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About Boolean

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About Boolean

  1. 1. Company Information BOOLEAN RECRUITMENT
  2. 2. We are 100% black female owned Using us will contribute 110% towards procurement We contribute towards CSI We are a Specialist Recruitment agency We are a local South African company We prioritise BBBEE requirements We headhunt We provide customised solutions and manage other suppliers Our business is setup for low overhead costs, yet quality service We partner with our clients as far as is possible to ensure that roles are filled We utilise Industry Advisors WHY USE BOOLEAN
  3. 3. Outsourced Recruitment Local/International Expatriates Contract/Permanent Headhunting Shortlisting Candidate Interviews Client Interview Arrangement Reference Interviews Management of Suppliers Arrangement of Competence/Psychometric Testing Customised Solutions Background Checks (incl. criminal record) Negotiation Salary Benchmarking Research Advertisements Project Management of Roles On Site Representation Board Room Provision Arrange for Payrolling Services SERVICES
  4. 4. SECTORS
  5. 5. 60 Peperboom Street, Cape Town South Africa, 7580 p: +2761 705 8250 f: 089 459 3849 admin@booleanrecruit.co.za www.booleanrecruit.co.za CONTACT US