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Pinterest Search Ads | Neo@Ogilvy London

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A few weeks ago Pinterest announced the release of their Search Ads. While not yet available to brands and still in alpha testing phase, brands should be prepared to tackle the question of search and social integration as well as be prepared to think through how and why the new format should be part of their strategy.
We've put together a POV to briefly address some of those questions - with more to follow on the search integration aspect.

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Pinterest Search Ads | Neo@Ogilvy London

  1. 1. Pinterest Search Ads Daniela Badalan, Business Director Neo@Ogilvy London
  2. 2. Pinterest Search Ads What are Search Ads?  Pinterest ads powered by the search intent of the users on the platform, alongside existing targeting options such as interests, locations, languages, devices, genders.  Keywords and Shopping Campaigns will be available to brands to be shown in search results.  Kenshoo - marketing technology solutions provider - is the official partner for the launch of the Search Ads. Why should brands use Pinterest Search Ads?  Reach their audience with much more relevant content, as the Search Ads are powered by an incredibly powerful mix of user intent and individual targeting criteria.  Connect with your audience at an earlier stage of the journey, when they’re exploring and discovering ideas.  Increase reach and A/B testing opportunities for your shopping search strategy.  Visual content is proven to be more engaging to consumers.  Reach a new audience who are already at Consideration stage: Pinterest has over 2 billion monthly searches for products and services people want to buy. How should brands use Pinterest Search Ads?  Focus on visually inspiring and personalized content to address the user’s search intent.  Rethink your search strategy to include social search as a key driver across the consumer journey.  Understand and use to your advantage the user’s different mindset as they search on Pinterest vs. Search engines.  Be relevant – always!  Talk to Kenshoo to understand more about the partnership and more around potential data- sharing opportunities across the search journey – not confirmed by any of the partners, but wouldn’t that be nice?  Learn more at https://business.pinterest.com