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IBM Cloud Solution - Blue Box

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Blue Box Cloud Dedicated private cloud as a service (PCaaS) is the logical solution for organizations that demand the security and control of a private cloud with the ease of use of a public cloud. Powered by OpenStack, quick to deploy, highly flexible and fully scalable, Blue Box Cloud Dedicated offers month-to-month and 12-month term pricing options. Get started in a data center near you.

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IBM Cloud Solution - Blue Box

  1. 1. © IBM Corporation1 Presented by: Blue Box Cloud Client Presentation Sales Team
  2. 2. © IBM Corporation2 link to official press release Complementary Technology Clients are looking for a simple, private cloud solution managed by IT experts. Trajectory for Growth IBM is enhancing its breadth of cloud services and reinforcing its commitment to open cloud technology with the acquisition of Blue Box, a managed Private Cloud provider, powered by OpenStack. Unifying Private/Public Cloud and Delivering Platform for Innovation Blue Box’s turn-key, remote-managed private cloud solutions helps customers accelerate digital business by delivering the agility of public cloud while maximizing control and security with easy integration into existing, on-premises environments. Only IBM Cloud delivers enterprise-grade OpenStack solutions through managed local, dedicated and public options, providing clients flexibility to run a broad range of workloads along with simplified, consistent access and management across hybrid cloud environments. What do clients need? Why did IBM do this acquisition? Why did IBM select Blue Box? What do IBM and Blue Box provide together? IBM has announced the acquisition of Blue Box Group, Inc. Why is this significant for IBM and our customers?
  3. 3. © IBM Corporation3© IBM Corporation3 Cloud helps businesses accelerate their digital transformations, but moving to the cloud introduces new challenges Business processes and transactions span multiple environments creating new risk for security, visibility and control at each touch point Maximizing flexibility for the future to use any data, application, service, and mobile device as needs change going forward Fast, secure access to only the data your app needs identifying, integrating, and analyzing the right data from the vast types and volumes available
  4. 4. © IBM Corporation4© IBM Corporation4 Clients want cloud on their own terms to address a range of workloads and flexibility to maximize investments OpenStack enables the integration, management and portability for an effective hybrid cloud PRIVATE PUBLIC ON-PREMISES TRADITIONAL IT Local Hosted Bare Metal Blue Box provides a turn-key, remote managed private cloud powered by OpenStack that makes it easy for clients to embrace the cloud and leverage hybrid cloud environments Successful hybrid clouds deliver:  Developer productivity  Integration and portability  Data and analytics  Visibility, control and security
  5. 5. © IBM Corporation5 Blue Box at a Glance 300+ customers 24x7 support team 3 global data centers 60+ employees HQ in Seattle ‣ Operating Cloud Since 2007 Deep operational expertise in distributed systems ‣ Differentiated IP: Box Panel Suite Ruthless automation via a Private Cloud On-Demand Platform ‣ Sticky Customer Base A platform customers love: Sub 5% Annual Customer Churn ‣ Global Data Center Deployments Seattle, Ashburn, London Only a small number of organizations have the resources and skill sets to design, deploy and operate private cloud infrastructure. Blue Box makes private cloud available to every one.
  6. 6. © IBM Corporation6 How Blue Box fits into IBM Cloud IaaS SaaS Collaborative Content CRM Supply Chain Mgt ERM/ERP B2B Business Analytics SIS Solutions Analytics & Cognitive App Security Social Mobile / IoT Billing / Payment BPM Design & Collaboration Delivery Pipeline Test Authoring & Execution App / User Monitoring Environment Config Infrastructure Security Integration & Messaging Data Runtime & Containers Infrastructure Monitoring Network Compute Storage PaaS BlueBox
  7. 7. © IBM Corporation7 Private Cloud as a Service ‣ Elasticity ‣ OPEX ‣ Ease of Use ‣ Time to Implement Captures both worlds! ‣ Data Sovereignty ‣ Environment Control ‣ Cost Predictability ‣ Hybrid Capability Private CloudPublic Cloud Blue Box delivers OpenStack Powered Private Cloud-as-a Service Solution On-premise or Hosted
  8. 8. © IBM Corporation8 Covering all Cloud consumption models Private Cloud • Dedicated pool of IT resources • Bare metal or virtualized • In SoftLayer data center • Physical isolation of apps/data from other orgs Large apps and data • Workloads requiring isolation • E.g., Media & entertainment, retail, gaming Dedicated Cloud Management across all models, built on OpenStack IBM Cloud OpenStack Services - Dedicated • Shared pool of virtualized IT resources • In SoftLayer data center • Virtual isolation of apps/data from other orgs • Workloads requiring fast provisioning and cloning • Apps requiring network flexibility • Apps with flexible SLAs • E.g., front-office, web, dev / test Public Cloud Public IBM Cloud OpenStack Services - Public • Dedicated pool of IT resources • Bare metal or virtualized • In client datacenter, behind client firewall • Complete physical isolation of apps/data • Apps needing high perf and low latency across • Apps with strict audit requirements • E.g., Banking, healthcare, mfg Local (on-premises)
  9. 9. © IBM Corporation9 Blue Box solution offerings Private Cloud Dedicated (Hosted) Public Cloud Local (on-premises) Blue Box Cloud Dedicated Blue Box Cloud Local Availability Currently Available Availability 3Q2015 Where: Blue Box Data Center Client Data Center Managed by: Blue Box Blue Box Private: • Dedicated compute & storage • Shared networking w/ VLAN isolation • Dedicated compute & storage • Dedicated network Distribution: Blue Box OpenStack Blue Box OpenStack Infrastructure provided by: • Blue Box • Client (Blue Box Reference Arch)
  10. 10. © IBM Corporation10 text – Blue Box Cloud is a real Private Cloud… Single-tenant dedicated private cloud Customer A Customer B  Single Tenancy via Bare Metal Isolation • Customers isolated via dedicated hardware • Start small, grow to the enterprise  Multi-Tenant Networking • Shared Physical Infrastructure • VLAN and Layer 3 Isolation  Isolation via Defensible Network Border • Border Fortification via... • Hardware Firewalls • VPN Tunnel
  11. 11. © IBM Corporation11 text – Low cost entry point with flexible scalability Blue Box Cloud Dedicated 384GB RAM 96 CORES 3.6TB STORAGE 128GB RAM 32 CORES 1.2TB STORAGE Initial Deployment – 3 Nodes $5,000 per month Grow in blocks $2,500 per month Flexible Terms Monthly or Annual Contracts *Blue Box list pricing; 7/6/15
  12. 12. © IBM Corporation12 Blue Box Solution Benefits Purpose Built for Cloud Operators  Complete provisioning & configuration management  Remote infrastructure automation  Dynamic cloud personalities  Hardware, software and services Open Technology Cloud Powered by OpenStack  Blue Box’s OpenStack distribution curated for Private Cloud as a Service  Lower cost  Increased time to value  Future-proof On-Premises Management Options  Reduced complexity: Co- managed or fully managed by Blue Box  Greater control: performance, cost predictability and administrative  Increased security, governance and compliance
  13. 13. © IBM Corporation13 Blue Box Customer Examples Vertical: Gaming Use case: On-demand environments for Game Developers Customer wanted: ‣ Integrate into existing facility ‣ Cloud services, not hardware ‣ Control over entire environment Solution: ‣ One Private Cloud ‣ Cross-connected to customer’s colocation facility Vertical: Financial Services Use case: Production environment for retail payment fraud prevention Customer wanted: ‣ Control and Security ‣ Bare Metal database servers ‣ SAN performance/features ‣ Reliable and Consistent Pricing Solution: ‣ Three Private Clouds ‣ 2 in Seattle, 1 in London Vertical: Healthcare Use case: Transition from managed hosting to hosted private cloud Customer wanted: ‣ Self Service Catalog ‣ Control and Security ‣ Data Isolation Solution: ‣ Two Private Clouds (US Based) ‣ Hybrid w/ Bare Metal
  14. 14. © IBM Corporation14 We have the expertise to manage your private and hybrid cloud IBM expertise paired with Blue Box Enterprise clients require the benefits and flexibility of a public cloud, delivered as a private cloud. With Blue Box and SoftLayer, IBM is the only provider to deliver enterprise-grade managed hybrid OpenStack - local, dedicated, and public Blue Box builds on already substantial commitment and leadership IBM has in the OpenStack community with hundreds of developers and users contributing code and fixes for every release.
  15. 15. © IBM Corporation15 IBM Cloud is Open by design™ World Class Cloud Infrastructure Cloud Business Apps OAuth Digital Innovation Platform
  16. 16. © IBM Corporation16© IBM Corporation16 Expertise to guide you on your cloud journey with the choice and flexibility of proven:  Business Apps  Digital Innovation Platform  World Class Infrastructure IBM Cloud Accelerating Digital Business Speed & Productivity through integration and portability of data, apps and services which enable DevOps Data & Analytics through data management and localization to unlock insights and bring data closer to apps Transparency & Governance through operational visibility and control and security at every interaction point
  17. 17. © IBM Corporation17© IBM Corporation17 In Closing… 1. Enterprises are seeking ways to embrace all forms of cloud. 2. IBM has acquired Blue Box for its private cloud technology platform and business model. 3. Combined with Blue Box, IBM brings a complete solution to meet to today’s cloud consumption needs.
  18. 18. © IBM Corporation18© IBM Corporation18 Contact Daniele Bolletta • IBM Certified Cloud Solution Specialist • danieleb@ie.ibm.com • www.ibm.biz/dbolletta