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eCommerce Russia 2014

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Key results about ecommerce in Russia in 2014

eCommerce Russia 2014

  1. 1. ECOMMERCE RUSSIA 2014 1 KEY RESULTS 2014 online orders: 195 m incl. cross-border 7.7 online orders per online shopper a year SHARE OF ALL ORDERS SHARE OF DOMESTIC ORDERS CROSSBORDER SHARE IN THE CATEGORY apparel (adults) portable devices house appliances toys and kids care desktops/laptops PRODUCT CATEGORIES (TOP 5)* 22,3% 12,3% 7,6% 9,9% 6,5% 49% 31% 4% 28% 21% 15,8% 11,8% 10,2% 10% 7,2% 34% +37% 25.4 m people share of online shoppers among Internet users 18-64 yo share of online shoppers among population 18-64 yo growth for number of online shoppers 26% 560 bn rubles +35% domestic market growth Russian B2B e-commerce market number of online shoppers 18-64 yo
  2. 2. ECOMMERCE RUSSIA 2014 2 3300 rubles prepaid orders as % domestic purchases 26% orders paid by card as % of all orders 31% 47 m orders +135% share of orders in China 72% number of cross-border orders were made from Russia in foreign online stores 645 bn rubles +41% dynamics of online sales spending on online purchases of physical goods growth of cross-bordere-commerce 85.1 bn rubles +115% volume of cross-border online purchases average order value (incl. delivery cost)
  3. 3. ECOMMERCE RUSSIA 2014 3 mobile purchases order placement 30% online shoppers use mobile devices to search and choose goods 17% online shoppers use mobile devices to order physical goods 9% orders were made with mobile device (tablet or smartphone) only 84% of orders were made via basket & standard order form at the site 5% of orders are made via phone calls 1% of orders is made via mobile apps delivery methods 36% for domestic orders 34% 24% - retailers’ pickup points 2% - pickup points of courier companies 7% - in-store pickup 60% of online shoppers received at least 1 parcel via Russian Post of Internet users, who have not shopped online, are going to start to do this in nearest future 38%
  4. 4. ECOMMERCE RUSSIA 2014 4 English version of full report (more than 120 pages) is coming soon. To receive the report, please send request via datainsight.ru/eCommerceRussia_en or email us at a@datainsight.ru Russian version of the report is available now: datainsight.ru/ecommerce2014