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Smart Networks for the Industrial Internet of Things

  1. Building a SMART Network for the Industrial IoT Richard Wood Product Marketing Manager Industrial Ethernet Infrastructure April 29, 2015 IIoT Webinar Series
  2. Confidential Agenda Smart Factory Introduction – Market Trends Smart Factory Challenges SMART Factory Best practices Case Studies
  3. Confidential Smart Factory Introduction Market Trend
  4. Confidential Megatrend – Internet of Things (IoT) “The IoT refers to devices, systems, and services communicating with each other via the Internet to enable smarter operations and new applications.”
  5. Confidential Industry Trend – Industry 4.0 (IIoT) IoT in Manufacturing - The Next Industrial Revolution Objective Utilize a combination of cyber and physical systems to build up highly efficient Smart Factory Industry 4.0
  6. Confidential  Interconnected ERP, MES, and industrial automation systems together  The goal is to reach High Efficiency by reducing defects, unplanned downtime, waste, and waiting Smart Factory is “The Factory of The Future” MES Machine (PLC) Manufacturing Prodution Production Planning ERP (PLM) Product Development Device (Sensor) Manufacturing Prodution Smart Factory Network Integration
  7. Confidential SMART Factory Example Real-Time Interactive Communication Network Integration
  8. Confidential Integration with Enterprise Networks  Industrial Ethernet is the Common Platform • Interconnect devices, systems, and services • Transmit data for analysis, decision making and control Source: IEEE, 2014 SMART FACTORY Network Integration Enterprise Network Data Center
  9. Industrial Network Top 3 Challenges How do we… Simplify Installation & Deployment Minimize Error Probability Accelerate Error Discovery & Repair • Optimized Network Topology • Quick Mass Configuration • Device Durability • Network Redundancy • Cyber security Protection • Instant Active Alarm • Easy SCADA Integration • Remote Visualized Network Management Top Strategies
  10. SMART Factory Overview Secure Infrastructure Easy Centralized Management High Availability Robust Design Enterprise InTegration
  11. Confidential Factory is Vulnerable to Cyber Attacks Source: ICS-CERT 2013 Report, Region: the U.S. Cyber attacks may come from both outside AND inside factory Security
  12. Confidential Industrial Security Concerns PLC/IO Network Control Network Field Site / Factory Control Room Attack from public network Unauthorized connection Malfunctioning PLC Broadcast Storm • VPN function for data encryption • VPN server for dynamic remote access • Standard protocol: IPSec, L2TP, PPTP • Protect unauthorized connections to critical devices (PLC, RTU, DCS) • Isolated broadcast packets from malfunctioning device to entire network VPN tunnel Firewall Security
  13. Confidential Quick Mass Configuration  How do we reduce industrial network installation & configuration time? • Industrial Network Configuration Tools Client ITS System Integrator Current Solution Configure 20+ switches individually thru Web UI Pain Point Cost a lot of time and manpower to complete the configuration Sequential IP setting Redundancy VLAN … Smallest IP Current With Tools 10 times faster Management
  14. Confidential Visualized Network Management  How can maintenance engineers monitor & manage large scale industrial networks? • Visualized NMS Industrial NMS Enterprise NMS Design for… Industrial Engineers, Maintenance Engineers IT expert Connection Physical link (Down to “port”) Logical link Information Dispaly Visualization & List List Response Real time Periodic Management
  15. Network Availability/Reliability
  16. Network Topology Typical Enterprise Star Topology • Single point of failure • Long, costly wire/fiber runs Availability
  17. Network Topology Typical Industrial Ring Topology • No single point of failure • Reduced wiring costs Availability
  18. Confidential Build Up a Highly Reliable Communication Network  How do you choose the best redundancy for your application? Network switch/recovery time < Max. acceptable system downtime (Grace Time) Non time critical < 1 s Real Time < 100 ms Isochronous Real Time < 1ms Applications Non time critical applications Process Automation / Factory Automation Motion Control Grace Time Reliability Availability
  19. Confidential Optimized Network Topology Redundant Technology Type Mesh Ring Pros • Good reliability • High resilience • Standard protocol • Better performance and recovery time: ~millisecond level • Lower cost Cons • Slow recovery time ~second level • Limited Scale Available Technology RSTP General Fast Recovery (millisecond level) RSTP (20 ms @ 250 devices) Applied Environment Commercial Harsh environment, Industrial automation Backup Link Root Source: Moxa Industrial Preferred Availability
  20. Confidential Fast Boot-up is Critical to Increase Network Availability • PLC Boot-up Time*: ~20 sec • Most Switches: 40 sec ~ 1.5 min. •Industrial Ethernet Switches: 10 sec The time for switches to boot-up should be shorter than the PLC in order to improve the stability of the network * Siemens S7300, Allen Bradley CompactLogix 1769  Higher system availability, lower maintenance cost  Prevention of unnecessary alarm messages Benefits Ready ! Ready ! Ready ! Not yet! Availability
  21. Confidential Seamless Communications  Allows mobile devices (like AGVs) to be constantly connected to a wireless network  Reduces downtime and ensures all data gets through Availability
  22. Confidential Zero Packet Loss - Overview  Traditional Approach Vulnerable to Packet Loss • Single-RF devices • When interference disrupts data transmission, communication is disabled • Dual-RF devices • The secondary frequency is activated and data transmission resumes • However, packet loss will occur during the switching period. • Threshold setting will generate a “ping-pong” effect between two bands making the switching mechanism very inefficient Availability
  23. Confidential Zero Packet Loss: Concurrent Dual-Radio Technology  Eliminates the possibility of wireless interference • Duplicate packets and transmit via two independent modules simultaneously • When interference interrupts data transmission on the primary channel, concurrent transmission via the secondary frequency eliminates packet loss  Increase the throughput by reducing the number of resend request Availability
  24. Confidential Harsh Industrial Environments Robust Industrial Design
  25. Confidential Pipeline Monitoring System, Russia Moxa Inside Example: Switches Operating 24/7 in Harsh Environments Drilling System, Saudi-Arabia, Robust Industrial Design
  26. Confidential Integration with Control Level Network  SCADA Integration? • Plant field SCADA to control and manage devices through industrial protocols • Some switches support industrial protocols in order to integrate with SCADA • PROFINET • Ethernet/IP • Modbus TCP There are industrial automation specific switches that enable industrial protocols by default - Plug-n-Play! Systems Integration
  27. Integrating from Device to Enterprise Confidential Systems Integration Device Servers Gateways Core Switches Edge Switches
  28. Case Studies Best Practices
  29. Confidential Facility Management >> Country: Taiwan  NMS enables SCADA to monitor network status  The switches have 3 GbE ports for creating a GbE redundant ring and GbE uplink  Ring and Chain technologies allow Gigabit redundancy < 50 ms Solution & Benefits  A semiconductor plant invested in thousands of dry pumps for an exhaust system to protect workers from toxic gases  Solutions needed to simplify pump system control and monitoring Background & Requirements Environmental Monitoring for Air Purification Systems
  30. Confidential Warehouse Automated Guided Vehicle System Facility Management >> Country: Germany  A wireless solution saves wiring cost, and supports wireless AP, bridge, and client modes for easy deployment and mobility  Enables wireless VLAN and secure polling  Supports fast roaming for millisecond-level handover Solution & Benefits  A factory in Europe chose an industrial access point to control and monitor numerous AGVs to support their fast growing warehouse management system Background & Requirements
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