Midem 2010 Mobile Music Apps Workshop

Mobile Entertainment Forum il y a 14 ans

The Music Industry - what's broken (excerpt of a keynote)

Alexander Osterwalder il y a 14 ans

Why a mobile future might actually work

Jo Caudron il y a 14 ans

6 triggers to improve your business model

Board of Innovation il y a 14 ans

Infonl Workshop Eday09

Iskander Smit il y a 14 ans

An introduction to QR Codes.

Pieter Ardinois il y a 15 ans

The State of the Web: back to the Middle Ages

Bart De Waele il y a 15 ans

Mobile Tagging

Tugca Tükenmez il y a 16 ans

Social Networks Monetization

Ouriel Ohayon il y a 15 ans