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Toluna Corporate Brochure

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Toluna Corporate Brochure

  1. 1. In touch with people The world’s leading online research panel and survey technology provider www.toluna-group.com LONDON | PARIS | FRANKFURT | MUNICH AMSTERDAM | NEW YORK | SEATTLE | DALLAS | WILTON ANDOVER | LOS ANGELES | HAIFA | SYDNEY | GURGAON TIMISOARA | TOKYO | TORONTO
  2. 2. The world’s most innovative and quality conscious online research panel and survey technology company. Founded in 2000, Toluna has always been at the forefront of online panel development. Considered as the original creator of the panel ‘community’ concept, Toluna launched its first online panel community in France in 2000, with 10,000 active members. Today, Toluna has a unique panel community network of over 3.7 million members across 33 countries. We provide online sample, survey programming and a hosted panel community management platform (PanelPortal), to research professionals in over 1,500 organisations throughout 5 continents. In 2009, Toluna welcomed Greenfield Online and Ciao Surveys into the group – complementing our traditional strengths in Europe and increasing its online sample and delivery capacity in the US, Canada and Asia Pacific. Greenfield Online and Ciao Surveys have been serving the marketing research community by providing online sample for market research since 1994.
  3. 3. From 1 to 100 questions, answered by anyone, anytime, anywhere The next generation of research panels Profiling is matched to a market’s specific characteristics, allowing niche segments to be Traditional online research panels rely on reached quickly and cost effectively. Toluna’s redeemable points, or voucher incentives, to specialist panels range from Automotive, B2B stimulate respondents to complete surveys. and IT professionals, Cosmetics, to Mobile Unlike other online panel providers, Toluna has Communications, Health, Sports, Travel, Teens focused its efforts on adding value to the panellists’ and Green and Organic Consumers. online experience to supplement any incentives. Our consumer, and B2B panels, have grown into Superior panel management online panel communities where members are able With some of the most stringent panel quality to enjoy many technological features designed to policies in the industry, Toluna’s global sample is enhance their online experience such as discussion unmatched in reliability and integrity. forums, opinion ratings, polls, in home product All panellists are double opted in tests and product reviews. Strict participation limits on surveys Toluna believes this focus on ‘community’ as a Hard bounces removed on a daily basis value in itself, becomes part of the value exchange D uplicates checked during and after registration between panel and panellist, and helps to produce process some of the industry’s highest response rates, P anellists who give inconsistent responses are as well as extremely deep and regularly updated removed profiling of panellists and potentially more reliable R egular incoherence checks on individual response data. Simply put, no other panel provider registration data against on-going profiling has focused so much attention on adding value All sample extraction is randomised to their panellists’ online experience in order to Unresponsive panellists are purged provide faster, and more reliable data, for research P anellists regularly encouraged to update profile professionals. information A single source of global sample Types of research studies with which we can help Toluna provides the following products and services to over 1,500 of world’s leading marketing and Online quantitative – ad hoc, creative pre and post- research-focused organisations testing, new product and concept testing, tracking, conjoint, diaries, in-home usage tests. Sample Services Consumer, business and healthcare proprietary Online qualitative – recruit to qualitative offline, panels or online focus groups / bulletin boards. World-class advanced questionnaire Custom – if you have a custom project then place programming & hosting your trust in Toluna, your most flexible, Real time sampling dedicated and reliable source of online fieldwork QuickSurveys, QuickVotes and services. Sponsored Polls Panel building and management services A complete service IVR and mobile interviewing technology Our global full service project management teams Go Client - a self-service client portal for are on hand 24/7 to help your project run smoothly easy online access to sample availability and and effectively. survey pricing. Our full service data collection services incorporate: GoReport™ - a secure and easy-to-use, web-based easy analytic tool that enables you Global project management support to view your data in real-time. Hosting orldclass flash scripting questionnaire W Survey & Panel Technology programming Local market knowledge and expertise PanelPortal™ panel & community management Comprehensive internal translation services AutomateSurvey™ advanced survey software Target niche segments and hard to reach audiences Toluna has pioneered the development of 16 vertically specialist panels, whose profiling is specifically targeted at meeting the needs of researchers operating in these market sectors.
  4. 4. Toluna Poll and Survey Technology Since the launch of Toluna’s online survey software AutomateSurvey™ in 2002 we have continued to invest in developing leading-edge research technology solutions for marketing and market research professionals. Toluna’s portfolio of online research technology solutions offers organisations the opportunity to get in touch with consumers and b2b professionals to gain valuable insight far easier, faster and more cost effective than ever before. Toluna QuickSurveys Online Ad Tracking Ask 1-5 questions, and receive 1,000 responses in Understand more about the efficiency and just a few hours effectiveness of your online advertising campaigns Toluna QuickSurveys is a revolutionary online self-service Developed by Toluna and nurago, BrandSpector is a new tool which enables clients to create a survey of up to 5 method used to measure the effectiveness and efficiency questions, launch the survey live to Toluna’s online panel of online advertising campaigns. Using members from community and receive up to 2,000 nat rep responses in Toluna’s online community, we can provide the structural less than 24 hours. data of those panellists that have come into contact with a particular online advertisement, to see if the campaign is PanelPortal reaching its intended target group. Build and manage your own panel of highly engaged panellists IVR & Mobile Surveys An online panel community is a group of customers and Get in touch with people anytime, anywhere individuals representative of an organisations market, Our mobile survey platform combined with our recruited and motivated to respond to surveys and open permission-based mobile survey panel, provides a unique qualitative discussions, via a branded web community. way to conduct surveys and consumption data via text Using Toluna’s online panel community technology, or voice, allowing for data to be collected wherever the PanelPortal, marketing and research professionals can recipient maybe at the time. This mobile survey tool also enjoy anytime access to their customers and markets. enables multimedia content to be collected for example Our technology offers users the ability to manage the images, audio and video files can be uploaded - ideal for entire panel; the web portal and all surveys, discussion ethnographic studies or shopper feedback. and results from within one single hosted application. Individuals are motivated to respond to any questions posed, and results are presented immediately for fast, actionable marketing insight. AutomateSurvey Create advanced online questionnaires with ease Toluna’s Online survey technology, AutomateSurvey is the world’s most intuitive online survey technology. Using this technology, organisations can construct a fully customised web-based questionnaire in minutes, email it to an existing customer base or invite members from Toluna’s online community to participate and receive live results as and when the surveys are completed online. Get in touch info@toluna.com www.toluna-group.com