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  1. 1. [DOCFLOW BEST PRACTICE] Rethink your processes. Improve efficiency. Concentrate on growth. SOLUZIONI AGILI PER IMPRESE AGILI www.docflow.com www.docflow.com
  2. 2. [DocFlow history begins in 1994, when  just thinking about DOCument FLOW was simply futuristic] Beginnings are in fact dedicated to  support the spread of ECM and BPM  technologies, at that time in their  pioneering stage. The innovative  spirit, deeply established in DocFlow,  allowed us to be among the first  companies to discover that ECM and  BPM technologies could enable a  new kind of applications. www.docflow.com
  3. 3. [VISION & MISSION] Our Mission To help large and mid sized Enterprise and Organizations  to digitally re‐think their processes and accompany them along the  path of business process, document and knowledge digitalization,  thus contributing in increasing their competitiveness and excellence.  Our Vision To integrate existing enterprise applications  with human centric workflows in order to manage  semi‐structured information, enhance collaboration and  create a better working environment. www.docflow.com
  4. 4. [MAIN ACTIVITIES] DocFlow develops solutions for managing, accessing, distributing and sharing document‐based knowledge, by exploiting the most innovative, robust and flexible state‐of‐the‐art technologies. DocFlow focus is on ECM, Knowledge Management and Workflow Management to provide easy, quick and customized solutions for a large variety of industries. 3 CATEGORIES • Projects are developed with  advanced technologies and   methodology and leverage  on  high technical,  management and business  process analysis  competences. PROJECT • Also called “Effective  Care”; is the full  application  maintenance of our  applications. SERVICE •Full outsourcing of  application services for  document process  automation. Gives the  opportunity for our Customers  to use our platforms with a  “cloud” approach. SAAS www.docflow.com
  5. 5. [EXPERIENCES & REFERENCES] DocFlow has implemented more than 600 Document and Business Process Management projects for companies and organizations of various size and different business domains in the Italian and international context, demonstrating top level capability in delivering real business value to its customers. AUTOGRILL DANIELI&C. E.ON FIAT GUCCI NOVARTIS PIAGGIO PIRELLI RICHEMONT SAIPEM TNT TOD’S UBS SEA/MILAN AIRPORTS ADR/ROME AIRPORTS www.docflow.com
  6. 6. [OUR OFFERING] www.docflow.com
  7. 7. DocFlow Offering Routine Work Non Routine  Work www.docflow.com
  8. 8. [OUR ASSETS] DocFlow’s solution portfolio encompasses 6 key areas, which give the possibility to its customers to cover all their document management, process workflow management, compliance & control and collaboration needs. All DocFlow applications can be  used on premise and As‐A‐Service  and are fully accessible  through  Mobile devices.   DocFlow also offers a fully  compliant Electronic  Archiving service and ensures its  constant upgrading in accordance to  the mutating norms and rules, both  for Italy and EU countries. www.docflow.com
  9. 9. [FOCUS AREA] P2P • Full management of the document and collaborative dimensions in the Procure to Pay cycle, from the purchase requisition up to payment. O2C • Full management of the document and collaborative dimensions in the Order  to Cash cycle: from the Request for Proposal up to the payment receipt by  customers. MC • Integrated approach for managing internal and external compliance processes.  Including process mapping, audit scheduling, execution and tracking, reporting  issuing and documentation. HR • Employee self service, digital handling and securing Personnel documentation,  full support of HR processes (e.g. recruitment, training, skills evaluation). PM • Full management of the document and collaborative dimensions in the project  lifecycle. CH • Correspondence management, multi‐channel input and output (including legal  mail), content analysis. www.docflow.com
  10. 10. [YUBIK] Yubik is a natural evolution of BPM, based on the simple idea that users should enjoy freedom of space and "loose" workflow elements. In contrast to BPM, in Yubik a collaborative process is not forced to adhere to a fixed schema End-To-End diagram, but extends and develops where necessary, as the activity develops, progressively incorporating new tasks and new practices. A process manager has the ability to activate a new 'case' using the simple default settings, and then follow the development of activities incorporating new process atoms as required in an easy and simple way. YUBIK is applicable extensively within any business organization, we point out below, by way of example, the processes of greatest impact:          Non‐Conformity Management Purchase and Sale Budget Definition Legal Investigations Design Customer Complaints Resolution Trade Offers Management Reconciliation of Administrative Measures Merger and Acquisition Matters Development of New Products/Services www.docflow.com
  11. 11. [Thanks] marketing@docflow.it www.docflow.com