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Native Analytics on Couchbase Using Knowi – Connect Silicon Valley 2018

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Speakers: Sachin Smotra, Director of Product Management, Couchbase and Jay Gopalakrishnan, Founder and CEO, Knowi

Leveraging analytics and machine learning on Couchbase is a key component to your digital transformation efforts. Jay and Sachin will show you how Knowi natively integrates to Couchbase Analytics so you can go from data to visualizations to predictive actions in minutes without moving your data.

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Native Analytics on Couchbase Using Knowi – Connect Silicon Valley 2018

  1. 1. AI Driven Analytics On Modern Data Jay Gopalakrishnan Founder and CEO jay@knowi.com
  2. 2. Analytics demands are more intense than ever. Shift in Data Architectures. Traditional BI tools : built for relational data. AI represents a paradigm shift for analytics. Analytics Reimagined for AI + BI on Modern Data
  3. 3. End to End Data Pipeline Blend Discover Learn Visualize Act Machine Learning Trigger Actions
  4. 4. Business Reporting Data Applications Sharing/Collaboration Trigger Actions Predictive analytics Transformations Visualizations Machine LearningData Services Caching Analytics Platform NoSQL Relational Databases Operational Systems Big Data Processing
  5. 5. Couchbase-Knowi End-to- End Analytics on Couchbase Native integration to Couchbase Analytics, N1QL Instantly visualize buckets/dataverse Blend with other enterprise data on the fly Go from hindsight to foresight with ML Enterprise scalability No ODBC drivers, No ETL
  6. 6. Demo – What You Will See Near Real-time Visualization Machine Learning Dashboards and Visualizations on Couchbase Analytics Connecting to Couchbase
  7. 7. Next Steps Head to https://www.knowi.com/ Sign up for a free 30-Day trial.