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Sms delivery issues - and how the TelQ testing platform can solve them

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SMS termination comes with multiple challenges. Let's pinpoint them along with the consequences they bring! To solve these, take a look at how the quality assurance testing tool from TelQ Telecom can help you with building a successful text messaging platform.

TelQ SMS Testing Platform allows our customers to check SMS delivery and features of their routes. We also provide high-quality bulk SMS services with global coverage.

Full end-to-end SMS delivery testing service allows you to identify: Fake DLRs, Sender ID, Content, SMSC, PDU, UDH, latency, delivery to ported numbers and more by sending tests to real test numbers.

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Sms delivery issues - and how the TelQ testing platform can solve them

  1. 1. Common SMS delivery issues and how to solve them
  2. 2. Typical SMS aggregator delivery issues: ● Low delivery ratio ● Fake DLRs ● Blocked route ● Unknown sender ID ● Delayed delivery ● Modified content
  3. 3. Potential profit loss: ● Low-performing routes ● Unable to provide information about SMS features ● Unable to identify direct connections ● Unable to identify working option for least cost routing ● High amount of tickets and high support costs ● Reputation damage
  4. 4. How TelQ can solve your issues: Verify SMSC Check real delivery Identify delays Verify sender and content 03 01 04 02
  5. 5. How to use the SMS testing platform from TelQ: REST API Manual testing An effortless way to use the TelQ platform is manual testing option. Skip the integration, start testing right away without any hassle. This integration allows you to easily issue tests from your own SMS application and comfortably receive results over the API. This integration enables you to fully benefit from all the features the platform has to offer, such as setting up scheduled tasks and creating alerts for specific testing results. The graphical interface makes it easy to spot fake delivery and offers results comparison to quickly identify any mismatched data. SMPP
  6. 6. Contact us to learn more! www.telqtele.com sales@telqtele.com