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3D-printed Souvenirs - Pitch Deck

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"LoCo Gifts" is a concept for a business around 3D printed souvenirs. It is looking at the Latvian market, but really, it can be implemented anywhere around the world. Why? Well, because even in a niche-market, such as Riga, there are plenty of opportunities. 2.3 million tourists visited Riga in 2016. 100 EUR were spent per tourist, per day, in the city. For the whole country of Latvia, this translates into 550+ million of euro  in investments in the national economy, made by foreign tourists. If you add to that the fact that 1/5 of the budget of a UK tourist is spent on souvenirs, then the potential becomes clear for innovations on this particular high-volume souvenir market. 

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3D-printed Souvenirs - Pitch Deck

  1. 1. THE NUMBERS million tourists visited Riga in 2016 2.3 550+ million EUR spent by foreign tourists in Latvia 100 EUR spent by tourist per day in Riga 1/5 of the budget of a UK tourist spent on souvenirs
  2. 2. Traditional: overcrowded; focused on the shop; tones of cheap merchandise, but lacks affordable local landmark souvenirs. 3D printed souvenirs: appealing to tourists /customizable/; appealing to natives /local, patriotic/; affordable by design /co-created/. THE MARKET
  3. 3. EXISTING 3D DESIGN PRODUCTS NON-EXISTING 3D DESIGN PRODUCTS One Riga-related design on “Thingiverse”, word’s largest 3D design community. Literally everything worth keeping memory of when in Riga – historic, cultural and nature landmarks.
  4. 4. EXISTING 3D DESIGN MARKETPLACES NON-EXISTING ONLINE MARKETPLACES 15+ global online platforms with millions of designs. Compared by some users to ‘junk-yards’. Exclusive and curated content. Online platform with a ‘boutique’ appeal, focused on all local & traditional.
  5. 5. MEET JOHN, THE WISE GUY • According to data from Riga’s tourism development bureau the typical tourist visiting Riga is 36 years old, intelligent and multi-sided person, a.k.a. John. • If only 1% of all 2.3 million Johns are converted towards LoCo.gifts, their budget of 20 euro on souvenirs will amount for 460,000 euro in annual rev. • Keeping 10% of the revenue while the rest goes to the actual printers and designers, leaves LoCo.gifts with an income of 46,000 euro. • That’s without even considering the interest from locals and people abroad. And the scaling opportunities beyond Riga as a pilot.
  6. 6. THINGS WE HAVE VS. THINGS WE NEED Have Need Unique market opportunity on the crossroads of the tourism and the 3d printing markets Seed investment to kick-start the business Existing demand (raising inflow of tourists) and supply (growing community of makers) Time to work on marketing Untapped partner channels (museums, galleries and tourism bureaus) Time to work on business development Mature software and hardware technology Own platform and a set of production tools Experienced project lead (bio @ daskalov.info) Full-time designer to feed the initial inventory Upcoming 100th independence anniversary Digital representation of Latvia’s heritage
  7. 7. THANK YOU FOR LISTENING! © Hristian Daskalov, daskalov.hr@gmail.com Here’s your 3d printed Baby Groot for reward - print it @ Loco.gifts