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Data-Ed Online: Monetizing Data Management

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Many data professionals struggle with the ability to demonstrate tangible returns on data management investments. In a webinar that is designed to appeal to both business and IT attendees, your presenter Dr. Peter Aiken will describe multiple types of value produced through data-centric development and management practices. One of our examples, the healthcare space, offers the unique opportunity to demonstrate additional types of return on investment or value outcomes, namely returns in the form of lives saved through increased rates of Bone Marrow Donor matches. In addition to metrics around increasing revenues or decreasing costs, i.e. investments that directly impact an organization’s financial position, these additional statistics of lives saved can be used to justify data management and quality initiatives.


Learn to think about data differently, in terms of how it can drive organizational needs. Data is not an IT solution but an information solution.
Take a broad view to ensure data sharing across organizational silos
Smart small and go for quick wins: Build momentum and support

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