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23 Time Management Techniques of Insanely Busy People

  1. 23 Time Management Techniques of Insanely Busy People
  2. #1 Organize Work Around Energy Levels Plan your work around your energy levels, scheduling critical work for peak productivity times.
  3. #2 Plan Your Day the Night Before Spend a few minutes each evening before going to bed to write down everything you need to get done tomorrow.
  4. #3 Start the Day with Critical Work Each day, identify the most crucial tasks to complete and tackle it first. Once you’re done, the day has already been a success!
  5. #4 Prioritize Tasks Prioritize “true tasks”: urgent and important to-dos that have a direct impact on your goals.
  6. #5 Delegate or Outsource Tasks Delegate or outsource urgent but not important tasks to multiply yourself and keep you focused on the most important work.
  7. #6 Automate Repetitive Tasks Use technology to automate daily repetitive tasks and use the newfound time to perform Deep Work or rest.
  8. #7 Set Time Constraints Set deadlines even when you don’t need to. Scheduling less time to complete tasks and force your brain to focus.
  9. #8 Eliminate Distractions Half an hour completely focused on a task is more productive than 2 hours switching between tasks. Eliminate distractions from your work to avoid task switching costs.
  10. #9 Make Quick Decisions on Things That Don’t Matter Invest your focus on big decisions and make quick calls on medium and small decisions.
  11. #10 Track Your Time Track your time to have real data on your work and uncover insights on how you can improve your productivity.
  12. #11 Beat Procrastination with the 2-Minute Rule Use the 2-Minute rule to beat procrastination: if a task can be done in two minutes, just do it; if it takes more than two minutes, start it.
  13. #12 Say No More Often Than Yes Say “no” by default to anything that doesn’t contribute to your top 5 career goals.
  14. #13 Take Advantage of Gap Time Use “gap time” effectively to develop new skills, strategic planning, and personal growth.
  15. #14 80/20 Your Time Use the 80/20 rule in your life and work to prioritize the input that brings the majority of the output.
  16. #15 Automate Decisions To avoid mental exhaustion, automate decisions to free yourself from cognitive burden and not rely solely on your self-discipline. Let decisions happen automatically and smart decisions will happen by themselves.
  17. #16 Single Task Force your brain to single task in order to do Deep Work and avoid task switching costs.
  18. #17 Break Down Big Tasks Break down big tasks into smaller ones to avoid procrastinating and help you stay on track to achieve your final goal.
  19. #18 Work From the Calendar Plan and schedule your calendar ahead of time to avoid distractions and be in charge of your time.
  20. #19 Take Fewer (But Better) Meetings Only take meetings that have a clear agenda and a decision needs to be made. To run better meetings, have an end time and keep the number of participants small.
  21. #20 Let Go Off Perfectionism Aiming for perfection is a surefire way to delay or never complete a project. Choose to chase “good enough” instead.
  22. #21 Have a To-Don’t List Create a To-Don’t list with all the habits you want to remove from your life. Use it as a guideline of what you don't allow in your life.
  23. #22 Batch Similar Tasks Batch similar tasks and complete them at one time. Batching reduces the start-up and slow-down time, daily clutter, and improves focus.
  24. #23 Take Time Off to Recharge Schedule breaks throughout your day to help you recharge and take regular vacations throughout the year. Rest is the best medicine for sustainable long-term productivity.
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