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Inviting Vision Big Picture

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Is your Vision inviting? Want to drive the Vision of your organization, your team, your product, or yourself? Inviting Vision is an approach to executing on a Vision and achieving amazing outcomes. It provides a structure to maximize empowerment by using the best aspects of intent-based and invitation-based leadership. When people are unleashed to pursue their passions, a transformational experience occurs. The Inviting Vision Big Picture details the various aspects of the framework and is a guide on its implementation.

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Inviting Vision Big Picture

  1. 1. Pro c eed in g s WHAT HOW WHY ©2019, Darren Terrell and Diana Williams Version 1.0 www.InvitingVision.org Achievements can be accomplished via experiments. Experiments are how we conduct work and learn in complex environments. Experiments Information radiators provide transparency around progress, successes, and learnings. They are displayed where everyone can see. Transparency is key to building trust and enablement. Radiators Information Feedback loops between an achievement, an experiment, individuals and the enablement team is needed for enhanced clarity and success towards the purposeful vision. Feedback Loops People want to work on the right things. They want to make a meaningful impact. They can challenge doing work when it's not aligned with the Why or What. Work Challenge Enablers are ways people can help achieve meaningful goals. They are entry points for how to get on the “bus.” Enablers Achievements Achievements are focused goals that have an impact on realizing your vision - not participation trophies. Being busy is not a measure of success. Goals need to be meaningful and valuable. Achievements can become a welcome habit to form. Boundaries create a safe environment and set the stage for people to explore a new approach to tackling tough challenges. When boundaries are not specified, people feel more cautious which results in less empowerment. Boundaries Guiding Values Values define us. Make a deliberate and conscious attempt to identify your most important values. Having established values help. Enablement Team The Enablement Team, made up of influential champions, provides support for the entire process. They help remove impediments and enable teams to move forward. Purposeful Vision People want to have meaning to their work. A purposeful vision drives engagement and direction. Invitation Leadership Community Play NestingLearn
  2. 2. Invitingpeopletodrive thebeaconoflight knownasyourvision Guiding values help shine the light when facing unknowns. They are used to know how best to behave and interact within the system. Establishing boundaries allows people to operate without guesswork, creating a safe environment. It helps them understand what they are leaving, the scope of the vision and applied constraints. Real achievements and goals inspire people and moves the needle towards what matters. Nobody receives first place focusing on participation trophies. Being busy does not equate to driving the vision. Without meaningful achievements, momentum and engagement is lost. Enabling people to excel is required for the desired outcomes. WHAT WHY The world is moving at an ever-changing and disrupting pace. For organizations to keep up and compete, they need new approaches to tackle the tough challenges being faced. Create a purposeful vision that invites others to make a positive impact. Companies hire talented, passionate people. Why not let them drive initiatives forward? Who understands challenges being faced better than them? Having a purposeful vision inspires employees to engage and deliver. An army of dedicated and empowered people willing to take on anything that comes their way can achieve amazing things. HOW "Inviting Vision" is a perpetual motion framework that allows individuals to drive forward. It acknowledge that people want to do their best. Many times, the system they operate within prevents them from accelerating. Allowing people to work on what they are passionate about engages their energies. Being engaged, they can solve the most complex problems. During the period of experimentation, teams make their challenges and learnings transparent. Progress during experiments is made visible through information radiators. Frequent feedback loops allow for adaptation, alignment, and growth. This allows people an opportunity to showcase how amazing they are. ©2019, Darren Terrell and Diana Williams www.InvitingVision.orgwww.InvitingVision.org www.InvitingVision.org