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C/C++ defects inapplicable to C#: The Psychology of C# Analysis

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C/C++ defects inapplicable to C#:
• sizeof mistakes
• C#’s sizeof operator only takes types
• Unintentional switch fall-through
• Is an error
• Unreachable code
• Is a warning
• Accidental assignment or comparison of variable to itself
• Yep, that’s a warning too
• Field never written or never read
• Man that’s a lot of warnings
• Missing return statement
• Is illegal
• malloc without free / free without malloc / allocator – deallocator mismatch / use after free
• Not needed in a garbage-collected language
• Dereferencing an address that lived longer than the storage it refers to
• References to variables may not be stored in long-term storage
• Accidental use of function pointer
• Method group expressions can only be used in strictly limited locations
• Overriding errors
• The language was designed to mitigate brittle base class failures by default

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