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Jisc unleashing data 5 minutes

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My 5 minute presentation for the 'Repositories unleashing data' session at the Repository Fringe 2015

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Jisc unleashing data 5 minutes

  1. 1. Repository Fringe 2015 Jisc on repositories unleashing data3/8/2015
  2. 2. Jisc – main functions to support research process 2 »Support universities core business and help make research process more productive e.g. through: – Developing shared services/infrastructure – Providing a channel for universities requirements with funders, publishers, vendors – Supporting development and implementation of key standards 07/08/2015 Jisc on repositories unleashing data
  3. 3. Two key projects »Some of the relevant Jisc work in this area: › UK Research Data Discovery Service › Research Data Metrics 07/08/2015 Jisc on repositories unleashing data 3
  4. 4. UK research data discovery service 07/08/2015 Jisc on repositories unleashing data 4 » Aim – Make research data more discoverable – Move from pilot to service » Objectives – Evaluate theANDS model and also Comprehensive KnowledgeArchive Network (CKAN) model – Come up with a set of criteria and develop the UK research data discovery service – Develop a business plan for a sustainable future infrastructure service serving UK research » Issue – Need for a mechanism to aggregate and link research data metadata from various archives and repositories within the UK to extend its reach and re-use [ x-disciplinary and x- HEI ] Currently in phase 2 - ends September 2016
  5. 5. UK research data discovery service » Phase 1 – Jisc / DCC pilot to evaluate the Research Data Australia developed byANDS – Contributions from UK data archive,Archaeology data centre and NERC data centres » Phase 2 – Jisc with support from DCC and UKDA – 9 HEIs and 6 Data Centres receiving funding to be pilots in the project – Continue the metadata standards work – Move the pilot to a suitable instantiation for a future service – Test whether it can also serve a local view for universities e.g. ‘research data discovery local’ – 3 advisory groups: User, Researcher,Technical&Metadata – http://rdds.jiscinvolve.org/ and http://bit.ly/1Iseikh » For more, contact christopher.brown@jisc.ac.uk 07/08/2015 Jisc on repositories unleashing data 5
  6. 6. Research data usage & metrics 07/08/2015 Jisc on repositories unleashing data 6 » Demand – Interest in the spread of academic work – Interest in the effectiveness of data management systems and processes » Aim & Objectives – Assess use and demand – Develop a proof-of-concept tool (using IRUS) – Contribute to and draw on wider international work e.g. standards – Make recommendations for progression to service Scoping and proof of concept
  7. 7. Summary »UK RDDS - transition to service – christopher.brown@jisc.ac.uk »Metrics & usage – scoping the project to pilot a service & input to standards – david.kernohan@jisc.ac.uk 07/08/2015 Jisc on repositories unleashing data 7
  8. 8. Find out more… 07/08/2015 Jisc on repositories unleashing data 8 Daniela Duca Senior co-design manager daniela.duca@jisc.ac.uk info@jisc.ac.uk jisc.ac.uk Except where otherwise noted, this work is licensed under CC-BY-NC-ND