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CLC presentation deck Brentcliffe to Victoria Park (July 9 2020)

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CLC presentation deck

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CLC presentation deck Brentcliffe to Victoria Park (July 9 2020)

  1. 1. July 9, 2020 Eglinton Crosstown LRT Construction Liaison Meeting Brentcliffe Road to Victoria Park Avenue
  2. 2. Section One At-Grade: Brentcliffe Portal to Sunnybrook Park Stop
  3. 3. SECTION ONE AT-GRADE UPDATE 3 Activity Location Approx. Date & Duration Light poles, sidewalk, curb and roadworks Brentcliffe Road to East Portal – South Side Ongoing through to July 14 2020 Excavation, backfill, concrete works, installation of concrete blocks Retaining Wall (East of Brentcliffe Road) Late July – November 2020 Deck waterproofing Celestica Bridge Ongoing through to mid-July 2020 Restoring grade and topsoil West Don River Bridge Ongoing through to mid-July 2020 WEST DON RIVER BRIDGE GRADING WORKS EAST OF BRENTCLIFFE ROAD – SUBDRAINS AND ROAD BASE WORKS
  4. 4. BRENTCLIFFE PORTAL TO LESLIE STREET 4 July 14, 2020 for approximately one month • The pedestrian sidewalk will remain on the south side of Eglington Avenue East only. • The traffic configuration will accommodate road works in the centre of Eglinton Avenue East between Brentcliffe Road and the east portal. • Construction activities include: • Excavation • Concrete and asphalt removal • Extension of wet utilities • Backfill • Compaction • Paving
  5. 5. RETAINING WALL CONSTRUCTION NORTH SIDE OF EGLINTON, EAST OF BRENTCLIFFE ROAD 5 • This retaining wall is required to hold and stabilize the embankment created from the newly widened road. • Construction is expected to begin late July 2020 for a period of 4 months. • Construction activities will include: • Excavation: Excavators, dump trucks and loaders • Hydrovacing • Backfill and compaction: Loader and vibratory roller/compactor • Concrete works: concrete trucks and pumps • Installation of concrete blocks with mobile crane
  6. 6. RAMP CONSTRUCTION, WEST OF LESLIE STREET MULTI-USE PATH CONNECTING EGLINTON AVE E TO SERENA GUNDY PARK 6 • Crews will be removing three (3) trees near the West Don River Bridge prior to the construction of the new path. • Construction activities for path construction include: • Excavation • Backfill • Installation of topsoil • Landscaping will take place in 2021 as part of the final restoration plan. Mid-July 2020 through to December 2020
  7. 7. Science Centre Station
  8. 8. CURRENT TRAFFIC CONFIGURATION – DECKING REMOVAL 8 Through to late July 2020 • Science Centre Station has advanced to a state to allow the temporary traffic deck to be removed. • The removal will take place in two stages, with the second stage beginning early May 2020. • The road will be restored to an improved surface. • North south traffic will be reduced to two lanes and aligned to the west side of Don Mills Road. • Northbound, southbound and eastbound left turns will be restricted. Bus Detours: • Route 34C diverting to Ferrand and Rochefort.
  9. 9. SCIENCE CENTRE STATION UPDATE 9 Area Current Activities Station Box • Installation of Mechanical plumbing and HVAC duct is ongoing • First elevator installation is ongoing • Masonry works, drywall installation and rough ceiling and stud installations are in progress • Installation of electrical equipment continues • Decking removal is complete and backfill is in progress • Floor and wall tiling is ongoing Main Entrance • Wall tiling and ceiling works are in progress • Drywall installation is ongoing • Elevator and louver installation is ongoing Pedestrian Tunnel/Bus Terminal • Civil works and ceiling installation are ongoing at the pedestrian tunnel • Glazing continues at the bus terminal • Masonry works, drywall and civil works are in progress at the bus terminal • Rough ceiling, wall tiling, and roofing are ongoing at the bus terminal Portals • Backfilling is in progress at the east portal • Installation of lighting fixtures is ongoing at the west and east portals
  11. 11. Section Two At-Grade Aga Khan Park & Museum Stop to O’Connor Stop
  12. 12. SECTION TWO AT-GRADE UPDATE 12 Activity Location Approx. Date & Duration North and south platform installation Aga Khan Stop Complete Placing concrete for shelter curbs Wynford Stop Ongoing Placing rebar for platforms Guideway barrier walls Sloane Stop East Don River Bridge to Swift Drive Ongoing Ongoing Plinth clean up and demobilization Wynford Bridge Complete Creek realignment Hydro seeding Wilson Brook Culvert Complete Summer 2020 -Concrete works for track slab -Rebar on track slab and guideway walls -Sidewalk and curb works Bermondsey Rd to Victoria Park Ave Ongoing through to late July, 2020
  13. 13. SIDEWALK, CURB AND DRIVEWAY CONSTRUCTION EGLINTON AVE E WEST OF JONESVILLE CRES 13 As early as June 17, 2020 for approximately one month • Crews will be completing final sidewalk, curb and driveway construction. • Closure of the eastbound curb lane on Eglinton Ave E between Jonesville Crescent and 1765 Eglinton Avenue East. • The sidewalk on the south side of Eglinton Avenue East will be rerouted north of the work zone between Jonesville Crescent and 1765 Eglinton Avenue East.