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Corporate Finance Institute® (CFI) - Culture Deck & Team Handbook

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View the Culture Deck & Team Handbook for Culture Deck & Team Handbook. July 23, 2018.

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Corporate Finance Institute® (CFI) - Culture Deck & Team Handbook

  1. 1. Culture Deck & Team Handbook July 2018
  2. 2. corporatefinanceinstitute.com This document is designed to explain CFI’s (1) mission, vision and values, (2) working environment, and (3) goal setting and feedback process. Our aim is to create an open and rewarding work environment for everyone on CFI’s team. Culture deck and handbook
  3. 3. corporatefinanceinstitute.com Our durable competitive advantage comes from having a clear strategy and culture that support our mission of “helping anyone become a world-class financial analyst and have a meaningful career”. Mission, vision and values
  4. 4. corporatefinanceinstitute.com CFI’s mission, vision and strategy map Vision Everyone in the world has affordable access to the best financial analyst training via CFI’s multi-dimensional education platform Mission To help anyone become a world-class financial analyst and have a meaningful career Certification • A body of knowledge that covers the most important topics for analysts • Appropriate testing, assessment and projects Courses • 25-30 courses • 2-6 hours per course • 1-4 minutes per lesson • Multi-modality learning Resources • Helpful articles and guides on a wide range of topics • Free templates, tutorials, and resources • Careers, skills, knowledge Community • World-class customer service and support • Social engagement, conferences, community events • Hands-on • Real-world analysis • Practical applications • Engaging & exciting • High quality video and audio • Clear instruction • Attention to detail • Clear body of knowledge and learning path • 100% online • Built in testing • Fair pricing (affordable) • Practical • Fair testing • Reputation • High quality content • Downloadable and shareable • Free • Useful on the job or in school • Great examples to build on • Respectful • Helpful • Positive • Supportive • Collaborative • Inspirational Attributes Pillars
  5. 5. corporatefinanceinstitute.com Culture (what we value) We hire and promote team members who have the following virtues…
  6. 6. corporatefinanceinstitute.com Our six core values These are the personal virtues we uphold and give our team the ability to achieve great things Effective Humble Open minded Creative Passionate Reliable
  7. 7. • Immerse yourself • Maintain a positive mindset • Discover your personal strengths & virtues • Build a community • Divergent thinking • Wondering how things can be better • Being different from the competition • Generating original ideas • Big dreamers • Manage commitments • Set and achieve goals • Respect everyone’s time • Be punctual • Be honest • Do what you say you’re going to do • Get a lot done in a short amount of time • Require few resources • Don’t get “stuck” • Ask for help or clarification • Good communication • Help others succeed • Learn from your team • Ask for feedback • Admit your mistakes • Accept setbacks • No ego • Get out of your comfort zone • Reframe negative thoughts • Let go of control • Listen more • Realize that there may be a better way corporatefinanceinstitute.com Values explained Effective Humble Open minded Creative PassionateReliable
  8. 8. corporatefinanceinstitute.com Values consistency We expect all team members to uphold these values themselves, and won’t tolerate those who don’t.
  9. 9. corporatefinanceinstitute.com Work environment We foster a work environment where employees can express a high degree of creativity, personal freedom, and are empowered and motivated to succeed.
  10. 10. corporatefinanceinstitute.com Work environment We want employees to feel EMPOWERED and MOTIVATED To achieve this we offer: 1. Access to all company information for full context 2. A high degree of personal freedom and autonomy 3. Regular collaboration and opportunities for input 4. Ample vacation time (4 weeks per year) 5. Extended travel-working possibilities (up 1 month long) 6. Generous compensation with regular performance bonuses and salary reviews
  11. 11. corporatefinanceinstitute.com Access to company information (context) In order to make smart decisions people need to know the full context Most companies hide information from their employees and we think this leads to bad decisions All employees can access: • Strategic planning sessions • Team offsites • Monthly operational and financial updates • Budget model • Annual financial statements Note: Everyone with access signs a confidentially pledge
  12. 12. corporatefinanceinstitute.com Personal freedom and autonomy People perform their best work when they have autonomy over what they do Companies often micromanage their employees which leads to them being disconnected and dispassionate How we manage work: • Team members set their own goals for performance measurement • Trying new things is encouraged • Learning from mistakes leads to growth • Disagreements are settled by a consensus
  13. 13. corporatefinanceinstitute.com Collaboration and input The most valuable asset we have is our employees, and their ideas drive our business forward Excluding employees form strategic planning processes is a mistake Collaboration and input happen via: • Weekly full-team meetings • A safe environment for sharing ideas and feedback • Employee-wide strategic planning sessions • Sharing experiences across job functions/departments
  14. 14. corporatefinanceinstitute.com Ample vacation time We would rather have a defined policy that leads to equal and fair time off, rather than an unlimited policy that is unequally or unfairly used Time away is critical for delivering long term sustainable results CFI’s policy: • 4 weeks off per year for all employees (analyst to CEO) • Using all vacation time is encouraged • A plan must be submitted to outline how the team will manage while the person is away
  15. 15. corporatefinanceinstitute.com Extended travel-working possibilities We are a modern internet business and should take advantage of that fact CFI’s policy: • After 1 year of service team members can apply to work remotely in any country for up to 1 month at a time • A detailed plan must be submitted outlining how work will continue at a normal pace and quality while working remotely
  16. 16. corporatefinanceinstitute.com Generous compensation Our business moves quickly and we believe compensation should too We offer regular bonuses and reviews CFI’s policy: • Bonuses are paid twice per year (August and February) • Salaries are reviewed at each goal setting and feedback meeting (twice per year) • CFI pays generous compensation, but believes money (i.e. paying very top of the market) should not be the primary motivation for working with this team
  17. 17. corporatefinanceinstitute.com Goal setting and feedback Frequent goal setting, regular feedback, and timely bonuses are critical for employee engagement and motivation.
  18. 18. corporatefinanceinstitute.com Goal setting and feedback We have a regular schedule for goal setting and feedback This includes: • Semi-annual goal setting by employees • Semi-annual performance evaluations (including bonus and salary adjustments) • 3-month (mid-point) check-ins • Monthly informal conversations
  19. 19. corporatefinanceinstitute.com Goal setting and feedback calendar Jan/Feb Jul/Aug 3-month midpoint review3-month midpoint review Monthly check-in Monthly check-in Monthly check-in Monthly check-in Monthly check-in Monthly check-in Monthly check-in Monthly check-in Semi-annual goal setting, evaluation and bonuses MayNovember Semi-annual goal setting, evaluation and bonuses
  20. 20. corporatefinanceinstitute.com Setting SMART goals pecific: easurable: chievable: elevant: imely: S M A R T What is the desired result? (who, what, when, why, how) How can you quantify (numerically or descriptively) completion? What skills and resources are necessary? Is the goal in alignment with the overall mission or strategy? What is a realistic deadline?
  21. 21. corporatefinanceinstitute.com Goal template Our goal is continuous improvement and rewarding career paths Our feedback process: • Self assessments are completed individually • Team members meet with their manager to receive feedback for the past 6 months • New goals are established for the next 6 months • Base salary and bonuses are reviewed
  22. 22. corporatefinanceinstitute.com Virtuous cycle Goal Setting Improvement Performance Feedback Feedback
  23. 23. corporatefinanceinstitute.com A lasting virtuous cycle By connecting our mission, vision, values and culture with our working environment and feedback process we believe CFI will have an enduring competitive advantage and create lasting value for our students and employees.
  24. 24. corporatefinanceinstitute.com Advance your career