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Docs. marketing report

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Docs. marketing report

  1. 1. University of Liverpool Services Marketing Seminar.20110106.201 Marketing Plan for Contech Inc Project Development for Land and Building Development Project Author Cornox Tang (student no.15416549) Tutor Sultan Kermally
  2. 2. Service Marketing Module 2 Contents Section Page No 1.0 Executive Summary---------------------------------------------------------------------2-4 2.0 Situation Analysis-----------------------------------------------------------------------5-7 2.1 Market Summary----------------------------------------------------------------------- 4 2.2 Segment analysis------------------------------------------------------------------------4-6 Geographic Demographic Market Behavior 2.3 SWOT Analysis------------------------------------------------------------------------- 6 Strength Weakness Opportunity Threats 2.4 Competition------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 7 2.5 Service Offer-----------------------------------------------------------------------------7 2.6 Key to success---------------------------------------------------------------------------8 2.7 Critical Issue-----------------------------------------------------------------------------8
  3. 3. Service Marketing Module 3 3.0 Marketing Strategy 3.1 Mission 3.2 Marketing Objectives 3.3 Financial Objectives 3.4 Target Markets 3.5 Positioning Reference ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------TBA
  4. 4. Service Marketing Module 4 1.0 Executive Summary Contech Inc.(Contech) has been in the waterworks engineering consulting business since 1995 in Hong Kong. Recently, Contech realigned the business with its international partnership companies with over 300 staff that cover a wide range of engineering and land development services. It covers most of the fast growing locations that include Australia ,Canada, Hong Kong, Macau, Philippines, Indonesia and China. According to Contech.com( 2010),the company has set up the first office in Richmond in 2009. The first major target service is Land and Building Development for the office. The group has a track record of completing a broad range of projects for local governments, commercial and industrial corporations, The company foresees a fast growing era taking shape in Western Canada with its proximities to the Pacific countries and we have realigned to take advantage of this expected growth in building and land development due to the increase in population growth and prosperous exporting/import and service industries. Virtually, the company will continuously expand with the full engineering services which include:  Building development;  Condos, apartment, townhouse and utility buildings;  Servicing facilities;  Servicing design comprised of paving, water connection, power and MCC rooms;  Integrated water engineering services;  Water resource (flood plan design river engineering, facility design), water works (water and wastewater treatment), storm management, reticulation system (sewers and pumping main and SCADA system). Contech stresses on the following competitive advantage for sustainable solution to clients. These include the four main themes: service oriented organization, connected to people, dedicated to providing innovative, cost-effective solutions on time and on budget for a sustainable solution. All of our projects will not be committed without passing the sustainable bar that is, sounded economical, vibrant and socially acceptable in close consultation with our clients. Connect-Contech has successfully provided a personalized and timely service. Our vision is not only to meet our clients’ requests, but also to seek opportunities for sustainable development by suggesting well tested and original ideas that will benefit our clients. We will achieve this by focusing our efforts with the objectives of contributing possibilities for growth of regional employment while being aware of the necessity of also seeking global opportunities. Our staff is fully engaged with the concepts of providing value for both our clients and their stakeholders.
  5. 5. Service Marketing Module 5 Strategize-Contech believes that the foundation of any project is a sound strategy that can be formulated and committed to by both the consultant and the clients. We bring a vibrant and strong commitment to the strategy formulated to achieve the clients’ goals and objectives. Innovation- Contech stays abreast with well proven technology and approaches which will help the clients to gain competitive advantage that will allow the clients to be recognized as forward thinking. We ensure the clients are connected to the innovative world through close interaction with our local office which has access to international resources. We provide this training to the local staff from global specialists when required. Deliver-Contech takes great pride in our proven ability to deliver a value add and accountable solution. We always focus on the best feasible solutions for our clients. (Contech ,2010)
  6. 6. 3.0 Marketing Strategy We always create a compatible relationship to clients. This is to help the clients to complete their task including foot notes for reminding and small guidance in the monitoring reports. It is always important that we can go before our clients at our project manager‘s perils : 3.1 Mission The Contech’s Vancouver office mission is mainly to establish client network to sustain the office with a staff size of over 15 staff in 3 years through the Engineering service to clients for small to medium size land or building development project. To make the company known to the local municipals in BC through project application is the first step. The company is to target long term prospectus clients by responsive services. We will take care of clients’ interest in developing practical and value properties with green initiatives and energy saving. We understand the importance of the well being of living environment. We are target for a better live and better environment, and we take all necessary steps to enhance the natural environment and the ecology. The company will develop our core service and demonstrate that we will do well on the land and building development projects with the following scopes:  Surveying  Environmental Assessment  Structural Design  Service standards design including road, water supply, drainage and electrical supply system  Project Management The company will bridge the staff service from various offices and provide any supplementary engineering scopes if needed.
  7. 7. Service Marketing Module 2 3.2 Marketing Objectives Contech will create our brand name with core service focus in the land and building service by: 1. Become a major player for various targets developers by paying particular attention to new foreign investors in the housing markets 2. Exploring the possibility of bringing one of the top five local consultants for land and building in Richmond and Surrey in 5 years 3. We will seek partnerships with the other specialists to provide a bold team for providing competitive services 4. Satisfy client and to exceed client expectation and 5. Set up blog site for the company for our staff involved in the special group forums in Linkedin and Facebook to provide some free consultant service with a limited time service for the first time prospectus clients 3.3 Financial Objectives Maintain a minimum double digit positive grow in revenue by: 1. Achieving a double figure revenue in 5 years 2. Target a return on investment (ROI) of 12% minimum per year 3. Allocate market research hours of not less than 300 hours per year and carry operation review meeting bi-weekly 4. Allocate 2 % of the revenue for staff professional training and in house training We will make use of yield management and seek to achieve a minimum staff overall chargeable hours of 70 % or above with peak and low seasonal utilization smoothing, and to maintain a healthy revenue through the use of customer behavior information, company fence pricing strategies and special offers at the low utilization period. 3.4 Target Markets Contech has developed a website showing the company capability, key strength and project profile for client’s review. More information will be provided once we have personal contact with clients to find out who they are: Contech aims at mid term and long term development option with a service period of over nine months and will assign two marketing personnel to look at Surrey and Richmond; also with the split of remaining areas to low mainland and Vancouver Island in BC for them. The regional manager will oversee the development and target the individual clients that already have working relationship with the office. The overall servicing areas cover the whole of BC and Alberta in the first 5 years . We will schedule by periodic visit to clients and invite them for important technical forum event that include meeting invitation. We let them know where we are through our online contact and news generated from our website. Our service areas include:
  8. 8. Service Marketing Module 3  The circle covers 400km radius with Richmond at the centre but move 100 km northward to cover the Fort Nelson and southern end up to White Rock  We will strive to maintain our existing clients with two random visits at least annually, subject to the regional manger or commercial manager arrangement 3.5 Positioning Contech would position itself with a bundle of outputs as per section 3.3, the mission’s statements. We provide services to take care of the clients in turn of finance, regulatory safety and environmental issues. We devote to help them to gain the community support in our plan in mind. According to Lovelock (pp 90, 2007), we target service process not only for customer but also for cost speed and productivity at which the deliverable is achieved. As suggested by Kaplanidou (2003), we believe that WOM transmit our credibility and the well being of the company to their peers. There are large percent of the government personnel working for community and are taking the role in community well being promotion activities. We also subsidize staff participate community charity activities and staff is encouraged to take part and suggest a use for allocated funding for that usage. This will enable us to expand our client contacts at ease in a sustainable way and linked to our target clients and stakeholders. We maintain our community linkage and establish a good image through community activity. We ensure the bad word can also reach us too (for example, blog and complain tag for anonymous critics in the web page) and we will seek immediate action to recover any defective service. We would take part in community charity activity and staffs are encouraged to take part, even up a 2 percent of the work time in year pay leave, and suggest a use for allocated funding for prime activities. Contech differentiates from the sizeable regional and international consultants in that they serve the clients by spending most of the time in selling their model package and proprietary design or management products. Contech will be more aware of value based solutions for our clients. .
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  10. 10. Service Marketing Module 5 Kaplanidou K., and Vogt.C., ( 2003) “The Role of Word of Mouth and how it can be used to develop a competitive advantage for a destination” (Online) Available from: http://ref.michigan.org/mtr/pdf/WOM_Research_Paper.pdf (Accessed:Februray 1 2011) Vancouver 21.com (2011) “ASPAC River Green Took Residence Besides Richmond Olympic Oval.” (Online) Available from: http://vancouver21.com/?p=413 (Accessed: January 18, 2011)