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Importance of Solution Architecture in Automation

  1. Importance of Solution Architecture in Automation Make a difference with Architecture Concepts UiPath Community France
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  5. 5 1. Introductions/ Speaker and Organizer 2. Opening to the session : What is Solution Architecture 3. Role of a Solution Architect 4. Importance of Solution Design 5. Requirement gathering 6. Importance of stake-holder engagement 7. Role of Re-Framework in solution designing 8. Hands-On Session Agenda
  6. 6 Speakers of the day Lahiru FERNANDO Country Director / Executive RPA Lead Boundaryless Group Abdelaziz ZAITER RPA Consultant Capgemini
  7. 7 Let’s first think, “What is a Solution?” A Solution is a way to describe an answer to a problem. In technical terms: Evaluating client needs or problems, and addressing them with systems that replace or improve the existing system. Solution Architecture: The initial foundation for our solution that defines the functional requirements and stages of development. What is Solution Architecture?
  8. 8 Enable Initial Infra Setup RPA Deployment Environment Setup Orchestrator Deployment Options Prepar e Best Practices Coding Standards REFramework Collaborate with Business and BA Feasibility Study and Process Optimization Dev Effort Estimation Technical Meetings and Planning Design PDD Sign-off Overall Solution Design Reusable Component Identification Configurations (Queues, Assets, etc.) Documentation Build Capture Extra Requirements Leading and Monitoring Developers Troubleshooting and Debugging Logging and Reporting Source Control Solution Owner Test Code Review and Audit DSD/ SDD Sign-off Functional Testing Sign-off Sustain Change Management and Documentation Monitoring Support What is the Role of a Solution Architect?
  9. 9 • Avoiding costly rework • Come up with accurate effort and resource estimations • Improves efficiency in team collaboration • Get clear understanding on Functional & Non-Functional requirements • Ability to scale easily • Come up with reliable and stable automation solutions Importance of Solution Design
  10. 10 • It all starts from: How to Start on a Good Solution Design? Requirement Gathering Stakeholder Engagement
  11. 11 Solution Design is Easy With REFramework Always Follow the Dispatcher Performer Concept
  12. 12 Use Case – Vendor Management • Extract raw data from three different systems • Filter data to remove unwanted information • Save files in a central location • Prepare consolidated reports for each person based on extracted information • Email files created for each person – one email may contain multiple files • Keep track of responses and continue the conversation until valid data is received • Monitor for business rules for escalation • Once valid data is received, update internal applications
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