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SSP Building your career in Scholarly Communication, UK event - Charlie Rapple

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Co-founder of Kudos, Charlie Rapple, speaks at the SSP UK regional event 'Building your career in Scholarly Communication: tips, tricks and everything you ever wanted to know!' The event took place on the 30th April 2019 at OUP offices, Oxford, UK.

About: Kudos helps researchers, funders, publishers and institutions to accelerate and broaden the reach and impact of research. Charlie blogs for The Scholarly Kitchen and serves on the editorial boards of UKSG Insights and Learned Publishing.
Past roles include Associate Director of TBI Communications and Head of Group Marketing for Publishing Technology.

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SSP Building your career in Scholarly Communication, UK event - Charlie Rapple

  1. 1. network like mad job roles events social media committees thought leadership @charlierapple @growkudos SSP Regional Event April 2019
  2. 2. be your best self http://www.sarahdurrant.co.uk/overcoming-imposter-syndrome Confidence Be authentic Have your own back Celebrate your own brilliance Get out of your own way Self awareness Know (and counteract) your unhelpful thoughts, behaviours and triggers Understand your impact on / interactions with others Work on your neuroplasticity
  3. 3. get comfortable being uncomfortable “when perfectionism is driving us, shame is always riding shotgun and fear is the backseat driver” Brené Brown @charlierapple @growkudos SSP Regional Event April 2019
  4. 4. 44 you don’t need to figure it out by yourself get a coach coachingoxford.co.uk sarahdurrant.co.uk jowalley.co.uk micheledowndynamics.com @charlierapple @growkudos SSP Regional Event April 2019