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The future of mobile banking

In this presentation we look at how mobile banking has evolved and where it's going, from the perspective of financial institutions.

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The future of mobile banking

  2. 2. THE EVOLUTION OF MOBILE BANKING 2 SMS SMS & mobile Mobile banking apps Wearables EARLY 2000S 2010 ONWARDS THE FUTURE & BEYONDEARLY 90S Early mobile banking offered via SMS Introduction of smartphones supports the use of mobile web Rapid growth of mobile banking apps Banking services to move beyond mobiles to wearables
  3. 3. THE WORLD YOUR CUSTOMERS LIVE IN 3 15.8% TRADITIONAL ONLY 29.4% DIGITAL & TRADITIONAL 12% DIGITAL (WEBSITE & APP) ONLY 15.8% WEBSITE ONLY 5.8% MOBILE OR TABLET ONLY 21.2% NO CHANNEL Source: Roy Morgan Single Source, Jan 2012–Jun 2015; 6 months average sample n = 24,914; Australians 14+ with a Banking & Finance Product.
  4. 4. THE WORLD YOUR CUSTOMERS LIVE IN 4Source: Roy Morgan Single Source, Jan 2012–Jun 2015; 6 months average sample n = 24,914; Australians 14+ with a Banking & Finance Product. 33% In June 2015, 33% of Australians conducted internet banking using a mobile phone or tablet (app) 1.1 million An estimated 1.1 million (5.8% of) Australians use only their mobile phone or tablet to conduct banking activities
  5. 5. THE WORLD YOUR CUSTOMERS LIVE IN 5 Source: 1 Visa-RFi Australian Payment Survey, February 2015 2 Bain / Research Now NPS Surveys 2015 3x Over 50% In three years, the number of Australians doing “mobile-only banking” has tripled.1 of people globally would miss their mobile phone more than their wallet2
  6. 6. WHY MOBILE BANKING AND PAYMENTS? 6 People want to do their banking at a time and place that is convenient to them. Customers who do their banking via a mobile device: Hold the most products with their Main Financial Institution (MFI) Are the most likely to approach their MFI for new products Have longer home loan tenures Are more satisfied Are better advocates for their bank Are less likely to switch banks Source: Visa-RFi Australian Payment Report, June 2015
  7. 7. INTRODUCING DIGITAL WALLETS 7 Australia is ready to make the move to digital wallets Source: 1 VisaNet data, July 2015 2 RFi Australian Digital Banking Program September 2015 Survey Mobile payments are becoming more mainstream and the introduction of “The Pays” will only make this transition quicker. of face-to-face payments in Australia are contactless1 of Australians own a smartphone2 65% 73%
  8. 8. WHO ARE “THE PAYS” & WHAT DO THEY DO? 8 Apple Pay Australian launch November 2015 (AMEX only) Android Pay Australian launch First half of 2016 Samsung Pay Australian launch First half of 2016 (AMEX only) The Pays all offer payment facilities via a digital wallet accessed on a smartphone. Android Pay & Samsung Pay will offer both a stand-alone wallet and the ability to provision within your banking app. Apple Pay will only offer a stand-alone wallet. These digital wallets are the first step towards fully integrated wallets (incorporating travel cards, driver licences, loyalty cards, Medicare cards etc).
  9. 9. CUSCAL’S MOBILE BANKING SOLUTIONS 9 You can integrate our white-label mobile banking app into your own banking system and add your own brand OR you can access many of our features via API MOBILE APP FEATURES Payments & transfers Transfer between accounts Pay Anyone & BPAY Pay Anyone & BPAY (add new) Tap & Pay (for Android) Accounts Show / Hide /Quick balance Reorder accounts Show / hide accounts Registration Fingerprint logon Passcode / PIN sign in Change Passcode / PIN Deregister devices Self-service Feedback form Branch / ATM locator Contact us Transactions View account balances View transaction history View running balance Value added services Report lost / stolen card Change card PIN View product information Apple Watch We will be connecting our clients’ cardholders to Android Pay from Day 1