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Press release ROYAL QUARTZ France

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Press release ROYAL QUARTZ France

  1. 1. PRESS RELEASE December 18h , 2012 Distribution : ROYAL QUARTZ (Roissy CDG2 Airport / Satellite 4 / Terminal 2E / Porte M) DAMOISELLE D has signed an exclusive distribution partnership with Royal Quartz. The opening of this new temple of luxury watches, in the satellite 4 (international flights), will delight the lovers of exceptional pieces. This partnership corresponds to the confidential and exclusive jewelery creations of Damoiselle D. Luxury, calm and voluptuousness... the French touch The new satellite has been designed with much refinement: space museum with works from the greatest museums of Paris, water walls, soothing presence of plants, relaxation areas .... Light, space and fluidity are the keywords of this architectural design. Royal Quartz is located in "The Avenue", in the heart of the satellite around a square bathed in daylight. The best French and international brands are present in this “allée” dedicated to luxury. Damoiselle D is an exceptional brand exclusively dedicated to women, symbol of rarity, refinement and nobility. Creativity and aesthetics associated with French crafts traditional Franco-Swiss. It is a fragment of eternity and bliss, a new poetry on the wrist. The creators have made an appointment in this prestigious space celebrating the epitome of elegance. Capucine collection, 18 ct pink gold, rotating motif with 8 petals, (a number symbolising happiness, luck and prosperity) Royal Quartz – CDG 2 / Satellite 4 / Terminal 2E / porte M – Tél. +33 (0)1 74 37 13 35 contact : 418CDGS4@royal-quartz.fr site web : www.royal-quartz.com contact : presse@damoiselle-d.com site web : www.damoiselle-d.com