Physics ScholarAchievement Award  Multiple Scholarships Awardedfor Academic Successes  40-hourTexas/OSHA Hazardous Waste General Site WorkerCertificate May 2012