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Making the Case for NoSQL

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Making the Case for NoSQL

  1. 1. 1Webinar: Making the Case for NoSQL• Webinar will begin at 11 am PST / 2 pm EST / 7 pm UTC onTuesday, May 7, 2013• Audio should start immediately when you log into the event viaAudio Broadcast. You will need speakers and a reliable Internetconnection for Audio Broadcast.• If you are having issues connecting, please dial 1-877-668-4493;access code: 667 836 341.• There is a Q&A following the webinar. You can enter questions inQ&A box.• A recording of the webinar will be available 24 hours after the eventis complete.• For any other issues please email shannon@dataversity.net.
  2. 2. Making the Case for NoSQLGraham Neraygn@10gen.comProduct Marketing Manager10gen
  3. 3. 3Why are we here?
  4. 4. 4Why NoSQL?How we build and runapplications haschangedNew database Answer:NoSQL
  5. 5. 5Business ImpactEnabling New Apps Make Customers HappyLower TCOFaster Time to Market
  6. 6. 6Agenda• What Changed• Enter NoSQL and MongoDB• Business Impact Vignettes
  7. 7. What Changed
  8. 8. 8RDBMS Is Like a Spreadsheet
  9. 9. 9With “Relations” Between Rows
  10. 10. 10Lots of relations.Lots of rows.
  11. 11. 11What ChangedApp DeploymentApp DevelopmentData Variety Data Velocity Data Volume
  12. 12. 12Data VarietyNewOld• Structured • Structured, semi-structured, unstructured,polymorphic
  13. 13. 13Data VelocityNewOld• Static• Predictable• Fast• Dynamic
  14. 14. 14Data VolumeNewOld• MB, GB • GB…TB, PB• And growing
  15. 15. 15App DevelopmentNewOld• Waterfall• 6-18 months• Agile• 1 day/week/month
  16. 16. 16App DeploymentNewOld• One server • Cloud• Virtualization
  17. 17. 17What ChangedApp DeploymentApp DevelopmentData Variety Data Velocity Data Volume
  18. 18. Enter NoSQL
  19. 19. 19Different Data ModelsNoSQLRDBMSDocumentGraphKey-Value Wide Column
  20. 20. 20Document Model: MongoDBScalability andPerformance ofNoSQLFunctionalityof RDBMS+
  21. 21. 21Data VarietyNew• Structured, semi-structured, unstructured,polymorphicRetail price optimization• Competitive data• Many sources• Real timeF100Retailer
  22. 22. 22Data VelocityNew• Fast• DynamicMachine-to-Machine (M2M)• Sensor data• 10B+ readings percustomer• Smart meters, etc.
  23. 23. 23Data VolumeNew• GB…TB, PB• And growingCraigslist• 5B+ docs• 10B+ TB• Explosive growth
  24. 24. 24App DevelopmentNew• Agile• 1 day/week/monthMailbox• Pushed 3 versions of appin 10 weeks• 100s of bug fixes andfeatures
  25. 25. 25App DeploymentNew• Cloud• VirtualizationTier 1 Investment Bank• Platform-as-a-Servicewith MongoDBTier 1iBank
  26. 26. Business Impact –Vignettes
  27. 27. 27Business ImpactEnabling New Apps Make Customers HappyLower TCOFaster Time to Market
  28. 28. 28• Industrial equipment manufacturer– Collects sensor data on equipment– Real-time analytics for customers– Informs internal product dev• City of Chicago– Cuts crime– Collecting and analyzing geospatial data in real-time– 30+ departmentsEnable New Apps
  29. 29. 29• MetLife– 360-degree customer view• The Guardian– Real-time, relevant content targetingMake Customers Happy
  30. 30. 30• Intuit– Dev cycle to 1 week• Salesforce.com– Dev cycle from months to weeksFaster Time to Market
  31. 31. 31• Tier 1 Bank saving $40M– Infrastructure– Licensing– Development– Compliance• Top travel company saving tens of millions– Infrastructure– Backup/DR– LicensingLower TCO
  32. 32. About MongoDB
  33. 33. 3310gen and MongoDB10gen is the company behind MongoDB –the leading NoSQL databaseDocumentDatabaseOpen-SourceGeneralPurpose
  34. 34. 34Leading Organizations Rely on MongoDB
  35. 35. 35Global Community4,000,000+MongoDB Downloads50,000+Online Education Registrants15,000+MongoDB User Group Members14,000+MongoDB Monitoring Service (MMS) Users10,000+Annual MongoDB Days Attendees
  36. 36. 36Indeed.com TrendsTop Job Trends1.HTML 52.MongoDB3.iOS4.Android5.Mobile Apps6.Puppet7.Hadoop8.jQuery9.PaaS10.Social MediaLeading NoSQL DatabaseLinkedIn Job SkillsMongoDBCompetitor 1Competitor 2Competitor 3Competitor 4Competitor 5All OthersGoogle SearchMongoDBCompetitor 1Competitor 2Competitor 3Competitor 4Jaspersoft Big Data IndexDirect Real-Time DownloadsMongoDBCompetitor 1Competitor 2Competitor 3
  37. 37. 37MongoDB OverviewAgile Scalable
  38. 38. 3810gen Products and ServicesConsultingExpert Resources for All Phases of MongoDB ImplementationsTrainingOnline and In-Person for Developers and AdministratorsMongoDB Monitoring Service (MMS)Free, Cloud-Based Service for Monitoring and AlertsSubscriptionsMongoDB Enterprise, On-Prem Monitoring, Professional Supportand Commercial License
  39. 39. 39Resource LocationMongoDB Downloads 10gen.com/downloadFree Online Training education.10gen.comWebinars and Events 10gen.com/eventsWhite Papers 10gen.com/white-papersCase Studies 10gen.com/customersPresentations 10gen.com/presentationsDocumentation docs.mongodb.orgAdditional Info info@10gen.comFor More InformationResource Location