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Role of HR Manager

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The HR Manager is the most critical role in the HR Organization. The HR Manager represents Human Resources and shares responsibilities with the HR team and the internal client.

The role of the HR Manager is difficult, and the most experienced HR Professionals should be promoted to the role of the HR Manager.

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Role of HR Manager

  1. 1. The role ofHR ManagerCREATIVE HRM Visit Creative HRM for more information.
  2. 2. HR Organization: Past and NowPast: Now:• HR Function serviced as a pure service and • Today, the modern HR Organization has the support center for the management of the competitive HR Strategy, and sets goals and organization priorities to accomplish it• HR processed the administration of employees • HR defines company wide policies and and was responsible for the payroll processing procedures like Compensation Policies and• HR processed new hires Recruitment Policies to ensure the internal• HR was attached to redundancies, and equity and fairness prepared special redundancy programs • HR acts as the Business Partner, which shares• HR supported company wide projects and the responsibility for the deliverables with administered assigned tasks and reported the internal clients progress • HR runs centralized and strategic initiatives in• HR had no inputs to the strategic processes the area of Training and Development, like planning and the development of the Leadership Development and Social Media business strategy • HR provides the value added HR Controlling • HR leads Projects and drives the Change Management Visit Creative HRM for more information.
  3. 3. HR ModelBrief Overview Visit Creative HRM for more information.
  4. 4. Dave Ulrich: HR Model Business Partner Change Agent Human Resources Administrative Employee Advocate Expert Visit Creative HRM for more information.
  5. 5. HR Model: Impact on HR Managers Administrative Employee Business Partner Change Agent Expert Advocate• HR Procedures and Policies • Strong Project Management • Deep knowledge of the • Opinion surveys• HR Strategy Development Skills employment legislation • Playing difficult roles during and implementation at the • Knowledge of the psychology • Process Management project meetings internal client and the psychology of the • Accuracy • Clearly defined goals and change • Introduction of Innovations objectives• Goal Setting and Performance • Ability to prioritize and • Job Descriptions for all jobs in Appraisal develop communication plans the organization• Communication and • Grievance Process Negotiation Skills• Project Management Skills Visit Creative HRM for more information.
  6. 6. Roles andResponsibilities HR Manager Visit Creative HRM for more information.
  7. 7. The role of HR Manager Administrative Employee Business Partner Change Agent Expert Advocate• Builds the valuable • Identifies gaps in the • Manages administrative • Elaborates procedures for relationship with the internal management practice and processes at the client employees to ask open and client introduces initiatives to close • Runs regular checks to honest questions• Sets realistic timelines and them ensure the full compliance • Manages the performance • Acts as the team member in with the law appraisals plans for introduction of new projects responsible for the • Introduces job structures and • Acts as the team member in HR policies and procedures change management job matrix as the projects• Hires new employees for the • Helps the client to develop administration gets simple and • Runs the grievance process clients communication plans on the quick • Conducts regular opinion• Runs internal talent regular basis • Helps managers to create surveys management programs • Leads the nomination process new job descriptions and • Runs skip level meetings• Builds succession plans for Talent and Succession update existing ones • Runs 360 feedback Visit Creative HRM for more information.
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