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Unexplored Malaysia

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Come with us on a journey to the South East Asian gem – Malaysia. Explore the untouched forests, exotic marine life and the hidden archaeological treasures. Welcome to the land of water sports, bio-diverse terra and amazing adventures.

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Unexplored Malaysia

  1. 1. Come with us on a journey to the South East Asian gem – Malaysia. Explorethe untouched forests, exotic marine life and the hidden archaeologicaltreasures. Welcome to the land of water sports, bio-diverse terra andamazing adventures.
  2. 2. One of 13 member states of Malaysia, Sabah is often referred to as the "Land Below TheWind”. It currently has six national parks. One of these, the Kinabalu National Park, wasdesignated as a World Heritage Site in 2000. Apart from that there is the famousSipadan Island off Sabah which is one of the world’s top diving spots.
  3. 3. Terengganu Marine Park is a collection of six islands off the north eastern coast of PeninsularMalaysia. Redang has spectacular coral and fish, while Kapas, the smallest and most isolatedisland with a beautiful beach and a few small hotels, is ideal for honeymooners.
  4. 4. Taman Negara is reputed to be the oldest jungle in the world. A Natural Wonder of theworld, its flora and fauna has evolved over hundreds of millions of years. See the Chestnut-breasted Malkoha or Gibbons as you travel along the way to reach this rich thicket.
  5. 5. Johor offers recreational and leisure activities such as the Royal Museum, the Sultan AbuBakar Museum, the Grand Palace, the Johor Art Gallery, the Mawar Handicraft Centre.Desaru, a 25 km-long beach flanking the South China Sea, offers excellentfishing, snorkelling, windsurfing, canoeing, swimming and jungle-trekking facilities.
  6. 6. Sarawak Chamber in Gunung Mulu National Park was discovered only in 1981. This hugecavern on the island of Borneo is the biggest in the world, and is part of an extensive cavesystem. It takes an hour for even experienced people to get from end to end—gives you anidea of the scale of the cavern, doesn’t it?
  7. 7. Malacca holds an enduring appeal due to its vivid and fascinating history. No place in Malaysiacan rival Malacca when it comes to tales of civilisation and battle. Each of the ruling cultureshas left an indelible print on Malacca’s architecture and when you visit the Cheng Hoon TengTemple or the St Paul’s Hill, you will know what we are talking about.
  8. 8. 300 km north of Kuala Lumpur and 97 km south of Penang lies the rather unexploredTaiping, an old mining centre. With beautiful lakes, colonial architecture, museums, and themisty hill views, it is worth visiting. Maxwell Hill, an old, unchanged hill station nearby, shouldnot be missed.
  9. 9. Irrawaddy dolphins are among the friendliest and share a special relationship with thefishermen of Kuching. In 2008, the Department of Forestry and Sarawak Forestry Cooperativein Sarawak established a protected area for Irrawaddy dolphins on the Kuching Wetland.
  10. 10. Kuala Lumpur is a paradise for shopaholics. Central Market in the city has a variety ofhandicrafts, art, kebaya, songket, batik and authentic Malaysian souvenirs to offer. Thislandmark of Malaysian culture and heritage is decorated with themes reflecting themultiracial diversity of Malaysians during the nation’s major festivals.
  11. 11. Bako National Park, located in Kuching is a must-visit destination for wildlife lovers andtrekkers. The erosion of sandstone over millions of years has created a coastline of steepcliffs, rocky headlands and stretches of white, sandy bays. Wave erosion has carved many ofthe rocky headlands into fantastically shaped sea arches and sea stacks with coloured
  12. 12. The Penang Butterfly Farm in Taluk Behang, Penang, is a ‘live museum’ as well as a researchcentre. A visit to Penang Butterfly Farm is likely to make you feel like you are in an enchantedwilderness, dotted with colourful gems.
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