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Tech savvy physicians are the need of the hour

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Tech savvy physicians are the need of the hour

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Tech savvy physicians are the need of the hour

  1. 1. Tech savvy physicians are the need of the hour © CureMD Healthcare
  2. 2. • Information technology is truly transforming the healthcare industry by helping improve processes, streamline workflows and reduce costs • It presents a unique set of opportunities which were non-existent before • Patients are more equipped now thanks to the availability of a wide range of mobile devices and healthcare information • This also provides an opportunity for physicians to take their practice along with them wherever they go and still be able to manage it remotely Tech Savvy Physicians
  3. 3. Tech Savvy Physicians • A Deloitte report says 73% of all physicians believe that health information technology will improve the quality of care provided in the long term • Nearly 6 in 10 physicians are non-users and don’t employ mobile health technologies – tablets or smart phones – for clinical purposes, such as accessing EHRs, e-Prescribing etc. • Non-users cite failure of the worksite to provide such devices, and unwillingness or inability to use their personal devices (44%) as a major limitation
  4. 4. Tech Savvy Physicians • Physicians do understand that health information technology solutions have the potential to improve the quality of care delivery while reducing their administrative and financial concerns • Patients have often complained of how they feel a disconnect with their physicians if they are spending too much time behind computer screens • Health information technology is still evolving and will eventually transform into a “less disruptive” mode of communication between the patient and doctor
  5. 5. Tech Savvy Physicians • Patient portals are already fulfilling this purpose by engaging patients better and giving them more control over managing their health • Enabling machines to handle data storage and processing tasks will invariably make them perform more accurately and efficiently than we are doing at the moment • Additionally, it will also liberate us from the additional computational burden we’ve created for ourselves
  6. 6. Tech Savvy Physicians • If phase one of modern medicine is to acquire the scientific knowledge and concepts to dramatically improve healthcare outcomes • Phase two is about designing information systems to free physicians’ working memories, as well as their calendars, leaving more room for the human side of medicine
  7. 7. Read more on blog.curemd.com • To read more on this topic, visit: • http://blog.curemd.com/tech-savvy-physicians-are- the-need-of-the-hour/