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iClub Process

This is a graphic that gives a general overview of the process for companies and potential investors to join the iClub process. There are other rules and regulations that are required but not listed. They are detailed more in the Terms & Conditions each party must sign to participate.

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iClub Process

  1. 1. STEP 1: MAKE THE REQUEST TO JOIN FOR REFERENCE: WWW.ENTREPRISESCANADA.CA STEP 2: WE REVIEW REQUESTS STEP 3: THE REQUIREMENTS TO PARTICIPATE STEP 4: THE PRESENTING OPPORTUNITY HOW DOES ICLUB WORK? Providing Everyone Access to Capital Markets The potential Presenting Company or potential Investor fills out a Request form on our website. If the Company decides they want to RAISE money or the Investor decides they want to INVEST money, either will go to www.KAAG.co/iClub to fill out a simple request form. KAAG reviews requests submitted. For Companies AND Investors, we will ask you to provide us with certain documentation and make certain certifications in a signed document before being accepted to the iClub program. NOTE: Everyone is still advised to do their own due diligence and KAAG is not responsible for any investments. Eligible Companies & Qualified Investors opt-in to presenting opportunity. Eligible companies are required to submit certain documentation and meet in advance to present opportunity. Qualified Investors are required to pay an "entrance" fee to participate in an opportunity that interests them. The meeting is scheduled. A virtual meeting to present will be scheduled between the Eligible Company* and Qualified Investors**. Qualified Investors will be emailed information about the Presenting Company in advance upon payment of the "entrance fee" by the deadline. Disclaimer: KAAG is not a party to any on-going discussions after the Presentation unless retained in some official capacity. We are the premier corporate law firm & investment advisory firm (GA) providing strategic legal and business advice, particularly to black & women founders, which includes capital raising compliance and strategies, AND developing investment strategies for individuals and organizations to reach their financial goals. Mission Statement: To provide EVERYONE access to capital markets LEARN MORE & SIGN UP AT WWW.KAAG.CO/ICLUB