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SXSW 2016

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A round up of key trends and inspiration from 2016. First presented to the ADCN at a #csbreakfast. Please get in contact if you are interested in us doing a SXSW workshop at your brand or agency

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SXSW 2016

  1. 1. Inspiration and Trends from SXSW
  2. 2. @yellif
  3. 3. TRENDS
  4. 4. Robots
  5. 5. AI (or cognify)
  6. 6. “AI is a natural extension of a relentless pursuit to automate tasks” Jerry Kaplin, Futurist
  7. 7. “AI is going to become a utility and its not human like. Benefits of AI is going be sold as free of consciousness” Kevin Kelly, Wired
  8. 8. VR
  9. 9. VR
  10. 10. “VR is going to be the next platform after smartphones. We will going from the Internet of Information to the Internet of Experiences” Kevin Kelly, Wired
  11. 11. “VR will become the most social of social media” Kevin Kelly, Wired
  12. 12. Diversity
  13. 13. F I N D I N G 1 D I V E R S I T Y I S T H E N E W N O R M A L
  14. 14. F I N D I N G 2 Y O U C A N ’ T E F F E C T I V E L Y S O L V E A P R O B L E M T H R O U G H A S I N G L E P E R S P E C T I V E
  15. 15. F I N D I N G 3 L E T I D E A S S U C C E E D T H R O U G H M E R I T N O T C U L T U R A L C O N S E N S U S
  16. 16. Experiences
  17. 17. “Ensure that humanity is not lost as a result of technology. Technology should be invisible” JJ Abrams
  18. 18. “70% of people said that in-store experiences are the biggest influencer to purchasing decisions” Find your happiness panel
  19. 19. “Design experiences to make people happy. Make the mundane memorable” Find your happiness panel
  20. 20. “The way we think and reason is more through touch than we realise” Kelli Anderson, Designer and Adobe Resident
  21. 21. “The Uberfication of everything is turning San Francisco into an assisted living community for the young.” Steve Selzer, Experience Design, Airbnb
  22. 22. Awards
  23. 23. Awards
  24. 24. Awards
  25. 25. Best Talk - Brene Brown Daring Greatly
  26. 26. “If you are not in the arena getting your arse kicked regularly, I am not interested in your feedback” Brene Brown, CEO,The Daring Way
  27. 27. Other Great Words of Wisdom
  28. 28. “Culture eats strategy for breakfast” Kevin Plank, CEO, Under Armour
  29. 29. “Data is the new oil. The companies that do well are the companies that use math.” Kevin Plank, CEO, Under Armour
  30. 30. "We are busy doing stuff in a futile attempt to have more time” Andy Puddicombe, Headspace
  31. 31. “I’d rather have an economy built on ideas and creativity rather than routine” Kevin Kelly, Wired
  32. 32. Other stuff
  33. 33. If you would like us to come into and deliver a SXSW Trends workshop, please e-mail jamek@creativesocial.com
  34. 34. Thanks creativesocial.com @CreativeSocial