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Emerging Technologies and Methodologies - Culling through the Hype

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Quarter after quarter, emerging methodologies, technologies and information "opportunities" are presented to not only ourselves, but our peers and business partners. When you work for a small to medium size company, there are not only a limited number of financial resources; there are also limited human resources. In addition to that there are vendors and professional organizations coming out of the woodwork, who want to "partner" with you, "educate" you and help you with these new "things". Someone has the accountability to sort these out, provide more background, consider the feasibility and manage expectations around the next new wave.

This brief talk will not provide you with all the knowledge of these topics, but rather provide you with some steps to manage the information overload. It will include:

- A scoring mechanism to use within your own teams on relevance and usability.
- Guidelines for how to introduce new concepts to your technical and business peers.
- Recommendations on how to find more information on specific topics of interest, minus the vendor hype.
- Polite ways to divert zealous vendors.
- Tips on elevating items you deem important to your leadership.

With 25 years of experience in a variety of sizes of companies I have truly experienced some of this challenge and want to make it easier for you, my colleagues.

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