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Periodontal Disease

Dental Implants- The perfect solution for people Who have lost teeth due to periodontal (gum) disease and have the correct amount of bone in the jaw

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Periodontal Disease

  1. 1. Dental Implants | Los angeles dentist |Periodontal Diseasehttp://www.periodonticsdentalimplants.com/January 2, 2012 Dr. Hanookai provides Dental Implants, Treatment of Periodontal Disease, Gum Grafts, Gum Whitening, Bone Augmentations, Crown Lengthening and Cosmetic Dentistry.Our first priority has always been patient safety and comfort. With IV sedation dentistry and operatingroom staff, we have created a consistently safe, pain-free and comfortable environment for our patientsbefore, during and after surgery.My staff and I are here to assist you with any questions you may have.The artistic creation of natural and beautiful smile is part of beautiful face.Cosmetic surgery has become more popular than ever before especially now that more Americans areliving longer and aging more gracefully with the help of plastic surgery. Periodontal plastic surgery anddental implants has also felt this trend as it has experienced a significant shift toward cosmetic-relatedsurgery to help make smiles last a lifetime.We are one of the largest Dental implant centers in Los Angeles and I have treated thousands ofpatients with dental implants with over 98% success rate.A recent poll of 253 consumers conducted by the American Academy of Periodontology found thefollowing: • 50 percent consider the smile the first facial feature they notice • 80 percent are not happy with their smile • Respondents were seven times more likely to have periodontal, smile enhancement procedures, than face-lifts • Smile enhancement procedures outnumbered eyelid surgeries five to one