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  1. 1. Daneth Alviar Nucum, BSN, RN 6438 Geary Boulevard Apartment No. 304 San Francisco, CA 94121 Phone: 415.307.5651 |Email: danethnucum89@gmail.com Professional Profile A dedicated recent graduate with ample clinical experience academically and professionally. Meticulous in approach to delivering quality patient-centered care yet flexible in adapting to unforeseen circumstances. Ability to work in a highly stressful environment, using effective communication and being an essential collaborative member of the health care team. Exceptional in time-management, organizational skills, and conscientious in prioritizing a multitude of responsibilities and tasks. Enthusiastic in expanding knowledge base and actively seeks new opportunities to learn about providing high-quality patient care. Education University of San Francisco Spring 2011 – Fall 2014 Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Cum Laude Clinical Nursing Rotations Total: 990 Hours Senior Capstone Preceptorship – St. Mary’s Medical Center | Intensive Care Unit: 225 Hours Fall 2014 • Established personalized nursing care through the delivery of frequent head-to-toe assessments with in-depth focus on body systems per patient condition, around-the-clock pain management, administration and titration of medications, implementation of ventilator-associated pneumonia protocol, utilization of preventive skin care, and providing assistance with activities of daily living. • Acquired confidence in assuming responsibility as patient and family advocate by communicating concerns with members of interdisciplinary team especially though decision-making processes in regards to advanced directives and end-of-life care; Compassionate in providing for culturally diverse populations and committed to educating patients about ways in managing conditions in order to minimize hospital readmission and improving overall quality of life. • Developed time-management skills while taking responsibility of one to two patients with wavering levels of acuity with ability to adapt to individual patient needs; utilized electronic systems to access and apply evidence-based practice care. Medical-Surgical Nursing and Clinical Specialty Rotations: 765 Hours • Applied Assessment in Health & Wellness I: CPMC-Davies Campus, SF | Skilled Nursing Facility—90 Hours Spring 2012 • Applied Assessment in Health & Wellness II: St. Mary’s Medical Center, SF | Telemetry—135 Hours Fall 2012 • Community & Mental Health: San Francisco General Hospital & Clay House—180 Hours Spring 2013 • Adult Med-Surg I: Kaiser Permanente, Oakland—180 Hours Fall 2013 • Pediatric Med-Surg II: Kaiser Permanente, Santa Clara—90 Hours Spring 2014 • Women’s Health/Maternity: Kaiser Permanente, San Francisco—90 Hours Spring 2014 Related Healthcare Experience Anesthesiology – Medical Device Technician July 2012 – Present California Pacific Medical Center – San Francisco, CA • Systematically operates and trouble-shoots anesthesia machines and related medical devices in surgical/procedural rooms; Proficient in assembling adult/pediatric ventilator circuits, procedural equipment such as central venous catheters, arterial lines, pulmonary artery monitoring and other routine intravenous lines; Organizes and maintains anesthesia related inventory and equipment with a keen attention to detail while utilizing proper cleansing & sterilization processes. • Pro-actively assists in positioning patients for regional anesthesia procedures for spinal and epidurals; supports Anesthesiologists during insertion of invasive lines, trans-esophageal echocardiograms and difficult airway intubation procedures; Applies non-invasive monitoring devices to patient and assists with transporting of critical ill patients to other units. • An adaptive personality necessary to promptly respond to emergency situations and assists anesthesiologists in immediate resuscitation efforts (i.e. cardiopulmonary resuscitation, emergency intubation, activation of rapid fluid infusion devices); Diligent in communicating tasks amongst members of the surgical team to ensure safety and effective delivery of patient centered care. Circulatory Support Systems (Perfusion) – Technician II March 2011 – July 2012 California Pacific Medical Center – San Francisco, CA • Managed Cell Salvage Machines (Auto-transfusion Systems) during surgery; Assisted in the assembly of Heart-Lung Bypass Machines; supported clinical perfusionists in set-up & monitoring of perfusion equipment for open cardiac surgeries • Operated Cascade-Platelet Rich Plasma devices and assisted surgical team in Autologous PRP therapy for orthopedic surgeries • Provided monitoring services of Ventricular Assist Devices and ensured functionality of equipment: HeartMate II, Centrimag, Thoratec Dual Driver Console, ECMO, intra-aortic balloon pump (assisted w/ insertion, timing, in-hospital monitoring).
  2. 2. 2 Volunteer Experience The Memory Care Unit (Group-Recreation Therapy) October 2010 – March 2011 Jewish Homes – San Francisco, CA • Facilitated intervention modalities of creative arts (i.e. singing, dancing, instrument playing, crafts) while incorporating Jewish cultural traditions to promote the restoration, rehabilitation, and remediation of the level of functioning of the elderly Jewish population who suffer from dementia and Alzheimer’s Volunteer October 2010 – March 2011 Chinatown PT & Rehabiliation – San Francisco, CA • Observed physical therapy treatments: Physical exercise, Pain Management, Ice/Heat, Hydrotherapy, Electrical Stimulation, Ultrasound, and Manual Therapy; Responsible for the maintenance of equipment necessary for therapies, preparation of machines and supplies for patient use Medical Mission Volunteer July 2010 Barangay Masili Health Center Services– Calamba, Philippines • Assisted nurses in taking patients’ vital signs and noting health concerns. Volunteer October 2009 San Francisco Christian Center | The Mission Street Health Fair – San Francisco, CA • Supported dentists during consultations, gave tutorials in proper oral care, and offered nutritional suggestions to prevent tooth decay. • Accompanied doctors, nurses and physical therapists as they consulted patients with various health conditions. Training & Certifications • Registered Nurse, California: 95060067| Expiration Date: 02/2017 • Basic Life Support | Expiration Date: 05/2016 • Advanced Cardiac Life Support | Expiration Date: 05/2016 • Pediatric Advanced Life Support | Expiration Date: 05/2016 • Electronic Medical Record Proficiency: Cerner® and APeX/Epic Systems Honors & Affiliations • Sigma Theta Tau International - Nursing Honor Society| Member 2013-2014 • University of San Francisco - Nursing Student Association | Member 2012-2013 • University of San Francisco - Dean’s List 2011-2014 References Marilyn Masterson RN MSN CNOR California Pacific Medical Center, Pacific Campus Clinical Nurse Manager |OR/SPD/Anesthesia Phone: 415-600-3296| Email: MasterM@sutterhealth.org Edward A. Eisler, M.D., Chief of Staff California Pacific Medical Center, Anesthesia Phone: 415-600-2077| Email: ei@norcalanesthesia.com Stephen Y. Wen, M.D. California Pacific Medical Center, Anesthesia Phone: 415-305-7813| Email: wen@norcalanesthesia.com Sylvia Andrade, RN, MS University of California - San Francisco Nursing Administration, Hospital Nursing Supervisor Phone: 415-422-5618 Email: slandrade@usfca.edu Jane Enferadi, RN St. Mary’s Medical Center Phone: 510-418-4934 Email: Jane.Enferadi@DignityHealth.org Heather Hickman BSN, RN, PHN, CEN, CPEN, CCRN Stanford University Medical Center Phone: 415-422-5618 Email: hmckee@stanfordmed.org