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Critical Lessons for Near-Term AI ROI

An overview of the must-know insights for enterprise and mid-size business leaders who are interested in getting the ROI from AI.

Originally presented at Syracuse University's NEXT Technology Conference in Syracuse, NY, November 8th, 2019.

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Critical Lessons for Near-Term AI ROI

  1. 1. Near-Term Trends and ROI of AI by Daniel Faggella CEO, Emerj Artificial Intelligence Research
  2. 2. Presentation Preview ● What Emerj Does ● The Impending AI Transformation ● AI as a Competitive Advantage ● The Right and Wrong Ways to Get Started ● Next Steps for Business Leaders emerj.com
  3. 3. Key Takeaways 1. The competitive advantage that ANY firm can develop today (even before you adopt AI) 2. Four steps to get started with AI the right way emerj.com
  4. 4. At Emerj, we have a singular focus: Mapping the applications of AI to help leaders execute on winning AI strategies. Global organizations trust us to support their AI goals and strategies with critical data and insight (World Bank, global healthcare firms, etc). Presenting our AI Research at United Nations HQ, NYC Emerj Artificial Intelligence Research
  5. 5. emerj.com @danfaggella Emerj Research Services
  6. 6. emerj.com @danfaggella
  7. 7. AI Opportunity emerj.com @danfaggella
  8. 8. Impact Emerj: Our hundreds of AI expert interviewees differ in their opinions on many topics, but they unanimously agree that the workflows, processes, and ways of servicing customers will change in every industry. PwC: AI could contribute up to $15.7 trillion to the global economy in 2030. emerj.com
  9. 9. Impact
  10. 10. The State of AI in Business Appearance: Everyone is doing it It’s transforming all industries already Just add data scientists or an AI vendor and get results Reality: Everyone is talking about it It’s bumbling to find a fit in the enterprise Many internal changes in the enterprise are required before any results are possible emerj.com
  11. 11. State of AI in Business Of “AI companies” even have requisite AI talent on their teams. ⅓ ⅓ Of AI companies with talent have any kind of meaningful adoption.
  12. 12. Challenges 1. AI is Not IT ● Iteration required ● Data access required ● Cross-functional teams A change in culture, workflows, and teams is necessary to enable it. 2. AI Ignorance ● What does AI do? ● How does AI work? ● Where could I apply it? ● etc... 3. Nascent Use-Cases AI is experimental by nature, and the current use-cases for enterprise are new. When startups stay afloat from revenue, not VC money there will be more tried and true use-cases. emerj.com
  13. 13. AI as a Competitive Advantage emerj.com @danfaggella
  14. 14. 1 - Critical Capabilities Is Not: Chatbots “Cognitive RPA” ANY individual AI application Is: Skills Culture Knowledge The “Critical Capabilities” that allow us to leverage AI into the future emerj.com
  15. 15. 1 - Critical Capabilities Data Infrastructure Cross-Functional AI Teams Contextual AI Knowledge (Leadership) Data Science Talent More...emerj.com
  16. 16. 2 - Data Dominance ● Collect a lot of data with a product or process (sometimes at a loss to start) ● Use that data to create a better product or process ● Scale that product or process to more users/customers because it is better ● New users provide more data ● Repeat until nobody can catch up
  17. 17. 2 - Data Dominance HVAC Company Recreational Boating Insurance emerj.com
  18. 18. Getting Started with AI emerj.com @danfaggella
  19. 19. Getting Started Don’t: Believe and follow what you read in press releases. Ask “where can we use AI” and engage in “toy” applications. Believe most AI ROI to be short-term and measurable. Do: Expect adoption to be challenging. Expect advantage from long-term capability building, not any one solution. Ensure the AI savviness of your leadership team. emerj.com
  20. 20. (Claimed AI initiatives of top banks) emerj.com
  21. 21. Adopt or Wait?
  22. 22. Next Steps for Business Leaders emerj.com @danfaggella
  23. 23. Next Steps 1. Educate Your Leadership: (a) What AI can do broadly (b) Use-cases in your sector and adjacent sectors. (c) Realistic requirements of adoption 2. Talk to and Study Adopters: This could be done online, at events, etc. 3. Inform Your Plans: With consultants, data scientists, stakeholders. 4. Decide on Next Steps: (a) Talent (b) Initiatives
  24. 24. Contact: research@emerj.com Download: emerj.com/3-ways INTERPOL World 2019 Emerj That’s All, Folks