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DT Dubai - Burt Reynolds, MediaCom

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"Multi Screen Story-Telling in Real-Time"

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DT Dubai - Burt Reynolds, MediaCom

  1. 1. BURT REYNOLDS Business Director Mediacom Multi Screen Story-telling in Real-Time
  2. 2. Before the What & How, Here’s the WHY! AWARENESS
  3. 3. Mobile
  4. 4. WHY - It all started with the insight that Multi-Screening has high local relevance in our region Second screens are competing with TV screens for audiences’ attention, especially during commercial breaks Brands must fight to achieve share of attention as users have more options to engage with content HOW MUCH SCREEN USE OVERLAPS WITH TV? 30% users on a daily basis 29% users on a daily basis 37% users on a daily basis Source : Nielsen AdReaction 2014 KSA
  5. 5. And the key issue with all First Screen investments is the same 1. Significant breakdown when it came to connecting communication to the desired Response / Content 2. Touch points of scale (Television & Digital) were being treated in silos
  6. 6. “Using custom built technology to reinforce TV campaigns and to re-engage ‘lost’ TV viewers by simultaneously serving ads in real-time across multiple screens” Note: Sync does not identify if the user is watching TV, the product identifies that a TV spot has been broadcast and simultaneously serves an online campaign in real time.
  7. 7. SYNC… WHAT is it Digital Fingerprint of Sony Mobile and comnpetitor TVCs is created Xaxis begins buying media which is synchronized to the duration & after of the TV commercial Sync Technology listens to the satellite feed When the digital fingerprint is recognized, it sends a signal to Xaxis
  8. 8. And the STORY of HOW it all came together
  9. 9. Thank You for your Attention, and not Multi-Screening during this talk!  +