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Design stage

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Design stage

  1. 1. Design Stage Daniele Ferretti Evaluation of chosen Storyboard: -Both the military storyboard and the computer storyboard are unlikely and only affect a very small audience, this is why I chose the disease storyboard. This storyboard describes the hard life of a boy could see practically nothing all his life until an 'artificial eye' is put on him. After this his life becomes better since he can see more and enjoy life in shapes and light and not in a blur. -The chosen Storyboard fits into my wanted categories. The main ones are, more than 10 facts about the product (Argus II and the diseases affecting eyesight), story relates to targeted audience ( in this case the people whom are born blind), and many others. The design positively answers all test plan questions except one or two that must be noted. The key things that can be improved from passing the test plan can be making the cuts smoother and making the story as clear as possible. Also, the story be full of color, sound, and motion, something I did not take into consideration at the time but should be noted when creating the product.