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Clive Primrose, Managing Director

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  1. 1. Data and content - creating new and loyal fans May 2015 Prepared by Clive Primrose
  2. 2. To connect brands with their audiences, locally, through story telling. Stories can exist in many forms, we push the boundaries to unearth deep insights that plant the creative seeds. With that we build the foundations of longterm platforms for story telling. 
 Be it a series of online videos, Infographics that capture imagination, photography that inspires or a small status update.
 We create local, unique and quality content for your brand. 2 Our Mission
  3. 3. Making content a sustainable part of your communications 3 weather today? How is the
  4. 4. Forecast 4 Anticipate problems Plan ahead Get a 5 day forecast Quite accurate
  5. 5. 5 Allows us to predict conditions based on current Fuzzy logic Collect the data Record what happened
  6. 6. Social media Where is the value?
  7. 7. It is getting 
 more difficult With targeted advertising • The messages don’t get as far with out paying for it 7 Today 1
  8. 8. Facebook what is the value? Is the value • Communicating to a large audience • Or learning about them? 8 Value 2
  9. 9. The challenge 
 has been Breaking through the overload • Reports in so many forms • Often outdated • Action taken is to late 9 Data 3
  10. 10. Big data is not about a lot of data
  11. 11. Getting it from multiple sources With so many systems systems & tools it allows us to • Making it easy • Real time and actionable 11 Challenge 1
  12. 12. Take your learnings Digging deep becomes easier and easier • Find your interest areas • Plan your content 12 Learning 2
  13. 13. Connect the dots Build stories on what they like • It is not a TVC • It is content 13 Connect 3
  14. 14. You might find Your audience like extreme sports What can be done? 14
  15. 15. You could identify A common challenge they face in their life stage - Imagine the potential 15
  16. 16. It is not just a video It could be a platform that plays a role in customer experience 16
  17. 17. Data and content
  18. 18. Connect 18 Plant deeper roots Build your audience Connect the dots & tell stories Create loyalty
  19. 19. Thank you Clive Primrose Managing Partner - GLDS Feel free to follow me on Twitter and connect up on LinkedIn - Details are on the bottom right.