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CIO and Digital services

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Helping clients realise their Digital and Technology ambitions

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CIO and Digital services

  1. 1. CIO & Digital as a Service Competitor Insight Customers have high expectations and consumers expect organisations to understand their individual needs. Providing actionable insights on competitors including; Digital audience; advertisement investments; paid and organic traffic; Key market messages; and Results obtained drives improved competitive performance Improved ROI With a clear and thorough review of your own I.T. Digital and Technology landscape and competitors, improving ROI on digital investment becomes increasingly straightforward and effective. I provide project delivery management support for all Digital initiatives helping clients manage and use resources effectively Improved Performance Keeping pace with the Digital world is a full time role in itself, knowing when to invest and why to, is crucial to performance CIO as a Service provides clients with the high level advice and clear engaging leadership that may be lacking in certain environments and often not needed on a permanent basis I help clients gain competitive advantages through Competitor Insight, Improved ROI and accelerating the performance of Digital Infrastructure � 1 2 3 www.linkedin.com/in/darrelpugh