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CDO Vision: Data Governance Priorities

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Join this month’s CDO Vision webinar to hear and understand how Data Governance is being implemented by real-world Chief Data Officer Jennifer Ippoliti. Hear how Data Governance strategies are being implemented and prioritized across financial institutions.

Listen in as Jennifer is interviewed about:
•How regulatory drives are impacting decisions
•How Data Governance is positioned within the organizations
•What Data Governance responsibilities the CDO has
•How Data Governance strategies are implemented
•How the office of the Chief Data Officer continues to evolve

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CDO Vision: Data Governance Priorities

  1. 1. #CDOVision www.cdovision.com Moderator: Tony Shaw CEO, DATAVERSITY Moderator: John Ladley President IMCue Solutions Guest Speaker Jennifer Ippoliti Firmwide Data Governance Lead, J.P. Morgan Chase Chief Data Office
  2. 2. Please describe/define the role of Data Governance as it exists in your current role. Is your responsibility accountable to a specific business unit? Multiple business units etc.? Is it a new role, or was it established prior to your arrival? #CDOVision 2
  3. 3. What are the current high priority topics on your Data Governance agenda? #CDOVision 3
  4. 4. You came from the Chief Data Officer role at Raymond James, which is a large organization, yet JP Morgan Chase is more than thirty times bigger. Can you comment on the difference in scale and organization (of data governance functions) between the two organizations? Are there different types of responsibilities and concerns at one scale vs. another? #CDOVision 4
  5. 5. Have you noticed an evolution of Data Governance priorities over time, in the financial services industry? #CDOVision 5
  6. 6. How is Data Governance positioned in the organization – do you lead from the front? Or from within? What’s your relationship to other parts of the organization? #CDOVision 6
  7. 7. What metrics do you use to manage Data Governance? Do you use any sort of maturity framework or benchmarking to help you? What’s your overall view of maturity scales and how seriously should organizations follow them as a metric? #CDOVision 7
  8. 8. In what ways do you think the CEO cares about DG, and why? #CDOVision 8
  9. 9. How is the CDO role positioned in your current organization, and how does it differ from that which you served in your previous position? #CDOVision 9
  10. 10. Having been in several senior data positions, how do you see the functionality of data “leadership” evolving? What is being added or subtracted from the role? For example, security was for a while nowhere near CDOs, but that seems to be changing. #CDOVision 10
  11. 11. Additional Questions #CDOVision 11