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Dev Dives: Unlock AI-driven automation with semantic automation & communications mining

  1. Dev Dives Go deeper, automate smarter
  2. 2 Meet today’s team: Cristina Vidu Global Manager Marketing Community @UiPath Roxana Ivan Senior Product Marketing Manager @UiPath Sophia Zhylych Product Marketing Manager @UiPath
  3. 3 Meet today’s speakers: Dhruv Patel Senior Sales Solution Architect @UiPath Tom Golebiowski Communications Mining Expert @UiPath
  4. 4 About today’s meeting • Enjoy the next 50-60 min packed with AI use cases and opportunities, a demo, and live Q&A. • Join the poll. Download the automation template. You’ll receive the recording and the full pack of instructions to build a free-text ticket automation for ITSM, via your email. • Get answers to your questions and challenges. Please use the chat box for Qs during the presentation. Live Q&A session at the end. • You're encouraged to network and share your LinkedIn/Twitter in the chat. • Have fun! Feedback is welcome.
  5. Unlock AI-driven automation with Semantic Automation & Communications Mining UiPath Dev Dives Webinar Series
  6. 6 Poll time We’d love to know more about your experience with UiPath AI products! Take a quick poll by scanning the QR code or access it at Pass into quiz room: 1282 5488
  7. 7 Communications Mining An introduction to UiPath Communications Mining and the opportunities ahead AI Technology Integrations An introduction to integrating UiPath with AI technologies and the opportunities ahead Q&As Questions in the chat! UiPath & AI An introduction to AI capabilities across the UiPath Business Automation Platform 1 2 3 4 Agenda
  8. 8 The potential of automation is vast. We believe the power of AI can make it almost limitless. And so, we’ve built AI into every part of the UiPath Platform. You can reach new levels of productivity and automate more. Daniel Dines Co-CEO and Founder at UiPath A fullyautomated enterprisefrees people to focus on higher value work You can’t spell UiPath without AI
  9. 9 AI, an enterprise priority Every company will need to harness AI 88% of business leaders prioritising data, analytics and AI investments Business leaders are laying the digital foundation to help them realize maximum value from their technology investment – EY Tech Horizon Report. AI spending is expected to top $500 billion Spending by governments and business on AI technology is expected to top $500 billion worldwide in 2023, according to IDC research.
  10. 10 PERCEIVE LEARN Activities Computer Vision Activities APIs Document Understanding Integration Services Natural Language Understanding Studio StudioX Apps Action Centre AI Centre Client’s own models & decision engines Activities APIs Orchestrator Process Mining Task Mining Communications Mining Automation Hub Insights DECIDE & REASON TAKE ACTION AI embedded across the platform
  11. 11 TheUiPathBusinessAutomationPlatform PROCESS MINING TASK MINING COMMUNICATIONS MINING IDEA CAPTURE & MANAGEMENT LOW-CODE DEVELOPMENT​ UI & API AUTOMATION​ PROCESS ORCHESTRATION​ INTELLIGENT DOCUMENT PROCESSING​ INTEGRATED NLP & AI/ML Discover Continuously uncover opportunities for process and task improvements ​helping you identify the highest ROI areas Automate Get more done with a digital workforce that seamlessly collaborates with your people ​and automates work via UI and API, powered with native integrated AI​ Your Applications Your People Your Processes Systems of record – ERP, CRM, HCM | Communications and Collaboration | Personal Productivity​ ANALYTICS CONTINUOUS TESTING UNIFIED MANAGEMENT & GOVERNANCE​ FLEXIBLE DEPLOYMENT Operate An enterprise-grade foundation to run and optimize a ​mission critical automation program at high scale
  12. 12 1 2 3 First starting as a kitchen intern, you need to learn dozens of tasks at each station with the Chef instructing you each step Soon, you pick it up, and can review the inventory, work at different stations, and even suggest new dishes with minimal instructions This frees up the Chef's time to focus on more high-value tasks like looking for new ingredients and networking with clients The future of work – with UiPath Imagine this kitchen intern's journey as a software robot. Just like how the intern developed knowledge about the kitchen, observing chefs and understanding how to perform different tasks, our software robots with semantic capabilities can do the same and understand how to manage elements on the screen to emulate human work.
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  16. Spotlight on: The UiPath ™ w ord mark, logos, and robots are registered trademarks ow ned by UiPath, Inc. and its affiliates. ©2023 UiPath. All rights reserved.
  17. 17 Understand what every customer wants Automate every transactional request Freeing highly skilled employees from administrative work, reducing the cost to serve, and improving experience Track and measure all service demand in real time
  18. 18 Email Service Desk CRM notes Surveys RPA API Ingest & Store Parse & Comprehend Unsupervised Learning Discover & Train Validate & Analyse Report & Deploy RE-TRAIN & RE-INFER Understand and action every message at speed and scale. Detailed platform overview 1 2 3 4 5 6 1 3 Drive Connect 2 Interpret
  19. 19 Demo: ITSM Triaging with UiPath + AI Inbound IT ticket Interpret the message Extractkey insights Triageor HITL Generate response with AI Update ITSM System Orchestrate an end-to-end process while seamlessly tapping into multiple ML models Intent and Data Extraction Text Classification Sentiment Analysis Text Generation (GPT) Communications Mining Integration Service / API Demo Flow: 1. Training a ML modelto interpret tickets 2. Setting up a multi-model automation workflow 3. Automating Access Management,Hardware issues and more!
  20. Technology Integrations Spotlight on: Open and Extensible Platform
  21. 21 Open platform with integrations into major technologies expands automation reach and impact Security Infrastructure and Architecture Intelligent BPM Document Understanding Conversational Understanding Process Understanding Test Automation Specialized ML Others ContentMgmt. and Collaboration Technology Partners • Secure,certified integrationsyou can trust • Open,interoperable,and extensible platform (400+ TechPartners)
  22. 22 Pre-trained models Machine learning (ML) models as a template-less approach Custom models • No-code light-weight models in Forms AI* • General DocumentExtraction model • Custom ML models in AI Center • Third-party models Model retraining *Full List of Out-of-the-BoxModels • Invoices • Receipts • Purchase Orders • Utility Bills • Passports • ID Cards • Contracts • W-2 Forms* • W-9 Forms • Delivery Notes • Remittance Advices • ACORD 125 • I9 Forms • 990 Forms • 4506T Forms • FM1003 Forms • And More! • Retraining via AI Center • Continuous learning loop based on human validated data Discovery | Automate | Operate
  23. 23 Automate more by adding AI to your automations, with drag-and-drop ease. Discovery | Automate | Operate
  24. 24 The Challenge The Solution The Results Increase the accuracy of inspectionsdue to less errors Mitigate reputationalrisk Avoid possible penalties and fees Upload product label design drafts and label master documents ML models process documents and fetch discrepancies A validation page displays data, data type, and whether there is discrepancy Humans validate discrepancies and leave comments Robot downloads report in excel and sends emails to design agencies with next steps Greatly reduce time spent -- from hours to 2.5 minutes • A globalfood and beverage leaderhas to review productlabels to ensure the information is accurate, and the design meets companyrequirements. • Multiple humans across multiple departments are involved in the inspectionprocess,which is error-prone and time-consuming. AI Use Case: Product Label Intelligence Discovery | Automate | Operate
  25. 25 Clipboard AI Semantic Mapping Engine Source Forms • Computer Vision Excel Unstructured Documents • Any type of documents Documents • Invoice • Receipt • Utility bill • Purchase order • Passport • ID Destination Forms • Ui Automation • CV Plain-text • Word • Notepad • Mail • Plain-text fields in forms • Etc. Excel • Excel add-in
  26. 26 Date/Time Topic Status April 27, 10 AM EST / 3 PM GMT Design user-friendly attended automations from A to Z Register AMER Register EMEA & APAC May 31, 9 AM EST / 2 PM GMT Rapidly automate APIs and build custom connectors with Integration Service Register AMER Register EMEA & APAC Next steps Download the free-text ticket automation for ITSM > Don't miss the next Dev Dives sessions. Save your seat >
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