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Managing Guerrilla Analytics Teams: Principles and Practice

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With data playing an ever-increasing role in the way our world works, data analytics professionals are under pressure to delivery data-driven solutions in shorter timeframes. In-house BI teams support internal clients across the organization with diverse demands. Data journalism analyses diverse data sources to drive and support news stories with daily publication deadlines. Forensic and financial services remediation projects process growing volumes of data under regulatory, legal and media scrutiny. Timelines are tight and client requirements are changing. Outputs may be subject to audit with an expectation of reproducibility. These 'guerrilla analytics' projects necessitate a versatile analytics team that can achieve quick wins against a large data challenge using whatever tools and data sources are available to them.

In this talk you will learn about:

- Challenges and data and scenarios encountered in fast-paced analytics projects
- The key Principles of Agile Analytics Development that address these challenges
- Project structures and processes that support agile analytics development by the principles
- Supporting case studies where the principles have been successful applied

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