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Government digital transformation and the DTO

Digital Transformation Office CEO Paul Shelter has been talking with Australians about the work and future direction of the DTO.

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Government digital transformation and the DTO

  1. 1. Why are we here?
  2. 2. People are online
  3. 3. 92% of Australians use the internet. 50% of those go online using a tablet computer. 10.7 million users go online more than once a day. 10.9 million shopped online. 54% engage on blogs and online communities. 49% of employed Australians are digital workers. Data downloaded by mobiles increased by 97%. ACMA, 2015, Australians’ Digital Lives
  4. 4. Going overseas?
  5. 5. Over any four week period, more than 1 in 8 Australians aged 14 and over will look up government information and services online.1 55% of them face a problem while using online government services.2 Small business owners are the most likely to have accessed a government website in the last four weeks, followed by job-seekers, parents and workers.1 1. Roy Morgan Single Source (Australia), April 2010 - March 2015; 2. Boston Consulting Group, 2014, 2014 Digital Government Survey – Australia Fact-base
  6. 6. We must do better
  7. 7. Deloitte Access Economics 2015 ‘Digital transformation of government’ report commissioned by Adobe 324.4m transactions with government each year are via traditional channels. Face-to-face interactions cost $16.90 per transaction (42x), postal $12.79 (32x) and telephone $6.60 (16x). Halving these over the next 10 years would deliver net benefits of $20.5 billion. That’s 1.3% of annual Gross Domestic Product, or $2,000 per household.
  8. 8. Our opportunity is immense
  9. 9. Users first
  10. 10. Think big, start small
  11. 11. Deliver quickly
  12. 12. Iterate wildly
  13. 13. Products not projects
  14. 14. Source: Spotify product development team
  15. 15. We’re 1 month old!
  16. 16. We think Australia can become the best in the world at delivering digital public services
  17. 17. We work in multidisciplinary, agile teams
  18. 18. The unit of delivery is the team
  19. 19. We work in the open www.github.com/AusDTO
  20. 20. We’re part of a worldwide movement
  21. 21. Doing it with you, not to you
  22. 22. Join us! dto.gov.au/engage