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Roger González Cemex

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Roger González Cemex

  1. 1. Dublin, Gateway to Europe The Right Place Today Mexico-Dublin Business Conference May , 2014
  2. 2. Sebastian Siminovich • Working in Microsoft for over 10 years and many multinational IT companies before. • Global Sales Executive for Ireland, Luxembourg, Belgium, Portugal and Spain • Multiple nationality disorder. Grew in Mexico and living in Ireland for the past 7+ years • 2 Lovely Irish Boys
  3. 3. Roger Gonzalez • Working for various Multinationals for more than 20 years • MD Readymix plc / CEMEX Ireland 2005 – 2013 • Work / Lived in 4 continents • Four Children each one born in a different country roger.gonzalez@cemex.com
  4. 4. Everybody faces issues… Multinational technology and social media companies kept investing, lured by Ireland’s ultralow 12.5 percent corporate tax rate and an English-speaking work force. But many have been forced to look outside the country for employees with the right skills, even with 282,900 unemployed in Ireland and a jobless rate of around 12.5 percent. ( WSJ )
  5. 5. … the difference is how to respond Recently, 182 candidates — most of them unemployed, with backgrounds in fields including farming, construction and even astrophysics — went through retraining. One company, Vmware, hired 82 people, and other companies hired nearly everyone else — including Mr. Sharpe.After six months as an intern, he was hired full time to help manage a datacenter, with an annual salary of around 30,000 euros, or about $40,000 — about what he was making as a hotel manager. I’ve gone from someone who had never been professionally involved in I.T. to getting an engineering position just nine months later,” Mr. Sharpe said
  6. 6. What to look at ? If we were to make a short list of factors to consider when selecting a location for your company, it would look like this: 1. Company structure 2. Required resources (especially people) 3. Taxes (company, founders, employees) 4. Costs of setting up and maintaining the company 5. Salary levels and other employee benefits 6. Local support (public funding, other services) 7. Key markets for your products 8. Available funding 9. Regulation 10. Personal situation and quality of life
  7. 7. Key Elements of Productivity • Connectivity • Education • Family • Quality of Life
  8. 8. Education Source : 2013 Education at a glance : OCDE Report
  9. 9. IT Quotient
  10. 10. Quality of Life Source : How is Life 2013 : Measuring Well Being . OCDE 2013.
  11. 11. Quality of Life Source : How is Life 2013 : Measuring Well Being . OCDE 2013.
  12. 12. Microsoft in Ireland • Only Country outside of the US with ALL business groups: – Sales – Development – Localisation – Operation Center – Data Center(s)
  13. 13. Why Ireland
  14. 14. Plenty of Help around ! To find out more, see www.startinireland.com or startinireland@enterprise-ireland.com