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New Resume - Davian Robinson

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New Resume - Davian Robinson

  1. 1. Davian Robinson 1358 Varsity Lane Charlotte, NC 28262 Davian.Robinson92@gmail.com (919) 436-8688 Objective To use my outgoing, energetic, and enthusiastic personality; to Encourage, Build up, and motivate individuals to live a more enjoyable and full life in the areas offitness and health. Education University of North Carolina at Charlotte Dec ember 2019 Bachelor ofScience in Exercise Science; Minor in Dance GPA: 3.5 Wake Technical Community College December 2015 Associates ofArts GPA: 2.8 Relevant Experience Lean Teen August 2016 - Present Trainer and Mentor: o Assistclients, create goals and objectives and track progress o Lead fitness activities with clients in order to help achieve personal goals o Lead interactive group discussions based on nutrition and fitness UNC Charlotte A ugust2016 - Present Cycling Instructor: o Create exercises specific to cycling to help build endurance and strength o Motivate clients to live healthier lifestyles o Assistclients achieve optimum fitness notonly in class butin personal lives Envisioning Youth Empowerment(EYE) Retreat September 2015 – Present Goalball Coach: o Design programs and training tools to assistathletes to improve skills on the court, including rolling, blocking, and passing o Lead group building activities that incorporate teamwork and accountability o Create a competitive butpositive environmentfor athletes Envisioning Youth Empowerment(EYE) Retreat Summer 2014 - Present Recreation Coordinator: o Arrange and organize evening leisure activities for participants o Teach lessons on adaptive sports and leisure activities for persons with vision impairment
  2. 2. o Developed small programs based around fitness to improve overall quality oflife for participants to utilize on daily basis Brighten Gardens ofRaleigh 2012-2014 Volunteer: o Assisted staff with recreational activities for adults with Alzheimer’s disease by organizing music, leading story sessions, and leading Bible studies Healthy Diet, LLC December 2013 Job Shadowing: o Shadowed a registered Nutritionistfor 3 days to learn how to effectively counsel clients and develop personalized nutrition and wellness plans in the areas ofdiabetes, high cholesterol and obesity. Envisioning Youth Empowerment(EYE) Retreat July 2012 Group Leader o Led small group activities for college transition program o Supervised campers during assigned activities o Assisted organizing materials and programming o Established and maintained relationships with students o Coordinated studentactivities with the rehabilitation team o Made presentations o Recognized interrelationships among individuals and social groups o Worked as a team member o Worked with students with disabilities Governor Morehead School for the Blind 2011-2012 Volunteer: o Tutored students in English and computer programs o Helped students with problem solving skills o Helped teach team building skills NC Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped 2009-2010 Volunteer Clerical Assistant: o Refurbished Braille books o Updated computer files o Developed Braille labels Governor Morehead School for the Blind: Preschool 2007-2008 Student Teaching Assistant: o Helped with story time readings and music activities o Assisted with academic activities o Established and maintained relationships with students o Coordinated studentactivities with the rehabilitation team o Made presentations o Organized educational materials and ideas o Accompanied teachers and children on off-campus outings